Small Golden Ring of Russia - Moscow - Vladimir - Suzdal - Kostroma - Yaroslavl - Pereslavl Zalessky
Small Golden Ring of Russia

Moscow - Vladimir - Suzdal - Kostroma - Yaroslavl - Pereslavl Zalessky

Small Golden Ring of Russia
(Moscow - Vladimir - Suzdal - Kostroma - Yaroslavl - Pereslavl Zalessky)

Anyone who has ever thought about visiting Russia and feeling the Russian spirit must have considered the opportunity to drive along the famous Golden Ring. Here that you can see the whole collection of amazing Russian architecture: the most beautiful churches, medieval buildings, cathedrals, monasteries, kremlins, Russian huts and noble estates. Walking along the streets and embankments of majestic cities, visiting markets, tasting real Russian cuisine, riding a horse-drawn carriage, meeting with the Snow Maiden from Russian fairy tales will open in you an unquenchable love for beauty and return you to your childhood when it was so easy to surprise you with even a little thing and you were eager to learn the world with special zeal.

The starting point of our tour will be the capital of Russia - the city of Moscow. You can arrive a day or two before the tour, or stay here after the program and see the capital yourself, take a sightseeing tour of the center or let us organize your leisure time in the capital.

The first city on the Golden Ring will be the city of Vladimir which for two centuries was the nominal capital of North-Eastern Russia. Grand dukes were married here and here you can see the famous Golden Gate built in the 12th century being a powerful defensive structure that withstood the onslaught of the Tatar hordes during the siege of the city by Batyi.

Suzdal - the second city that we will visit was built in the 10th century. Almost all of its main buildings have survived to this day. The open air Museum of Wooden Architecture contains authentic buildings of the 17th- 18th centuries. There are peasant huts, merchant houses and even mills the interior decoration of which has been recreated to the smallest detail.

There is no way to get past Kostroma. Its main attraction is the white-stone Ipatiev Monastery, “the cradle of the Romanov dynasty” which looks amazing from the shores of Volga River. The Ipatiev Chronicle is stored in the library of the monastery - this is one of the most significant documents for history which covers a period of almost 500 years and tells about the history of Ancient Russia from the 9th to the 13th centuries.

The fourth city on our way will be Yaroslavl. We will definitely visit the historical part of the city with the Church of Elijah the Prophet which has been preserved in its original form along with ancient frescoes and a baroque carved iconostasis of the 17th century, will take a walk along the embankment, visit the shopping center and the "Music and Time" Museum.

In the last city of Pereslavl Zalessky you should definitely visit Lake Pleshcheyevo where in the 17th century Peter-I began the construction of a “funny flotilla”. Today, a museum has been opened here where the only boat “Fortuna” preserved from Peter the Great’s times is exhibited. There is also a Blue Stone on the lake that changes color when it rains. You can make a wish standing at its side and in order for it to come true tie a bright ribbon to a neighboring bush, and leave a coin on the stone.

All this and even more you can visit, learn, touch, feel and even taste on our tour of the Golden Ring. Join now!

Available Dates

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  • Individual dates are available. Please contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Summer
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek


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On this tour you will get acquainted with five amazing cities on the road called the Golden Ring. Majestic Vladimir, the medieval city of Suzdal, cozy Kostroma, the Capital of the Golden Ring - the city of Yaroslavl and Pereslavl-Zalessky where you can learn so much about Tsar Peter-I and his reign. And between these cities there is the unique nature of Russia, green expanses, full-flowing blue rivers, colorful small Russian villages and the beautiful village of Vyatskoye.

What's Included:

  • Transfers (individual escort car throughout the route),
  • Hotels 3 or 4 stars (3 nights) with breakfasts,
  • Excursions:
  • Vladimir: Sightseeing tour of the city for 1-1.5 hours (independent) or with a guide,
  • Suzdal: Evening Kremlin - excursion program, Museum of Wooden Architecture - excursion program, Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery - excursion program. Walking around the city with a guide,
  • Kostroma: Museum of the Snow Maiden - excursion program, Ipatiev Monastery - excursion program. Walking around the city with a guide,
  • Vyatskoye: Visiting three museums of your own choice,
  • Yaroslavl: Museum "Music and Time". Walking around the city with a guide,
  • Pereslavl Zalessky: Museum "Peter's Boat" and the Museum of Steam Locomotives.
  • Meals - only breakfasts in hotels,
  • Driver will also help you with logistics.

What's not included:

  • Supplement for single occupancy
  • Additional services
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal spending
  • Additional activities
  • Meals (lunches and dinners cost about 1200 - 2000 rubles per person at a time)

Departure from Moscow. In the morning we will start our way towards the city of Suzdal. On the way we will visit one of the capitals of the Old Russian state - the city of Vladimir. Several amazing monuments of Russian medieval white stone architecture have been preserved here. First of all, this concerns three sights included in the UNESCO list: the Assumption Cathedral, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral and the Golden Gate. Of course Vladimir deserves a more detailed examination but we still have a lot of interesting things ahead of us. After lunch we will go to the medieval city of Suzdal.

Suzdal is a city from a real Russian fairy tale. Here unique monuments of antiquity are combined with natural splendor. The landscape typical of Suzdal is the white-stone Kremlin walls along the banks of the river and the domes of churches sparkling in the sun framed by lush green meadows. There are 32 operating temples and more than 150 architectural monuments in the city.

There are no high-rise and industrial buildings here, and the air is clean and fresh. This is one of the ancient Russian settlements which have preserved its unique appearance to this very day. First of all, we will go to the Kremlin, walk along the earthen rampart and definitely catch a beautiful sunset. In the evening we will go to the refectory for dinner. Food is a part of the Russian tradition, and this is especially evident in Suzdal. There is a great variety of restaurants for every taste and sophistication. “Soulful and Russian like” is the motto of local restaurants and cafes.

Suzdal is famous for its rye flour pies with seasonal fillings. Kulebyaka with chicken or mushrooms is a must for tasting. If you wish, you can taste real royal dishes such as royal stuffed sterlet, royal pike or a whole baked baby pig. Pheasant or Quail are obligatory dishes in the "wildfowl" section. And you can taste it along with the famous Suzdal Medovukha.


Suzdal and Kostroma. We will devote the first half of the day to excursions around Suzdal. Be sure to take a ride on a horse carriage. We will visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture and take a look at the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery. We will have lunch and go to Kostroma. Kostroma is a wonderful, cozy town on the Volga and at the same time it is the cradle of the Romanov dynasty. It was here, in the Ipatiev Monastery, that Mikhail Romanov was elected to the throne. Ivan Susanin and the Snow Maiden are also from these lands. We will visit the Snow Maiden immediately after checking into the hotel.


From Kostroma to Yaroslavl. We will have breakfast and go on a tour of Kostroma. First, we will drive through the streets of the city, look into the markets and go to the Ipatiev Monastery. Behind the walls of the monastery there is a museum of wooden architecture, if we have time and desire we can compare it with the similar Suzdal museum. After lunch, our road will take us to the Yaroslavl region. On the way we will visit the "Most Beautiful Village" in Russia - Vyatskoe.

It was recognized at the all-Russia competition of the same name. In Vyatskoe a considerable number of small private museums have been collected such as the "Museum of Russian Entrepreneurship", "Children's World" or "House of Angels". We will definitely go through the museums, walk along the wonderful streets, and look at the colorful buildings. In the evening we will move on to Yaroslavl where we will check into a hotel and have dinner.


Drive back to Moscow. After breakfast we will go on a tour of Yaroslavl. A wonderful walk along the embankment on the arrow of two rivers of the Great Volga and Kotorosl will be waiting for us. We will visit the "Music and Time" Museum and take a walk along the Trade Rows.

Of course even a whole day will not be enough to get to know this Majestic city - the Pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia, but at lunchtime we will already have to leave the city and go to a small town - Pereslavl Zalessky where Peter-I kept his "Funny Flotilla" on Lake Pleshcheyevo . Here we will see the Peter's Boat Museum and the Museum of Steam Locomotives. We will have dinner and go to Moscow. Arrival at the capital. End of the program.

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