New direction

Adventure tours in Russia

New direction

We are glad to present you a new direction - Tours in Russia. On these trips you will be able to see amazing Kamchatka, mysterious Teriberka, northern lights, Altai region, Mount Belukha and drive an incredible route from St. Petersburg to Moscow and much more.

Russia is the largest state in the world, a country with a long history, amazing nature and rich cultural heritage. Here one can find almost everything travelers are looking for separately in different countries - some want to soak up on the sandy beaches, some want to conquer mountain peaks, and some want to see endless steppes and taiga.

We are pleased to invite you to plunge into the extraordinary world of historical and cultural centers of immense Russia, to show you the majestic cities, original Russian villages, unique landscapes, beautiful views and breathtaking routes. Tours are available all year round.

Winter tours. We offer you to take the most out of the winter drive with the great UAZ Patriot, perfectly suited for such tough conditions, specifically designed to endure difficult weather and Russian winter roads. While you check your driving skills our experienced crew is always at your side to ensure comfort and safety, no matter if it’s a highway or winding off-road trail in the woods.

Lots of hot beverages and hearty food will be provided. We will also have a fair amount of motion to keep warm when outside! It will definitely be a journey full of adventures.

We’ve made our best to fit the most fabulous winter activities in this tour, including dog-sledding, horse-sledding and tubing down ice slides. We’ll try ice-skating, will play snowballs, and try cross-country skiing.

Self-driving trips in Russia on UAZ Patriot

Self-driving trips in Russia on UAZ Patriot

Summer, autumn and spring. What fantastic pictures nature creates in this region! - these are fabulous forests, where coniferous and deciduous trees have mixed creating vivid pictures in different seasons of the year; alpine meadows with fragrant herbs; thickets of edible currant and raspberry bushes, honeysuckle and black chokeberry.

Horse riding tour in Kamchatka

Horse riding tour in Kamchatka

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