Sary-Chelek - mountain lake (state biosphere reserve)

Sary-Chelek - mountain lake (state biosphere reserve). It is an extraordinary beautiful lake hidden in the depths of the western Tien-Shan at an altitude of about 1900 m above sea level. Surrounded by high ridges, it has unspeakable beauty, reflecting the blue sky and the green slopes of the mountains. In some places almost sheer cliffs go deep into the water. The depth of this natural creation is 234 m, it is the 3rd deepest lake in Central Asia and 2nd in Kyrgyzstan. The Sary-Chelek Biosphere Reserve with a territory of 23900 hectares is located on its shores. Its flora and fauna are unique: 40 species of mammals, 157 species of birds and 1000 species of grassy plants can be found in these places. Many of these species are listed in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan and are on the verge of extinction, which is why the reserve is protected from poachers day and night. The reserve is also created to preserve walnut-fruit forests, almost no where found in such numbers.

The lake arose as a result of a strong earthquake that led to a landslide blocking a mountain river, as a result of which, a mountain lake was formed. Sary-Chelek means “Yellow Bucket”; it justifies this name, because it looks like a kind of vessel, though the yellow color can be present here only in autumn, when the trees around are painted in different colors from bright red to amber color.

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