Acquaintance with team

Asia Mountains Managers

Acquaintance with team

Acquaintance with Asia Mountains team. You are welcome to meet up our manager’s team. They answer your e-mails and organize tours. The main priority of the company is a friendly and warm attitude towards each client. Tourists trust the program manager, who controls the entire tour and organize support 24/7 during the tour.

Program managers travel a lot all over Kyrgyzstan and other countries, visit international and local exhibitions.

Mangers of the Asia Mountains visit regions, cities that are presented on the website. They know the conditions of the roads, routes and accommodation. Our managers have visited many places in Kyrgyzstan and travel with their children and share their experience in our blog.

Elena Dudashvili is a director of Asia Mountains

Elena has more than 20 years of experience in tourism. Childhood and youth passed in the mountains and expeditions. Today, Asia Mountains can offer travels in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, as well as in Russia, China, Mongolia, and other countries.

Traveling with kids makes us closer to each other. Kids trust us, and we open doors to the unforgettable world of adventures together.

Elena has 2 children and travels with them around the world.

Elena with kids

Evgenia Levshunova is a manager of cultural, 4x4 and horse-riding tours

She has been working in Asia Mountains since 2013. She regularly visits international exhibitions and meets up partners. Evgenia is a very responsible person. She meets groups in Bishkek, does all booking and controls the program from the begging till the end of the program.

When is the next journey? Give me 5 minutes to pack may bag!

Evgenia is always ready for adventures. She has two children that will follow her in any kind of adventure. They are ready to sleep in tents, cook food outdoor and drive many kilometers for unforgettable journeys.

Evgenia with her family

Natalie Zhukova is a manager of mountaineering and trekking programs

She has been working with us since 2014. She is active in her everyday life. Natalie walks on foot to the office and back and it is 5 km one way. She likes mountains and hiking. Natalie knows how to pack a backpack, and she’s ready to teach you how to make it and share her expedition’s experience.

Be an example for your kids. Stay active and travel together.

Natalie is crazy about mountainous adventures and hiking. She takes her little daughter with her.

Natalie with her daughter

Violetta Afuksenidi is a manager of skiing, bicycle and speleological tours

She can organize 1-3 days excursions where you can enjoy waterfalls, lakes and mountains. Violetta has been working with us since 2016. Her personal experience and active live helps her to organize rather difficult expeditions and plan all details in the program. Violetta combines work in the office with competitions in the mountains and ascents to the summits.

My medals are an example for my son, who also strives for his victories.

Violetta spends her free time with her son, and they explore the world together.

Violetta with her son

Larisa Dudashvili is a manager of individual expeditions

Larisa has been working in tourism for many years. She often travels in Kyrgyzstan and other countries. She is a great example of an active lifestyle. Larisa keeps in touch with clients, knows the most remote corners of Kyrgyzstan, which attract desperate travelers. And she’s responsible for individual expeditions in faraway regions.

Traveling with children broadens the horizons of children and parents.

Larisa with her granddaughter

Evgenia Reis is a manager of Asia Mountains

She has been working in the company since 2013. She visits international exhibitions and meets up partners. She is responsible for the website, social media, blog news, emails, etc. Evgenia likes active tours and promote them. She shares her personal experience of traveling in our blog. She’s glad to show you places in Kyrgyzstan where to go with kids.

Traveling with a child makes you look at ordinary things in a new way.

Evgenia with her son

Travel with your kids and open doors to the wild nature

I wish our readers to travel all over Kyrgyzstan and visit amazing places. Most of Bishkek’ citizens prefer to rest at Lake Issyk-Kul or in the nearest gorges. There are so many places in Kyrgyzstan where to go with your family: Son-Kul, Sary-Chelek, Arslanbob and others.

A family outdoor trip is like a team building that will unite the whole family. Adults and children set up tents, cook on a campfire, climb the peaks, ride horses, help and support each other. Outdoor trips will make you closer to each other.

Evgenia Reis

Evgenia Reis

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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