Spring holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Spring holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Spring holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Holidays in Kyrgyzstan are suitable for adults and children. There is fresh mountain air, transparent rivers and crystal-clear lakes. What else is needed for eco-tourism? We have prepared two spring programs where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountainous region, learn more about the traditions and customs of local people and try dishes of national cuisine and explore the world of nomads.

In the reserve Sary-Chelek

Nooruz and the vernal equinox in Kyrgyzstan

The holiday of Nooruz is celebrated on March 21 in Kyrgyzstan. It is a celebration of the beginning of spring, the season of growth, awakening and prosperity. If on this day the snow falls, then people say it is a sign of good luck.

According to an ancient custom, before the holiday, it is necessary to clean the house, pay off debts, ask for forgiveness from everyone.

There are always a lot of treats on the table on this day. The most famous dish that is cooked in Nooruz is Sumyulek (sumalak). It is prepared from sprouted wheat grains. The dish is cooked for about 24 hours.

Would you like to know more about traditional preparations at Nooruz, then let's go!

Route: Bishkek - Ala-Archa - Bokonbaevo village - Karakol - Cholpon-Ata - Tokmok - Bishkek

Date: March 20-28, 2020


Nooruz in Kyrgyzstan

Tulips of the Tien Shan Mountains

One of the rare flowers in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan is a Greig's Tulip. It can be called a Central Asian endemic. Tulip blooms in late April - early May about 10-14 days. Greig's tulip grows in Kyrgyzstan on the Kyrgyz and Talas ridges, in the basins of the Chon-Kemin and Kichi-Kemin rivers.

Greig's tulip flower is quite large, single, goblet-shaped. The tulip has a beautiful orange-red color, less often orange-yellow.

The leaves are large, wavy along the edge with purple-violet strokes over the entire surface.

On this trip to Kyrgyzstan you can see not only Greig's tulip, but also other flowers of amazing beauty, enjoy unforgettable views of mountain gorges and rivers.

Would you like to take a photo hunt for mountain tulips?

Route: Bishkek - Ala-Archa - Talas - Chichkan gorge - Sary-Chelek - Arslanbob - Osh - Bishkek

Date: April 20 - May 11, 2020

Program is here

Kolpakovsky Tulip

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