Holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Best trips in 2023

Holidays in Kyrgyzstan

We want to share with you the announcement of tours for 2023. Tours that impressed tourists so much! Last season we conquered mountain peaks, painted in oils in two different countries, rode horses, spent nights in tents and much more.

Let us tell you more detail about each trip:

Poppy fields of Kyrgyzstan (art tour)

Date: 06.05-12.05.2023

Red poppies and white Tien-Shan mountains are two associations that will immediately take you to the mountainous region. And spring is the time when these two pictures are superimposed on each other and form one, being the hallmark of Kyrgyzstan. Join our unique art journey where you will not only see and fall in love with Kyrgyzstan but also learn plein air painting using the unique method.

Red poppies of Kyrgyzstan

Red poppies of Kyrgyzstan

Yukhin peak 5130 m

The ascent to Peak Yukhin (5,130 m) is a trekking route that does not require special gear. The weekly program will allow you to get acclimatization and climb to the fivethousander, get acquainted with the life of climbers, enjoy the views of the snow-white mountains and flowering meadows. In the BC meals are served three times a day, including vegetarian, gluten free and other types upon your request. There is drinking water from the clean spring. Hot shower, comfortable toilet. The C1 at 4,200 meters is also equipped with the comfortable tents with wooden floors, shower, toilet, water.

Any date is available from July to August 2023

On the top 5130 m

On the top 5130 m

Tour around Issyk-Kul lake

You will be able to spend a couple of nights in yurts, stay one night in the house of local residents, watch hunting falcons and participate in the process of making national rugs - shirdaks during this program.

Hiking enthusiasts will be able to stroll through the canyons and the Skazka gorge, hike to the waterfall in the Barskoon and Jeti-Oguz gorge, as well as drive to the top of the Arabel pass with its glaciers and high-mountain lakes.

Available dates:

  • 21-24.06.2023
  • 11-14.07.2023
  • 01-04.08.2023
  • 22-25.08.2023
  • We will visit many interesting places

    We will visit many interesting places

    Trip to Kel-Suu lake

    Kel-Suu Lake is located at an altitude of 3,500 m above sea level and is surrounded by high cliffs. The lake appeared due to a landslide that blocked the river. Then it turned into a 12 km long pool. You will stop at the yurt camp, where the welcoming hostess will be happy to meet you, feed and accommodate you. It is just a paradise - green meadows, fresh mountain air, breathtaking landscapes and silence.

    Available dates:

  • 14-16.07.2023
  • 21-23.07.2023
  • 04-06.08.2023
  • 25-27.08.2023
  • Lake Kel-Suu

    Lake Kel-Suu

    Evgenia Reis

    Evgenia Reis

    The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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