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Asian Patagonia

Trekking along the Turkestan ridge

Asian Patagonia
(Trekking along the Turkestan ridge)

One of the most popular destinations for fans of mountain tourism and mountaineering is the Turkestan Range, located in Batken Region. The exploration of this area began in the early 90s.

The Turkestan mountain range is quite interesting and unusual. It is one of the main ranges of the Pamir-Alai mountain system. This area resembles South American Patagonia by the same wilderness and strong winds blow. Mountain streams fall from the slopes and carry crystal clear water, alpine meadows, peacefully grazing herds of yaks, glaciers surrounded by peaks over 5,000 meters - this remote and poorly known area is the best place to recuperate after the city rush.

But still, there is one significant advantage of the Asian mountains over the South American counterpart - stable and warm weather. Mountain paths that go above precipices, wilderness, panoramic views of the canyons topped with snow-white peaks - all this is amazing. The highest peaks that rise above gorges are Pyramidal (5,509 m), which is the highest point of the Turkestan Range, Peak Ak-Suu (5,355 m), Peak Slesova (4,240 m). When you see the beauty of this area, you will get long term unforgettable impressions!

Available Dates

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Trip details

Intensity Level 3
Season Summer
Begins in Osh
Ends in Osh
Airport Airport Osh (OSS)
Airport out Airport Osh (OSS)
Wildlife Mountain goats, Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents


Great for Families Couples Individuals

Trekking along the Turkestan Range for those who have already been to the mountains. You will walk from 10 to 27 kilometers over rough terrain each day (from 5 to 9 hours). On the route you will admire the most beautiful classified rocky peaks, on which climbers from all over the world ascend or try to climb every year.

What's Included:

  • Meeting/seeing-off at the airport
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Osh according to the program (double accommodation)
  • Accommodation in the home stay in Uzgurush settlement
  • Trekking tents for accommodation
  • Dining tent and cutlery, tables, chairs
  • Three meals a day during the program, including trekking days
  • Transport according to the program
  • Trekking guide
  • Cook for trekking days
  • Entrance fee for all excursions according to the program
  • Border permits
  • Horses or donkeys for luggage

What's not included:

  • International airfare to and from Osh
  • Gear rental
  • Cost of visa and consular services
  • Personal expenses in hotels: bar, international calls, etc.
  • Single supplement
  • Insurance
  • Any changes in the program

Arrival in Osh. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to a hotel and accommodation. The sightseeing excursion: Suleiman-Too Mount, Central Square with Lenin monument, Osh Bazaar. Suleiman-Too Mount is one of the most important historical monuments of Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the very center of Osh city. It had Bara-Kukh name until the 16th century. Triple ascent to Suleiman-Too is equal to one Hajj to Mekka. There is a museum in the one of the caves, which we will visit. We will plunge in the specific atmosphere of the Orient at the Osh Bazaar and may see home appliances creating. Accommodation: hotel.


Transfer to Uzgurush settlement. 360 km, 8-9 h / + 412 m. Transfer from Osh to Uzgurush will take us from 8 to 9 hours. The road will pass Batken city and the Tortkul Reservoir. In Batken we will purchase additional food. Further we will drive via so called ‘killed pass’ (bad road) at 1,811 m. Right from that place you will be able if weather permits to observe Ak-Suu Peak. Today we overnight in Uzgurush settlement in the guest house at 1400 m. Here you will see everyday life of local people. Silence and tranquility will charm you. Accommodation: guest house.


Uzgurush settlement - Ak-Suu BC (2800 m). about 20 km, 6-9 h, +1,500 m. From the settlement our way first will run through apricot gardens. Further we will turn to the first side winding gorge rather narrow but picturesque. We will observe stunning rocks, cross several bridges. The gorge will lead us to another wide one. Hiking up the picturesque green gorge through juniper woods along the Ak-Mechet River. We will see the wonderful panorama of Iskander (5,120 m), Petrogradets (5,165 m), Admiralteyets (5,090 m), Ak-Suu (,5355 m) peaks. Lunch is nearby river. BC is located at the beginning of the green zone at the Ak-Suu River. The same named peak is very well seen from it. Before the main peak Northern Ak-Suu Peak rises into the sky with its the most difficult in the area routes. Overnight in tents in the Ak-Suu BC. Accommodation: tents


Circular loop to the foot of Ak-Suu Peak. 14-16 km, 5-8 h, +600-800 m / -600-800 m. Today we will hike up via juniper woods along the winding path onto the steep moraine and glacier to the heart of the one of the most powerful mountain formations of the Pamir-Alay system – Ak-Suu Peak circus (5,355 m). This pyramid looking snow-capped mountain falls to the north by a steep almost 2 kilometers wall. Breathtaking view indeed! A grandiose circus is decorated with such beautiful peaks as: two-headed Iskander, Petrogradets, Admiralteyets and A. Block (5,229 m) as well as Aktyubek (5,125 m). Overnight in tents in the Ak-Suu BC. Accommodation: tents


Ak-Suu BC (2,800 m) – Ak-Tyubek BC (3,200 m). ab. 15 km, 7-9 h, +1,500 m /-1,500 m. Today we will experience a quite intensive day but it will pay off with those views and emotions that you will experience ascending the Ak-Tyubek Pass (4,390 m). The trail zigzags will lead us upwards along the snow-covered great mounts. One of them is Ak-Tyubek Peak (5,125 m) and it will be on the right. Again we will observe Admiralteyets, Small and Large Iskander, grand Sabakh Peak (5,200 m), Parus (sail) Peak (4,850 m). Gradual descent to the Ak-Tyubek River and along it to the confluence with the Orto-Chashma River. Crossing the creek. We will install our tent camp on the nearest glade. Accommodation: tents


Ak-Tyubek BC (3,200 m) – Kara-Suu BC (about 2,800 m). 14 km, 7-9 h, -400 m / + 460 m / - 140 m/ + 640 m / – 1,020 m / + 260 m. In the morning we cross the Orto-Chashma River. Today we will overcome two passes: Kosh-Moinok Pass (3,260 m) and Kara-Suu Pass (3,760 m). We will be moving down along the gorge. Moderate descent along the Orto-Chashma River, the traverse of the slope with a slight ascent. There will be picturesque juniper bushes around. Some of them are curved like elders. On sides there are rocks with an interesting folded structure. On route we will notice a helicopter in the river remained since Batken clashes of 2000. Crossing of the not difficult the Kosh-Moinok Pass, descent along the slope to the small river and crossing by logs.

Then we will ascent the Kara-Suu Pass. It is interesting due to be divided into two parts and having gentle section in the middle. The path runs through juniper woods, along motley grass. On the route we will observe Asan (4,230 m) and Usen (4,378 m), 1,000 years of Russia baptizing (Kyrkchitla) (4,507 m) and Pyramid peaks (5,509 m). An ancient legend says: «For a long time it was. There lived an old man in the local mountains and he had twin sons. They were named Asan and Usen. The old man raised soldiers out of them and could not get enough of them. What else do you need to meet your old age with dignity? But the war came and the sons were killed. And then the old man, distraught with grief, raised his hands to the sky and called upon Allah: “O, almighty Allah! You give life, you take it. Give me back my sons, take my life in return. So be it!” The ground cracked and the mountains rose high to the sky on that spot. Overnight in the Kara-Suu BC. Accommodation: tents


Hiking loop to the foot of Asan-Usen and Pyramid peaks. 12 km, 5-6 h, +935 m / - 935 m. Hiking loop to the upper reaches of the Kara-Suu Gorge, to the foot of Asan-Usen (4,378 m), Pyramid (5,509 m), Kyrkchitla (4,507 m) peaks. You will be able also to see the legendary ‘yellow wall’ on which the most complicated climbing routes are laid. The trail runs further on to the moraine and follows along it. Climbers from all over the world consider ascending to any of the mountains here as a high achievement which is really complicated. Overnight in the Kara-Suu BC (about 3,005 m). Accommodation: tents


Kara-Suu BC – Orto-Chashma BC (2,800). 15 km, 5-7 hours, - 260 м / +1,020 м / -640 м / +140 м / -460 m. Today we will get back to the Orto-Chashma Gorge again overcoming the Kara-Suu and Kosh-Moinok passes. Our BC will be installed on the large glade with holes called ‘golf field’. We will enjoy resting and having wonderful views including the Ak-Tyubek Pass. Accommodation: tents


Orto-Chashma BC – Ak-Tash BC (3,100 m). ab. 27 km, 9-11 h, +974 m / -674 m. In the morning - crossing of the Orto-Chashma River by the wooden bridge and hiking up the Kashka-Suu Gorge to the range pass breaking the Kashka-Suu and Djagychi gorges at 3,774 m. From that point observation of the upper reaches of the Orto-Chashma Gorge and the Turo Pass (4,525 m). Descent by traversing the grass slope and stone scree to the Djalgychi BC in the side gorge. Lunch. After lunch we will get down traversing the stone acre along the Ak-Tash River bending the ridge. Then we hike up the gorge, turn to the right to the 2nd side narrow gorge and up to the Ak-Tash Pass from where we will observe our campsite at 3,100 m. Getting down. Installation of the camp. Overnight. Accommodation: tents


Ak-Tash BC – Uzgurush settl. 9 km, 3-5 h, + 100 m / -1,494 m. After good breakfast hiking along the Ak-Tash Valley for about 3,5 km and ascent on to the Buljuma Pass (2,894 m). It is about 100 m of difference on the not steep slope. You will be able to enjoy views of the close by mountains and the Uponym Pass to the east where the alternative route goes to the Karavshin Valley. Descent along the Buljuma River through the juniper forest and further along the narrow gorge via walnut gardens to the main road in Uzgurush. We will turn to the left and walk up to the guest house where we were accommodated previously. Overnight in Uzgurush. Accommodation: home stay


Transfer to Osh. Today we will return back to Osh (8-9 h). After arrival you can spend time on your own: walk, shop or simply relax. Also, you can share your impressions and photos with those who travelled with you. Overnight in the hotel. Accommodation: hotel


Transfer to the airport. Today our driver will take you to the airport. End of the program.

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