Lenin peak 2019 – ascent with Asia Mountains from airport to the summit

Lenin peak 2019 – ascent with Asia Mountains

Lenin peak 2019 – ascent with Asia Mountains from airport to the summit

Asia Mountains Base Camp will work from July 1st to August 31st. And this is the best time for Lenin peak expedition.

Why can you trust us? We have been working in tourism for 20 years. We have huge experience in organizing expeditions. We have our own base camp under Lenin peak and we will organize food and tents for you.You can rent a high altitude tent, rent a porter to carry your bags and we will offer best guides. Our company is well known for our professional guides and climbers trust us.

Альпинисты в базовом лагере

Guide to Lenin peak

Our guides have the appropriate certificates, including KMGA / IFMGA, the title of the Snow Leopard, rescue certificates and others . Guides of Asia Mountains are professionals, group's security is on top of their priority.

We work with Nikolay Totmianin, Pavel Vorobyov, Andrei Erokhin, Oleg Turaev, Artur Usmanov, Maxim Cherkasov, Alexander Ilin, Alexander Moroz and others. The names of these guides are well known to many climbers. Our guides made many sucсessful ascents with clients. The experienced guide will always choose the necessary acclimatization and tactics of ascent from camp to camp. Ascent to Lenin peak with an experienced guide has a better chance of success.

Восхождение на пик Ленина с гидом

Famous climber Denis Urubko recommends us as a reliable partner and well-organized base camp.

Urubko Camp

About 120-150 climbers come to Asia Mountains base camp annually. The number of people coming to the camp is limited for your comfortable stay. In our base camp under Lenin peak you do not have to wait in line for lunch or dinner. We will pay maximum attention and care about each guest. You can always sit in the dining-yurt. There always will be hot tea with sweets. In our camp you do not need to hurry anywhere, enjoy your rest and recuperate.

It is better to make a reservation for Lenin Peak ascent with guide in winter or spring. Much earlier than expedition starts. Because guides will plan their summer season as early as possible.

Base Camp  in Achik-Tash (3600 m). You will be accommodated in spacious tents-barrels. Each tent has wooden flooring, a mattress, a socket, lighting and constant electricity.

We have a hot shower, toilet, luggage storage in our base camp. Three meals a day are provided. If you are allergic or intolerant of any products, please let us know in advance and our chef will take into account your taste.

There is a place for recreation, board games at the base camp. It is well catching cellular communications local operators (Megacom, Beeline, O!). Internet is affordable and not expensive.

Базовый лагерь Горы Азии

Camp 1 (4200 m) There are also spacious tents-barrels. Each tent has wooden flooring, a mattress.

Electricity is provided by generators in the evening. There is a hot shower, toilet, storage at Camp 1. Three times meals a day.

You can hire porters to transfer your belongings to the high-altitude camps. The cost of porters at Lenin Peak starts from $ 3 per 1 kg (from BC to C1).  

В первом лагере на 4200

Border permit to Lenin peak

Permit to Lenin peak is a required condition! You can get a fine and lose a lot of time on all issues if you will be stopped by border guards without the necessary permit. Even if you are above the base camp, the head of the base camp makes passes at the request of border guards who can come to the base camp any time. The border pass contains your personal data and terms of stay in the border area. It is necessary to apply for a border pass at least two weeks before the start of the expedition.

Insurance for Lenin Peak

Insurance is issued for the period of the expedition, it is necessary to indicate that the type of activity is mountaineering. The amount of insurance must cover 30,000 euros. Please make insurance in your country before you arrive to Kyrgyzstan.

Corporate mountaineering. Team building.

This year we will repeat the school of mountaineering for beginners of one of Russia's banks, climbing the peak Yukhin (5130 m) and Razdelnaya (6148 m) under the direction of Nikolay Totmyanin and Vladimir Shataev. Last year we had already conducted a similar school, and the participants of the event were satisfied and were able to make their first simple ascents.

Program managers always stay in touch since the arrival of the group. You can ask for support anytime 24/7.

If you have any questions, please write us. We wish you all safe ascents!

Evgenia Reis

Evgenia Reis

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of Asia Mountains Company.

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