Planning trip in Kyrgyzstan with Asia Mountains

Thank for your interest towards our company. We have an extended experience in tourism and offer unique tours across all Central Asia.

Our company specializes in individual and group programs in China, Tibet, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkmenistan. If you are looking for well-organized, but not beaten-up routes, where you will directly work with those people who create, organize and implement them, then we are the company for you! We offer unique programs at reasonable prices, while possessing an exceptional reputation for quality, safety, environmental component of our tours, as well as their irreproachable execution. Contact us and we will present you a travel with the most unforgettable impressions!

Why to travel with us?

When creating programs, our professional consultants share their passion for travel with you, and we have offices in every region we work with. This invaluable knowledge of countries and territories allows us to include only the most interesting places and destination in programs designed specifically for you. At the same time you can count on professional assistance at every stage of the program arrangement and its implementation. It is the deep knowledge in this area and personal approach that make your trip with us special and individual.

Travel with a sense of safety

Travelling with safety

The Asia Mountains Company is a licensed operator and full member of the Kyrgyz Association of Tour Operators. We also have our own subdivisions in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, China and Tibet, which indicates that you will receive assistance whenever you need it. We own two popular hotels located in the center of Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan), which have gained a reputation for excellent accommodation, suitable for both tourists and business people. Both hotels have offices of the Asia Mountains, where staff will be happy to help guests to choose or organize excursions and short programs.

Possibility to travel your own and unique route.

Make your trip come true. We know that everyone chooses his own style of travel, so we are ready to work to create your individual route that meets all your needs and desires.

True experience

Carrying out our programs both on well-known routes and in unexplored and hidden places, we guarantee impressions that go beyond trivial tourism. You will surely plunge into our culture, make local friends and return home with unforgettable feelings.

Travel without hassle

Travelling without worries

We are responsible for everything, from beginning to end. You just have to relax and simply enjoy the new discoveries. As soon as you book a program, we provide a number to which you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if necessary. Let us offer you a journey free of organizational problems.

Who travels with us?

Our programs and adventure tours are usually compiled of small friendly groups, consisting of very different and interesting people of various professions and social status. As a rule, the group includes from two to eighteen people, aging 18-70 years. The ratio of men and women is about the same.

Most people, traveling with us, are fun and open-minded people who are happy to get new experiences, impressions and who are ready for the adventures and challenges that arise along the way. They do not come to new countries in search of the same feelings that they may experience at home. On the contrary, the standard program will not interest them. Despite your travel experience or physical training, if you have a desire to experience something new, we will certainly offer the journey that will entice you.

Our philosophy

Our programs are designed as real discoveries for travelers (not just tourists), who would be interested to explore and understand the country they are visiting, and not just observe it from the bus windows. Our philosophy implies good organization along with freedom, in which we incorporate the advantage of low group prices, while giving people the opportunity and encouraging them to travel and explore the country on their own.

We are truly an eco-tourism company. We show the utmost interest in caring for the environment and cultural susceptibility in our tours. All garbage is always taken with us. Cooking is done on kerosene or gas stoves.

Our style

Our style

Our style of travelling is active tours, including multi-day cultural, trekking, mountain programs and expeditions and many other types of outdoor activities.

Our cultural programs emphasize local philosophy and lifestyle in the respective countries of Central Asia.

With the exception of complicated trekking programs, people interested in participating do not have to be marathon runners or professional climbers. You just might like outdoor hiking and intercultural exchanges in exotic countries.

You will not need to carry heavy backpacks. We have a team of porters, guides and cooks who will take on the routine duties associated with camping and help you realize this trip. We also provide most of the necessary utensils for tracks, such as: tents, mats, tableware, cutlery. You need only personal gear.

Tours of the Asia Mountains Company differ in the way that we always do something going beyond frames, for example, choosing the least traveled paths or participating in local festivals and holidays, or visiting homes of locals. Elena Dudashvili

We develop our programs with a sufficient time gap to include a variety of activities and excursions. We maintain inter-ethnic contacts so that our participants can better understand the country in which they travel and the people living here.

Travel with us! Asia Mountains wait for you!

Gear Rental

Travelling to Kyrgyzstan, but short a few items on your gear list? We offer the «must have» items for rent at reasonable prices.

The best food

Our healthy, flavorful, filling, and nutritious Gourmet Backcountry Cuisine has won multiple awards!

Find your level

Are you ready for one of our amazing trips? Choose the adventure that is right for your activity level.

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