Tour groups to join in Kyrgyzstan

Travel to Kyrgyzstan 2020

Tour groups to join in Kyrgyzstan

We have created a calendar for the whole year so that you can easily plan your trip to Kyrgyzstan in 2020.

Asia Mountains company celebrates the twentieth anniversary this year. And we give discounts to all travellers who would like to come to Kyrgyzstan in 2020 and join our collective groups.

Every month on the 20th day we give a 20% discount for adventures in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is a country of eco-tourism and unforgettable adventures for any wish. Traveling in Kyrgyzstan is safe. Many countries are free from visas. You can easily exchange money, when you in Bishkek or Osh. Supermarkets and restaurants accept cards but it is better to pay in cash outside large cities.

You will be surprised by the openness and hospitality of the locals in villages. Be sure to taste the local cuisine, consisting of such main dishes as beshbarmak, pilaf, manti, shorpo, lagman. It is worth tasting the national drinks kumys, maksym and others. Dishes of the national cuisine consist of lamb, pasta, vegetables and dairy products. Be sure to combine gastronomic delights with outdoor activities.

Internet. After arrival in Kyrgyzstan you will stay connected. Local mobile operators offer 4G internet. You can chat with relatives, share photos in the social networks and check mail. Outside of settlements communication will periodically disappear.

People come to Kyrgyzstan for wild nature, majestic mountains, endless pastures. Enjoy the silence and relax from the hectic everyday life. Plan a trip to Kyrgyzstan in 2020 with the Asia Mountains Company.

Choose your trip in the calendar and join travel groups in Kyrgyzstan :

January. Ski touring in Arslanbob with guide.


Arslanbob is not so popular for skiing yet. You can ski during the whole day and you will not meet up tourists. Warm southern area with long sunny days. Hospitable locals, national flavor, oriental cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

>Skiers in Arslanbob

February. Skiing in Terskey mountains


Guided ski touring trip in Kyrgyzstan. An exciting adventure for advanced skiers. We will visit the most popular areas for off-piste skiing: Karakol, Jergalan, Irdyk and others. Our professional guides will provide full support during the whole trip.

>Yurt camp for skiers

March. Nooruz holiday. Meeting the spring.


Trip to Kyrgyzstan will give you an acquaintance with ancient history and culture, traditions and customs. Sping holiday Nooruz is the time when nature wakes up after winter. You will find the unique bustle and flavor of oriental bazaars, preparations for a great holiday. You will hear fairy tales and legends. Feel warm hospitality and ancient traditions of the local poeople.

>National festival

April. Photo Hunt for mountain tulips.

20.04 – 11.05.2020

This is comparable to the photo hunt of the king of snowy Tien Shan mountains - the snow leopard, as the tulips don’t lay as carpets underfoot, but grow mostly alone, hiding among the rocks on the high mountain slopes and in rock crevices. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to meet such a rarity as Kaufman tulip (Tulipa kaufmanniana), Kolpakovkogo Tulip (Tulipa kolpakowskiana) or the famous tulip Greig (Túlipa gréigii). But in addition to tulips and other equally beautiful flowers on the tour you will learn about the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan

>Wild tulips

May. Red canyons of Komorchek.


Our incredible trekking, starting from the Komorchek canyons over several passes of the Kyrgyz Range to the Shamsi Gorge, will grant you with the unforgettable impressions. The unique beauty of the canyons, created over millions of years by the great sculptor, Nature, will capture your heart with the incredibility of bizarre shapes. They change to endless alpine meadows, intermountain valleys and gorges, conquering by their sublime harsh beauty.

>Canyons of Komorchek

June. Kazakhstan + Kyrgyzstan for 10 days.

20 -29.06.2020

In this tour to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan you are going to see mountain landscapes of the two countries, large cities and small villages, beautiful nature, hospitable locals, nomads and feel the oriental flavor. You will visit the most beautiful places of the two countries, enjoy the beauty of nature, fresh air and the coolness of the mountains, see two capitals, visit the shores of several large lakes, walk in the mountains, visit the hunter with a falcon, take part in the process of national carpet hand-making, ride a horse and much more.

>Local people

July. To the mysterious lake Kel-Suu.


In this tour you will learn the country from the inside, drive along its roads, passes, stay on the shores of mountain lakes, learn how the local population lives, see historical and cultural monuments, get acquainted with the magnificent nature and enjoy the fresh air filled with the smell of mountain herbs. You will see places untouched by civilization where herds of yaks graze, where marmots build their holes without fear, where there are no people and you can only rarely see a shepherd collecting cattle scattered across the expanses of the hills.

>Lake Kel-Suu

August. Hiking to lake Sary-Chelek.


The trekking to Sary-Chelek Lake is unique as you will meet moraine lakes, petroglyphs, relict forests , waterfalls, breaking down from steep slopes and rushing to the bottom. The route will run over mountain passes, from which you will observe beautiful views of surrounding mountains. Inspired by the journey you will not noticeable find yourself by Lake Sary-Chelek.

>Lake Sary-Chelek

September. Active family trip. Kids from 6 y.o.


You will visit a real farm where race horses are bred, see distant Kyrgyz villages with many children playing outside, visit mountain gorges, see waterfalls, swim in Issyk-Kul Lake and live in yurts on the shores of beautiful Son-Kul Lake. Horse rides will give you and your children an unforgettable experience. On the tour you will be able to contact with pets, fish, play with other children and try national cuisine and much more!

>Horse riding with kids

October. Kyrgyzstan + Uzbekistan.


This tour is a tour of striking contrasts. You will see Central Asia from completely different sides. On the one hand you will find small Kyrgyzstan - a country of mighty mountains covered with eternal snow and alpine meadows with a scattering of edelweiss, a country of turbulent mountain rivers with foamy waterfalls and steppes with flocks of grazing sheep, a country of blue lakes and green valleys. On the other hand, you will visit Uzbekistan with its unforgettable architecture, ancient narrow colorful streets, smelled of spices, clay, silk of oriental women with the noise and vibrant sound of oriental life.


November. Cultural tour for women in Kyrgyzstan.


In this tour, you will take part in many master classes, learn how to cook Kyrgyz national dishes, roll felt, make crafts; You will see the way of life of Kyrgyz women, get acquainted with their life and traditions. A Kyrgyz woman is a woman who is not in a hurry, she has time for children, housework and her hobby. Find yourself, open yourself to new ideas and a new wave of inspiration!


December. By car around Issyk-Kul lake.


Amazing and breathtaking landscapes, mountain slopes, skis, hot springs, snowmobiles, horseback riding and much more is waiting for you on this tour. More than a thousand kilometers of snowy roads, the locals are ready to welcome you and give you fragrant tea with delicious flat bread. You will be able to feel the flavor of Kyrgyzstan, see the Kyrgyz way of life and traditions, try national cuisine and just have a great time.

>Ala-Archa gorge

Evgenia Reis

Evgenia Reis

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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