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Individual tours

Individual adventure tours of the Asia Mountains

Allow yourself to make a journey that gives you true satisfaction and fully corresponds to your life values, exclusive life task and unique mission.

Thanks to the Individual tour service, you can plan your own rehabbing, restoring, charging and inspiring for noble deeds recreation in the wilderness. Individual adventure tour with the Asia Mountains Company is an active outdoor recreation, filling you with vital deep energy for a long time.

Individual tour provides complete freedom in choosing the direction and schedule of the route. In turn, we are ready to provide you with full assistance in organizing your trip on the spot. We will select the appropriate transport, tour guide and additional professional staff: cook, porter, interpreter. The Asia Mountains Company is also ready to provide the necessary hiking and climbing gear for renting.

By applying to us you can easily solve a number of organizational issues relating to transport, insurance, booking hotels, meals on the route, visiting attractions, buying souvenirs and much more.

Why is it better to book an individual tour?

Individual tours are most often ordered by travelers who are interested in places rarely visited by other tourists. Usually they are not included in the standard tour programs.

The Individual tour is ideal for those who are full of inspiration and feel the need to change the road. They desire to move on a different track with other situations and events, with new impressions and emotions that accompany the journey.

Positive sides of the individual tour:

1. Individual program. You choose the desired destinations to visit and decide how many days to spend in one place or another. Thanks to individual planning you will be able to visit unique and rarely visited areas of the country.

2. You are not tied to a group. All people are different and everyone has their own wishes and plans for the trip. In an individual tour everything will be tailored for you. You decide how to plan your day, where to go in the first place: immediately to the waterfall or rest after the road a little.

You can order a dinner at a convenient time for you and maybe you want to shoot a sunset or enjoy reading a book in silence, in nature.

3. Organization of the tour without intermediaries. By applying to the Asia Mountains, you are dealing directly with the tour operator working in Kyrgyzstan. Our head office is located in the center of Bishkek. If necessary, you can conclude an agreement for tour services, get official booking confirmation. We also have the office in Moscow.

Чем «Горы Азии» могут быть полезны в организации тура?

How will the Asia Mountains be helpful for the tour arrangement?

  • We will choose any destination for you; recommend additional places and attractions for visiting.
  • We will save your time on the selection and study of places to visit. Also, we will save your time on searching and booking hotels, guest houses, vehicles, horses, equipment, etc.
  • We will arrange all the necessary documents: insurance, border passes. We will provide visa support, assistance in registration at the place of arrival, etc.
  • We will select, if necessary, professional staff: guide, driver, porters, and cooks.
  • We work with proven hotels, guest houses, yurt camps, cafes and restaurants, experienced staff that have not let us down for many years and provided quality service to our tourists.
  • Our managers are on line 24/7 to solve any problems and issues that may arise during the trip.

Problems travelers face with trying to arrange their trip themselves:

  • Overcharging. Often, when they see a foreign tourist, locals (taxi drivers, sellers, etc.) may announce the price several times higher. You may encounter an overpricing in guest houses that do not have their own website and open prices for accommodation, in the bazaar, when purchasing tickets, renting horses, vehicles, etc.
  • Loss of time. A traveler spends a lot of time studying the main sights via the Internet, but not always a beautiful picture of one place tells about other beautiful places nearby or about difficulties on the road. For example, that the mudflow destroyed the main bridge and an access to a popular place is temporarily restricted. In the end, you can lose a couple of days of vacation to reschedule your trip.
  • Incorrectly executed documents. You cannot take into account all the nuances and do not have time to properly execute the necessary documents to visit a particular area. For example, a fine of about 10 thousand soms (about $ 150) is accrued for the lack of registration. The fine of several thousand soms is accrued for the lack of a border pass.
  • The language barrier. Locals may not know the language you speak, which makes communication much more difficult.
  • Unexpected expenses. You may not know about additional expenses on the way (entrance tickets, speed over limit fines tickets, etc.). Outside major cities there are no exchange offices or ATMs. In the mountains mobile communication is most often unavailable.

For advice and assistance in organizing the individual adventure tour in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan, please contact any of the Asia Mountains’ offices.

Contact us by the most convenient way:

or by telephone:

Bishkek: +996 700 98-61-48

Moscow: +7 909 940-24-92

Looking forward to your inquiry! Good luck!

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