Kaleidoscope of Kamchatka - Horse riding trip in Kamchatka
Kaleidoscope of Kamchatka

Horse riding trip in Kamchatka

Kaleidoscope of Kamchatka
(Horse riding trip in Kamchatka)

Kamchatka is a fabulous country, a mysterious peninsula that was once one of the most "closed" regions of the Soviet Union. Until 1990, no foreign citizen could enter this land, and even residents of Russia were required to have a special pass. Everyone who comes to Kamchatka is amazed by the beauty and grandeur of nature. The vast Pacific Ocean, majestic volcanoes born thousands of years ago, and among them the cozy and quiet Avacha Bay - the most beautiful bay in the world. Mineral springs and geysers, emerald herbs, and amazing wildflowers, mountain waterfalls, pristine transparent lakes and virgin forests, all this creates unique natural landscapes.

In Kamchatka, you can see the highest volcano in Eurasia - Klyuchevskaya Sopka; the largest brown bear in the world lives here, transparent lakes full of fish have formed here in the crater of volcanoes; here the mountains are covered with snow until mid-summer and, climbing up you can travel from summer to winter.

Kamchatka is constantly changing and all the photographs that you have ever seen will not be able to convey the real picture.

This land is little-known, unique, insanely beautiful and immense. Today it is open to everyone. When planning your trip you cannot even imagine what high feelings will overwhelm you upon arrival, you can experience the mysterious power of this amazing world, in which rivers carrying life coexist with deadly volcanoes, taiga coexist with tundra, eternal snows with hot springs and wild animals with people.

Available Dates

  • 2024 | 8 places Book
  • Individual dates are available. Please contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Summer
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek


Great for Couples Families Individuals

You will see Karyaksky volcano - one of the most beautiful volcanoes which claims to be the volcanic symbol of Kamchatka. In addition to exciting horse rides, spa treatments, bathing in hot springs, a fascinating boat trip to Russkaya Bay, where you can watch sea animals, whales, killer whales, and seals, are waiting for you. You will be able to participate in sea fishing and taste a lunch with seafood; fish market, souvenir shops and many more interesting things await you on an amazing journey to Kamchatka!

What's Included:

  • all excursions according to the program,
  • accommodation (hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, tents on route),
  • meals on the route,
  • all transfers according to the program,
  • transfer from and to the airport & to the place of accommodation (hotel),
  • registration – should be done at least 1 month before the start of the tour,
  • guide for all excursions,
  • horse rent and guidance

What's not included:

  • air tickets,
  • alcohol,
  • translation services – 100 USD per day
  • accommodation in Moscow
  • meals not included by the program
  • personal expenses

  • Additional services not included in the price:
  • booking and buying air tickets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back,
  • organization of additional excursions on a free day,
  • Ethno-program "Spirit of Kamchatka" - $ 100 per person including dinner

  • Relief and features of the route: There are descents, ascents, crossings of rivers, streams and marshes on the route. The relief is varied: earthen paths, birch forest, tundra, talnik and poplar forest.

    Saddle type, ammunition: hybrid hunting saddles with a deep seating, comfortable for the rider and the horse, allowing to make ups and downs. Personal belongings are carried on horseback in saddlebags. If necessary, participants are given safety helmets (mandatory for people under 18 years old).

    Accommodation conditions: standard accommodation (included in the price) - at the base in the Timonovsky reserve there is a forest house with a shared room for guests. Accommodation in tents is possible (optional) (included in the price - tents are provided by the organizer).

    Meals: meals are cooked on fire, mainly traditional Russian cuisine.

Arrival in Moscow. Meeting at the airport. If the time allows, we suggest you to take a fascinating tour of the capital of the Russian Federation. Here are several options we may offer:

Option 1: Walking tour of Moscow city center: Red Square, followed by a short introduction to Moscow metro (1,5-2 hrs). You will see St.Basil’s cathedral (exterior), GUM mall , Kazan church, State History Museum and the Moscow metro (Revolution Square station).

Option 2: Guided tour of the most iconic streets and architecture with a private vehicle (3-3,5 hrs). Highlights: Red Square and St.Basil's Cathedral, Bolshoi Theatre and the Alexander Garden, the State Duma and Russian Govt buildings, Lubyanka Square with KGB HQ, the Russian State Library, Sparrow Hills, Moscow-City business district, Poklonnaya Hill, Victory Park, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Option 3: Moscow River Cruise on the amazing Radisson yacht (2,5 hrs).

We will also be happy to provide you with an individual program of your choice. Accommodation at the hotel. Meals are on your own.


Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The morning will be free for an independent walk around the city, or you can choose one of the programs presented above to be organized in the morning.

On this day, you will face time travel. Our flight is planned in the afternoon and having departed from Moscow we will arrive in Kamchatka closer to lunchtime, but only the next day.


Group meeting, short acquaintance with the region, hotel accommodation. Meeting at the airport and then transferring to the city of Yelizovo, where the guide will meet our group. Transfer to the hotel, on the way we will stop at the pedestal with bears "Russia begins here".

Hotel accommodation. Recreation. SPA treatments and bathing in hot thermal springs.

With the desire of all members of the group (from 7 people) this evening there is an opportunity to organize the ethno-program "Spirit of Kamchatka" in the Avacha May recreation center, which includes:

• acquaintance with the indigenous people of the North, with their way of life and culture

• performance of generic songs and dances

• master class on national dancing

• photos in national costumes

• sitting around the fire in the yaranga and conversation about the traditions and customs of the people of the North with fragrant tea from wild plants on the fire with delicious cakes

• visit to ethnographic Ya'yana

• excursion to the sled dog kennel, communication with friendly huskies

• hot full dinner (Kamchatka cuisine)

Duration of the program: 3 hours.

* In the absence of an ethno-program, meals on this day are carried out independently.


Equestrian tour to the river Avacha, 3 hours. Bathing in hot springs - Zelenovskie lakes. In the morning you will be transferred to the Taiga base to the starting point of the tour, safety briefing.

The tour lasts an average of 3 hours, lunch by the river (included). Pacing: walk, trot.

After this little riding program you will be transferred to the base "Zelenovskie Ozerki", bathing in healing hot springs. Transfer to the hotel.


Going to the river Zheleznaya. 7-30 am - Meeting the group at the base, briefing on safety measures, issuing additional ammunition (safety helmet).

8-30 am - Exit from the base of "Taiga" to the river Dremuchaya, volcanic lakes, lunch. The trek is 24 km (4.5 hours). The route runs through the ford of the Kolokolnikov river, then the ford of the Pinachevskaya river with the transition to wild berry fields - honeysuckle, rosehip and hawthorn. Possible to see the brown bear. After that the trail goes through a burnt hill with a gorgeous view of the "home" volcanoes - Koryaksky and Avachinsky. Travelers descend on the berry tundra, on which almost all the tundra berries of Kamchatka grow: blueberries, honeysuckle, shiksha, redberry, lingonberries as well as numerous wild plants which are often collected for herbal and tea collections: Kuril tea, wild rosemary, juniper. On the tops of the hills there are thickets of cedar elfin. Volcanic lakes are left after a large volcanic eruption of the Koryaksky volcano. There are also interesting slag pits on the plateau in the center of which there are volcanic bombs destroyed during the eruption. Koryaksky volcano is a typical stratovolcano with a regular ribbed cone, with a summit cut off to the west. The absolute height of the volcano is 3456 m, relative - 2300 m from the north, 3300 m from the south. In the upper part the slope angle reaches 30-35 degrees, and in the lower part it is 15-20 degrees.

Most likely, the entire landscape presented to travelers was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption in 1956-1957 which was of an explosive nature and differed from others in the complete absence of lava eruptions. The route runs from the northwestern side of the slope where in addition to everything there are long dikes running parallel to the crack that broke in 1957. And also on the slopes at the foot of the volcano on this side cinder and lava cones of side eruptions are widely developed. On the river Dremuchaya, at the very bottom of the plateau, the group stops for lunch. Horses are unsaddled to rest. The Dremuchaya River is a tributary of the river. Pinachevskaya. It flows in a rocky canyon, has a high flow rate with rifts and rapids, with a stream of 18 km long.

After lunch, the group rides to the river Zheleznaya where the tent camp is set up and an overnight stay is organized. The way to the river Zheleznaya is about 4 km long going along the cedar and berry-reindeer tundra. On the way, it is possible to meet evrazhka (American gopher), they live here in large colonies everywhere. A tent camp is set up on the Zheleznaya River. Dinner is cooked at the stake. Rest and overnight in tents.


Radial route to the Koryaksky pass. 8-00 am - Breakfast prepared on the fire.

9-00 am – we will saddle horses and start a radial route to the Koryaksky pass (12 km) 3 hours one way. Ascent to a height of 935 m with horses (closer to the top we should be walking on foot). On the trail, travelers will find thickets of yellow rhododendron, mountain ash, cedar elfin, partly the route passes through a stone-birch forest (Erman's birch), it is possible to meet a partridge, a hare and a capercaillie. Lunch will be on the plateau, the horses are unsaddled to rest for lunch. From the lunch place, a view of the Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Aag, Arik, Opala volcanoes opens up. Dikes are also visible on the northwestern side of the volcano slope. After resting, the horses are saddled and the group returns to the river Zheleznaya to the campground. Dinner and rest.

The Zheleznaya River is quite interesting - it takes its waters only from the melting snows of the volcano. It happens that the melting is uneven, and therefore in the morning the river can be absolutely dry, and in the evening it can be filled with water which rushes from a height at a rapid speed.


Base "Taiga". 8-00 am - Breakfast prepared on the fire. 9-00 am - we will saddle horses and start the way back.

The group goes to the tundra plateau from which a view of the Opala volcano opens and the Aag and Arik volcanoes appear in a new form. Then the group sets off on the way back to the Taiga base. On average it is about 30 km.

Lunch is served on one of the hills overlooking the "home" volcanoes. Arrival at the base. Dinner, rest, night.


Boat trip to the Russkaya Bay. Meeting dawn by the Pacific Ocean, breakfast. Transfer to the Seaport. The boat trip to the Russkaya Bay is going to be for about 10-12 hours. During the trip, it is possible to observe marine animals such as whales, killer whales, sea lions, seals, as well as bird colonies. Tour participants are offered to participate in sea fishing for red perch, cod, flounder and greenling. All sea trophies will be prepared on the ship. Fish lunch with seafood included! Transfer to the hotel.


Left Avacha. Horseback riding to the base on the river Left Avacha - 28 km, to the place where the camp is located. Dinner, rest and overnight in tents.


Timonovskie hot springs. Breakfast. Horseback riding to Timonovskie hot springs is waiting for us today. The length of the horse path is 45 km. After riding for 23 km the lunch on Syrytsyn Ave will be served. Upon arrival at the camp there is going to be hot supper and rest. At the request of the group, walking and swimming in the Timonovsky natural hot springs will be organized. The waters of the springs can be recommended both for taking general baths and for internal use. Indications for the use of waters: disorders in the musculoskeletal system, diseases of ENT organs, metabolic disorders, diseases of the digestive system, skin diseases.


Lake Costacan. Breakfast. Radial horse ride to the lake Costakan formed as a result of volcanic activity of the Bakening volcano, 18 km (one way). Lunch by the lake. Walking tour around the lake. Return to base camp. At the request of the group, walking and swimming in the Timonovsky natural hot springs can be organized. Dinner and rest.


Way back. Breakfast and getting ready for the way back. Horseback riding to the camp on the Left Avacha river. On the way, lunch will be served on the Syrytsyn river. Dinner and rest.


Base "Taiga". Wake up, breakfast, departure to the Taiga base outside the village Razdolny on horseback, 28 km. Arrival at the base. Departure by car to Zelenovki hot springs with hydrogen sulphide waters. Bathing. Departure to the hotel.


Departure. Transfer to the fish market, souvenir shop and to the airport. Departure to Moscow. Departure home.

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