Upcoming trips in Kyrgyzstan

What to bring from Kyrgyzstan

Upcoming trips in Kyrgyzstan

To come to Kyrgyzstan, you do not need PCR tests, VISA (many countries), all covid restrictions have been removed here.

Kyrgyzstan has opened its arms wide to meet tourists and show the beauty of the mountainous region.

Do you already know what to bring from Kyrgyzstan? Here are the top 15 things that you can take with you from the trip:

Carpets in national style

Carpets in national style

  • Felt carpet with national patterns
  • Seats, pillows with national pattern
  • Felt cap (kalpak)
  • Mini yurt constructor
  • Jewelry in the national style
  • Vest / frock coat, embroidered in national style
  • Shopping bag with national pattern
  • Decorative scarf
  • Felt slippers
  • Magnet with a photo of your favorite place
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • The famous cognac "Kyrgyzstan" or "Bishkek"
  • "Arashan" herbal balm (can be added to tea)
  • Spices
  • Herbal tea
  • Hotel 1000 stars

    Hotel 1000 stars

    Schedule of upcoming tours in Kyrgyzstan:

  • July 23-25 - Lake Kel-Suu (there are already 5 people in the group)
  • August 6-13 - Most beautiful places in the country (there are already 2 people in the group)
  • August 9-18 - Kazakhstan + Kyrgyzstan (there are already 6 people in the group)
  • August 15-19 - 5 days in Kyrgyzstan (there are already 3 people in the group)
  • July 1- August 31 you can visit our Lenin peak base camp and enjoy nature around
  • Lake Kel-Suu

    Lake Kel-Suu
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    Evgenia Reis

    The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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