Amazing country Uzbekistan - Storage of history and splendor of the east

Amazing country Uzbekistan

Amazing country Uzbekistan - Storage of history and splendor of the east

Uzbekistan – is an amazing country with beautiful architecture, ancient history, picturesque streets, the smell of spices and noisy bazaars. Every year this country is visited by millions of tourists. The country is known for its hospitality, travel safety and easy logistics.

If you have not been to Uzbekistan, you must visit it, – because this is a storehouse of history, this is the splendor of the East. This is an amazing and unique country that will not leave you indifferent.

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

Best time to visit Uzbekistan is spring and autumn, when traveling is warm and comfortable. Since February, the country opens a visa-free regime for another 45 countries! Is this not a reason to go there this spring?

Visa-free regime:

  1. Kyrgyzstan
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Armenia
  4. Belarus
  5. Georgia
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Moldova
  8. Russia
  9. Ukraine
  10. Israel
  11. Indonesia
  12. South Korea
  13. Malaysia
  14. Singapore
  15. Turkey
  16. Japan
  17. Tajikistan
  18. France
  19. Germany

Since July electronic visas, visa-free entry for foreigners up to 16 years old and a 5-day visa-free entry for transit passengers from 101 countries have been introduced. In addition, from March 15, double and multiple electronic entry visas with a validity of 30 days are introduced.

Additionally, new categories of visas are introduced for certain groups of foreign citizens (non-electronic) - Vatandosh, Student visa, Academic visa, Medical visa and Pilgrim visa.

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

Visa-free regime for 30 days period:

  1. Australian Union
  2. Austrian Republic
  3. Argentine Republic
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Vatican
  6. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  7. Hungary
  8. Brunei Darussalam State
  9. Greek Republic
  10. Israel
  11. Indonesia
  12. Ireland
  13. Iceland
  14. Italian Republic
  15. Canada
  16. Andorra Principality
  17. Liechtenstein
  18. Principality of Monaco
  19. The Kingdom of Belgium
  20. The Kingdom of Denmark
  21. The Kingdom of Spain
  22. The Kingdom of the Netherlands
  23. The Kingdom of Norway
  24. The Kingdom of Sweden
  25. The Republic of Latvia
  26. The Republic of Lithuania
  27. Malaysia
  28. Mongolia
  29. New Zealand
  30. Portugal Republic
  31. Republic of Bulgaria
  32. Republic of Cyprus
  33. Republic of Korea
  34. Republic of Malta
  35. Republic of Poland
  36. Republic of San Marino
  37. Republic of Serbia
  38. Singapore
  39. Republic of Slovenia
  40. Republic of Croatia
  41. Republic of Chile
  42. Romania
  43. Slovak Republic
  44. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  45. Republic of Turkey
  46. Federative Republic of Brazil
  47. Federal Republic of Germany
  48. Finland Republic
  49. French Republic
  50. Montenegro
  51. Czech Republic
  52. Swiss Confederation
  53. Republic of Estonia
  54. Japan

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

Many tourists along with Uzbekistan visit other Central Asian countries, which means that if you decide to visit Kyrgyzstan, then the doors of this country can be opened for you, since visa-free entry to Kyrgyzstan is valid for citizens of 60 countries!

Recommended tours to Uzbekistan from the Asia Mountains:

1) Tour to Central Asia - Central Asia in 2 weeks

2) Tour to two countries: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in 10 days

Evgenia Levshunova

Evgenia Levshunova

The author of travel stories in Kyrgyzstan, fully or partially built on her personal travel experience. Manager of cultural programs of Asia Mountains

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