Impressions of the exhibition

Exhibition by Zhanna Bhasker

Impressions of the exhibition

On October 13, the opening of the personal exhibition of artist Zhanna Bhasker took place in Moscow.

Zhanna called her exhibition “LOOK” and designed the poster with a painting depicting an eye, and in it a city and people. It is more reminiscent of a surreal painting than anything that we usually paint with Zhanna at her master classes and art tours


This was the first surprise for me, and I waited for the exhibition to see what she would exhibit there.

Do artists usually write in the same style, close in spirit, or do they have different periods? As you remember, Picasso’s Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, etc.


When I saw Zhanna’s exhibition, my first thought was the same, and I wanted to learn more from her about her periods. But when I saw the years on the labels under the paintings, I realized that Zhanna painted in different styles depending on her mood. She also experiments a lot.


The exhibition presents her paintings that are completely different in style, subject matter, and even perception. But there is something in common in them, and it seems to me - this is the light emanating from each work and filling the space around, and this whole composition seems to say - LOOK, the world around is so diverse and so deep, look into the space and it will open to you all the secrets of the universe.

I'm delighted! And I’m very glad that I know Zhanna and can learn at least a little from her. The exhibition will last until October 19. Photos from the exhibition can be downloaded (viewed) here.


Elena Dudashvili

Elena Dudashvili

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Director of Asia Mountains

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Elena Dudashvili

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