Lenin peak, Razdelnaya and Yukhin peak in 2023

Lenin peak climbers 2023

Lenin peak, Razdelnaya and Yukhin peak in 2023

The ascents were organized by Asia Mountains Company

Another season under Lenin Peak has ended. Here you were able to find new friends, fulfill your dreams, overcome yourself and become the best version of yourself. Congratulations on your successful climb!!! Our doors are always open and we look forward to meeting you again!


We would like to thank every guest for choosing us! We tried to make your stay as comfortable and cozy as possible. We will be glad to receive your reviews and feedback by email: office@asiamountains.net or what’s app: +996 700 98 61 48

The summer at our camp passed without incident. We thank the entire team of professional guides for helping us achieve the dreams of every climber. All ascents were well organized, the participants were able to achieve their goals and make ascents and descents safely.

We express our deep gratitude to all the workers of the base and first camps, cooks, managers, drivers for the excellent job done. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the work of our team.

List of climbers 2023


Lenin Peak 7134


Kaiyrzhan Kazmagambetov (Kazakhstan)
Andrey Belenky (Kazakhstan)
Evgeny Demyanchuk (Russia)



Muravyov Dmitry guide (Kazakhstan)
Kalieva Irina (Kazakhstan)
Moldash Ainur (Kazakhstan)



Mr. Dr. Georg Otto Heinrich Müller (Germany)



Marie Sylvain (France)
Daniil Tyuryumin Guide (Russia)



Jörg Spindler (Germany)
Jens Lobig (Germany)
Nikolay Totmyanin Guide (Russia)



Panaskov Evgeniy (Russia)
Gapov Dmitry (Russia)
Alexey Krivoruchko guide (Kazakhstan)


Sidelnikov Ilya (Russia)
Molchanov Dmitry (Russia)


Up to an altitude of 7000 m


Michael Franz Schmid (Germany)
Katharina Aigner (Germany)


Peak Razdelnaya 6148 m

Seliverstov Sergey Guide (Kyrgyzstan)
Lisovyk Ulyana (Australia)


Maria Shatova (Russia)
Alexey Krivoruchko Guide (Kazakhstan)


Lecoeuche Fanny (France)
Ivan Mysiv Guide (Kazakhstan)


Yukhin Peak 5130 m


User Zhaniya (Kazakhstan)
Khegai Victoria (Kazakhstan)
Popova Olga (Kazakhstan)
Kari Elvira (Kazakhstan)
Sivtseva Tuyara (Kazakhstan)
Anikina Oksana (Kazakhstan)
Svichkar Sergey (Kazakhstan)
Erken Aibek (Kazakhstan)
Belenky Andrey Guide (Kazakhstan)
Kazmagambetov Kaiyrzhan (team leader)



Soboleva Yanina Valerievna (Russia)
Makhanbetov Arman (Kazakhstan)
Makhanbetova Dina (Kazakhstan)
Averyanova Anastasia (Russia)
Shatova Maria (Russia)
Smirnova Irina (Kazakhstan)
Russian Margarita (Kazakhstan)
Krivoruchko Alexey Guide (Kazakhstan)


Savkumbekova Daria (Kyrgyzstan)
Tugarenko Yaroslav (Kyrgyzstan)
Bobkov Alexey Guide (Russia)


Pavlova Evdokia (Russia)
Pavlov Ivan (Russia)
Alexey Krivoruchko Guide (Kazakhstan)



Satybaldiev Syimyk Guide (Kyrgyzstan)
Lykhin Svyatoslav (Kyrgyzstan)
Klema Gabrielle Moriah (USA)
Kurmanalieva Azhar (Kyrgyzstan)
Yuldasheva Nafisa (Kyrgyzstan)
Efremenko Sergey (Russia)
Efremenko Gleb (Russia)
Efremenko Egor (Russia)
Ribkin Dmitriy (Uzbekistan)



If you are interested in climbing Lenin Peak or Yukhin Peak in 2024, then contact us to find out more.


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Climbed Lenin Peak with Asia Mountains 2022

Climbed Lenin Peak with Asia Mountains 2021

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