What to bring from the trip?

Honey from Kyrgyzstan

What to bring from the trip?

There’s always a question of what to bring home from a journey. If you are in Kyrgyzstan and the questions is: What should I bring from Kyrgyzstan? – I’ll tell you.

I always bring HONEY! ONE - This is a very good gift! TWO - It is delicious and healthy! THREE - It's absolutely natural and not very expensive!

The thing is you need to know exactly where to buy honey. The best choice is to get it at the familiar beekeepers’ apiary. That’s when you can be sure about the exact region the honey was made at, the herbs it is made from, and absence of chemistry or sugar in it. If there is no opportunity to go to the apiary then you need to buy honey in specialized stores in the city but definitely not in supermarkets or along the highway. If you are interested of the place where to buy honey in Bishkek, write to me, I will tell you!



Let me tell you what kind of honey and from which regions is sold in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Toktogul honey. Honey plants: barberry, lavender, raspberry, thyme, sage.
  • Suusamyr honey. Honey plants: geranium, echínops, peppermint, thyme.
  • Chon-Kemin honey. Honey plants: geranium, oregano, coltsfoot, sow thistle, dead nettle.
  • At-Bashy white cream honey. Honey plants: esparcet.
  • This honey became "Golden": Winner of the International Beekeeping Congress - Apimondia 2013 Kyiv, Ukraine - Gold Medal; Apimondia 2015 - South Korea, Daejeon; Apimondia 2017 - Turkey, Istanbul; Apimondia 2019 - Gold Medal, Canada, Montreal
  • There is also Uzgen honey, Karkara honey, Jergalan honey, Issyk-Kul honey, Sary-Chelek honey.
  • Apiary in mountains

    Apiary in mountains

    In general, Kyrgyz honey is distinguished by its rich taste and fragrant floral aroma. This is probably due to the special geographical position and the presence of a large number of mountain plants, as well as the remoteness of apiaries from settlements and highways. All these factors certainly contribute to the creation of this unique and delicious honey. The composition of Kyrgyz honey can include up to 40 honey herbs, so this honey is considered one of the best among all meadow and mountain varieties.

    Ecologically pure mountain honey

    Ecologically pure mountain honey
    Elena Dudashvili

    Elena Dudashvili

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