Journey in Kyrgyzstan - One week trip in Kyrgyzstan
Journey in Kyrgyzstan

One week trip in Kyrgyzstan

Journey in Kyrgyzstan
(One week trip in Kyrgyzstan )

This trip is unique, because in this short time you will be able to see a large number of beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan.

In just 7 days you will be able to see popular, amazing and unique places, you will have the opportunity to plunge into the color by visiting the bazaar tour, what could be better than completely immersing yourself in this atmosphere. You will see a fabulous canyon called Konorchek. If you have not been to these beautiful and picturesque places, you must definitely visit them!

The next place that you simply cannot miss is the Burana Minaret, which will help you not only feel the life of the people, but also their history. You can visit the hot springs called Issyk-Ata, you will have the opportunity to swim in these hot springs, this beautiful place and enjoy the partly preserved post-Soviet architecture. Or you can choose the Alamedin Gorge, which impresses with its mesmerizing beauty. The gorge is popular with tourists and locals. First of all, it attracts vacationers with its accessibility. The Alamedin Gorge is suitable for everyone who wants to spend a day in the mountains with health benefits, and return to the city in the evening.

In the last days of our trip, a ready-made credit card awaits us, and a visit to the Ala-Archa National Park. Ala-Archa gorge is a popular place for climbers from all over the world, and for people who are not interested in climbing mountain peaks, there are also many interesting things, for example, a waterfall located at an altitude of 2700 m.

Do you want to experience it all for yourself? Then you are welcome!

Available dates

  • 2024 | 10 places Book
  • Individual dates are also available. Contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season All season
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek
Airport Airport Manas (FRU)
Airport out Airport Manas (FRU)
Wildlife Mountain goats, Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents

Price: $ 850 (≥ 12 people)
≥ 10 people in the group: $ 900 per person
≥ 8 people in the group: $ 950 per person
≥ 6 people in the group: $ 1,020 per person
≥ 4 people in the group: $ 1,180 per person

Great for Families Couples Individuals

You can visit several gorges, canyons, hot springs, historical monuments, explore Bishkek, visit the bazaar and buy souvenirs during this trip in Kyrgyzstan

What's Included:

  • Meeting and seeing off at the airport.
  • All transfers according to the program.
  • Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Bishkek on the basis of breakfast. Double occupancy.
  • Entrance fees to Burana.
  • Payment for visiting the gorge Ala - Archa.
  • Meals: Breakfast / Picnics or Lunch on days 3, 4, 5, 6.

What's not included:

  • International flight to Bishkek and back
  • Meals in the city: Lunch on days 1, 2. Dinners are not included on all days.
  • Supplement for single accommodation in a hotel 90$ per person.
  • Personal expenses in the hotel: bar, international calls, etc.
  • Insurance
  • Any changes to the program.

Arrival in Bishkek. Meeting at the Manas airport, transfer to a hotel 30 km away, accommodation and rest. After the rest of the tour around the city, you will also get to know the city of Bishkek and its main attractions. Lunch in the city. After the city tour, we will return to the hotel and spend the night.


Bazaar tour. After a delicious breakfast, a very interesting program of the bazaar tour will be waiting for you. “Bazaar Tour” you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with various types of shopping in Bishkek. If you have a desire to get the best and cheap purchases, then you should visit the open-air markets. Dordoi bazaar is the largest in Central Asia, where people buy things for themselves and at home. Osh or Orto-Sai bazaar with an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and small household utensils. If you are not satisfied with the price, then we recommend that you do not be shy and bargain!

By the end of the day you will return to the hotel, overnight at the hotel.


Canyon “Konorchek”, 150 km, 2 hours one way. After a delicious breakfast, you will be given a car with a guide to the hotel. And today you will have a trip to the famous canyons of Konorchek. If you have not been to these beautiful and picturesque places, you should definitely visit them! This is a unique place where, after a short walk, you find yourself in amazing red clay rocks that go up. Here you can climb up and admire the panorama of the canyons and you can walk along the winding paths between the red walls.

After the walk, the car will take you back to the hotel.


Visit to the “Burana” Minaret, 80 km, 1.5 hours on the way, one way. Today, after breakfast, you will be provided with a transfer, on which you will go to the famous “Burana” minaret.

The Burana tower is the minaret of the Jami mosque (end of the 10th century - beginning of the 11th century) - located in the eastern half of the central part of the settlement, next to the palace. The minaret is one of the oldest structures of this kind in the territory of Central Asia; in its constructive and decorative details, the techniques of pre-Islamic architecture are traced. You can observe this historical beauty yourself, and in order to fully immerse yourself in history, you will have a tour of the museum and the “Burana” tower.


Issyk-Ata or Alamedin gorge, the tour can be chosen between the provided options. After breakfast, you will be provided with a transfer, on which you will go to one of these places.

“Issyk - Ata” 65 km or 85 km, depending on which road to go. To get to it, we can go along the picturesque and short road through Gornaya Mayevka, but in places it is rather broken. But you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful views of mountains and meadows strewn with different herbs and flowers (in spring and summer). The road is not loaded with traffic, this has its own plus, you can quickly get to your destination, although you have to be dexterous on it, going around numerous pits. And in about an hour and a half we will find ourselves in the gorge itself and go up right to the gates of the resort.

Here, we will move along the old and sometimes completely abandoned buildings of the once popular hospital with elements of Soviet architecture towards the first waterfall.

And then we return to the parking lot, take towels and swimwear and go for a swim in the hot mineral pool.

“Alamedin Gorge”, 30 km, about 40 minutes on the way, one way. Hiking to the waterfall of the same name is one of the most interesting walks along the Kyrgyz Range. It is better to start the trip in the morning, approximately after breakfast. The path to the waterfall from the parking lot will take about two hours. At the beginning of the journey, it is necessary to cross the river on a suspension bridge. Further, the trail will go along a wide gorge covered with a variety of plants and shrubs. From the valley you can see the peaks above 4000 meters.

Having reached the confluence of the Salyk stream with the Alamedin River, you will see an amazingly beautiful place called “quiet backwater”. Here is a small grove where you can relax in the shade of trees and take photos as a keepsake. You will notice that the path to the waterfall turns sharply to the right and begins a slight uphill climb. Very soon, a view of the beautiful Alamedin waterfall will open from a shady crack. After visiting the waterfall, you can have a picnic, have a good rest and go back to the car.


Visiting Ala-Archa National Park 40 km, 1 hour on the way, one way. After breakfast, you will be provided with a transfer, on which you will go to Ala-Archa National Park.

Ala-Archa National Park is an alpine natural park in the Tien-Shan mountains. It is an hour's drive from Bishkek, you will plunge into the breathtaking view of the Alpine mountains covered with juniper, as well as crystal clear rivers, rare plants and wild animals.

This place is popular for hiking to the waterfall, the path to it will take about 2 hours, one way. Picnic near the waterfall, after returning to the car, transfer to the hotel.


Departure. On this day, unfortunately, our tour of the beauties of Kyrgyzstan came to an end. In the morning you will be given a car to the airport, happy flight to you, thank you for being with us!

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