Lenin Peak, Razdelnaya, Yukhin 2021

Lenin peak climbers 2021

Lenin Peak, Razdelnaya, Yukhin 2021

Lenin Peak season is finished. And we thank everyone who chose us this year and was able to come despite the difficulties with PCR tests and flights.

We thank our team in Bishkek, Osh, Base camp and Сamp 1 and guides.

This season under Lenin Peak was warm and sincere. Everyone missed the big mountains. We are finishing the season of ascents to Lenin Peak 7134 m (Yukhin Peak 5130 m, Razdelnaya 6148 m peaks) with great gratitude in our hearts. Thank you so much, dear friends!


10.07.21 Yukhin peak 

Daniyar Ismailov (Kyrgyzstan)

Aizhan Karybaeva (Kyrgyzstan)

Zhoomart Kulshanov (Kyrgyzstan)

Muslim Ermekov (Kyrgyzstan)

Bakhtiyar Rakhmetov (Kyrgyzstan)

Zhunusaly Mametov (Kyrgyzstan)


19.07.21 Yukhin peak

Yaroslav Nikotin – guide (Kyrgyzstan)

Ivan Baruta (Slovakia)

Denisa Baruta (Slovakia)


06.08.21 Yukhin peak

Nabi Mamayusupov – guide (Kyrgyzstan)

Sergey Aldukhov (Russia)


08.08.2021 Yukhin peak

Esen Kamila (Kyrgyzstan)

Murzakmatov Ermek (Kyrgyzstan)

Elnura Kazakbaeva (Kyrgyzstan)

Aleksandra Peregudova (Kyrgyzstan)

Mirlan Matkadyrov (Kyrgyzstan)

Aliya Sultanova (Kyrgyzstan)

Zhunusaly Mametov (Kyrgyzstan)


24.08.21 Razdelnaya peak 

Roman Gorodishenski – guide (Russia)

Andrey Astakhov (Germany)


25.07.21 Lenin peak 

Aleksey Krivoruchko – guide (Kazakhstan)

Norbert Russwum  (Germany)

Mikhael  Khalert (Germany)

Roman Gorodishenski – guide (Russia)

Steffen Kiefer (Germany)


26.07.21 Lenin peak

Hermann Härtig (Germany)

Aleksey Bobkov - guide (Russia)


27.07.21 Lenin peak

Natalia Cheremmiskina (Russia)

Maria Tohchukova (Russia)

Daria Kuznetsova (Russia)

Andrey Mitko – guide (Belaus)


28.07.21 Lenin peak

Franc Pogacnik (Slovenia)

Tomas Goslar - (Slovenia)

Irena Mrak - (Slovenia)


05.08.21 Lenin peak

Aleksandr Rudenko (Russia)

Anton Terekhov (Russia)


06.08.21 Lenin peak

Sergey Kadola – guide (Kazakhstan)

Anna Voroshulina (Russia)

Aleksandr Fedotov (Russia)

Aleksandr Khabidulin (Kyrgyzstan)


09.08.21 Lenin peak

Ales Cesen (Slovenia)

Gorjanc Jurij (Slovenia)


10.08.21 Lenin peak

Evgenii Sokolov (Russia)

Айрапетян Айк (Armenia)


11.08.21 Lenin peak

Thomas Vogel (Германия)

Aleksey Kriviruchko - guide (Kazakhstan)


17.08.21  Lenin peak

Anna Shurysheva (Russia)

Victor Bobok (Russia)


21.08.21 Lenin peak

Sergey Goncharov (Russia)

Aleksandr Rudakov  (Kazakhstan)

Marina Skopina (Russia)


22.08.21 Lenin peak by the ridge between Arkin and Lipkin route

Serey Seliverstov – guide (Kyrgyzstan)

Artem Belokobylsky (Russia)


25.08.21 Lenin peak

Andrey Nechaev (Russia)

Anton Mostovoi (Belarus)

Maksim Zubko – guide (Ukrain)


Dear climbers, congratulations on your successful summits!

Dear readers, if you want to climb one of these peaks in 2022, then contact us for detailed information on the ascent.

Evgenia Reis

Evgenia Reis

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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