Levels of difficulty

Trip intensity evaluation

Are you ready for one of our trips? Each of our adventures is assigned a difficulty rating by the type of a trip: Levels 1 - 4. Below is a detailed description of each level of difficulty specified in the activity. Just find the type of the trip, you are interested in, and the relevant level of difficulty. Of course, let us know if you have any further questions. Our main goal is that you get a positive experience and good impressions of the trip. For individuals who have any medical contraindications for physical activity we do not recommend choosing trips of the 3rd and 4th levels of difficulty in order not to endanger, first of all, themselves, as well as other guests and guides.

Level 1 Light:


Almost everyone can choose these trips. Light physical activity, which does not require skills of being in the mountains and movement through difficult terrain. Children and older people can also participate. Take cameras and nice mood. There might be easy hiking to the main attractions.

Level 2 Medium:


It will require physical abilities and endurance, special clothes and shoes. You also need the necessary gear: small backpack, warm clothes according to weather, snack, and water. Physical activity takes several hours a day with rest breaks. You must have skills of being in the mountains, horse riding or cycling, the ability to use special equipment like trekking poles; the ability to move along more complex mountainous terrain, to cross small rivers, etc. Active programs full of physically active days.

Level 3 Hard:


Physical training prior to the trip should begin no later than 2 months before the start, as you will have to walk and climb to a height of 3,000 m above sea level and more. Hiking will be from 6 km and more a day. Physical fitness and endurance are very important. Overnights are in tents, so it is necessary to have experience of being in the mountains, installing and arranging a bivouac. You will have a great view from the tent to the wild nature during the day and the endless starry sky at night. Sometimes you will have to pass short parts with dense vegetation, cross rivers by foot. You can also get in the rain. It might even snow at night.

Level 4 Extreme:


Mountaineering, backcountry and expeditions. For this level more serious physical preparation and previous experience of similar activities are required. Climbing skills, ski tour skills, avalanche safety are mandatory. These are trips in the expedition style and you will have to carry your backpack with the necessary gear in the difficult conditions of the highlands, sleep in tents and relax in places with fascinating views and sometimes enjoy these views in extremely harsh conditions. Preliminary training should begin no later than 3 months before the upcoming trip. Training includes running, swimming, acclimatization climbing, practicing techniques to deal with the necessary gear.

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