Holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Where to relax in November?

Holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Ahead is a long weekend in Russia (from 30.10 to 07.11). Where to go on a trip on the holidays in November?

We propose to see all the most famous and popular places in North-East of Kyrgyzstan:

  • National park Ala-Archa
  • Konorchek Canyons
  • Shamsi gorge
  • National park Chon-Kemin
  • The famous Issyk-Kul lake
  • Canyon Skazka
  • Barskoon, Jeti-Oguz and Grigorievskoe gorges - where wonderful mountain lakes, waterfalls, rocks of different formations, fast mountain rivers and simply the beauty of the Kyrgyz mountains are located.
  • Tours to Kyrgyzstan in November

    Tours to Kyrgyzstan in November

    What do we usually do on these tours?

  • We enjoy the beauty and relax
  • Ride horses
  • We participate in falconry
  • We walk along mountain paths
  • We swim in hot springs
  • We immerse ourselves in the life of local residents and taste all the goodies, from traditional national dishes to local fruits and berries. November is rich in fruit and berry variety.

    Moreover, accommodation is available here not only in pretentious and boring hotels, but also in guest houses, art bases, small cozy hotels, houses of local residents and on a real modern farm, where you can:

  • Learn to play national courtyard games
  • Ride a chaise
  • Shoot a bow and see a real Kyrgyz yurt
  • Autumn tours to Kyrgyzstan

    Autumn tours to Kyrgyzstan

    Tours to Kyrgyzstan in November

  • Adventures by car in Kyrgyzstan
  • Trip through the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan
  • Car adventure and other customized adventures that can be ordered from our managers.
    Elena Dudashvili

    Elena Dudashvili

    The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Director of Asia Mountains

    Article from the author:
    Elena Dudashvili

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