Active tour in Kyrgyzstan

Trip to Son-Kul lake

Active tour in Kyrgyzstan

Trip to Son Kul lake

Son-Kul Lake is known for its remoteness and silence. Here you can still find seasonal nomads who graze cattle on high pastures during the summer. Here they even opened a kindergarten for nomadic children, while the parents are busy with livestock grazing and household chores, the kids have fun in the highland kindergarten.

There are many ways to get to Son-Kul Lake: by car, on a horse, on foot, by bike. In the yurt camps you will be met by hospitable staff. Place for the night will be in cozy warm yurts. For dinner you will have tasty food from natural products and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Rest on the lake Son-Kul is suitable for the whole family. Here you can ride bikes, horses, take a walk to the petroglyphs, make hiking to the mountains.

> Sheep on Son-Kul Lake

Children will especially enjoy the variety of animals: yaks, horses, goats, sheep, cows. Many birds flock to the lake, more than 60 species. Do not forget to grab binoculars to watch them. We managed to see seagulls and several species of ducks. Snow leopards, foxes and wolves live far from humans.

In the area of mountainous Son-Kul lake there’s no tree or bush. Glades covered with small edelweiss and other flowers. In Kyrgyzstan, Edelweiss is listed in the Red Book.

>Bright flowers

A trip to Son-Kul Lake will bring unforgettable impressions. You will meet bright orange sunsets and light-pink sunrises. At night, there are large stars that cannot be seen in the city. The Milky Way stretches like a snow-white ribbon over a black sky. The mountain air brings the coolness of the glaciers to fill the mind with freshness. The sleep here is especially sweet.

>Sun set

Tour to Son-Kul lake will not leave indifferent any guest.

Evgenia Reis

Evgenia Reis

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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