A VISIT TO THE RUSSIAN TEREM - Mysterious Russia, its cities and expanses

Mysterious Russia, its cities and expanses

(Mysterious Russia, its cities and expanses)

Do you like fairy tales? Here we offer you to see the heroes of Russian fairy tales - tales about Russian spaces, about Russian heroes and beautiful girls, about terems (Russian wooden houses) with painted shutters, about farms with horses and cows, with dogs and piggies, about slender birch trees, rivers with jelly banks, about wild animals - Mishka, bunny and red Fox with her friend Gray Wolf.

This route will lead you through Russian cities, through original villages, tell you about the Russian culture, about the beauty of Russian expanses - centuries-old forests and endless fields, fast rivers and deep lakes, about architecture, about farms, and about the Russian people.

You will visit Suzdal, Yaroslavl, "City of Brides'' - Ivanovo, Kastroma, the village of Vyatskoye and many other settlements famous for their culture, some for their delicious treats, some for their farms, some for museums, and some for beautiful girls. You have to see all this with your own eyes, appreciate this beauty yourself and agree or disagree with the rest of the lovers of Russian culture that the priceless cultural heritage of Russia is experiencing its revival.

This tour can be organized with our driver or you can be driving the car yourself - drive along Russian roads, test the strength of the latest Russian UAZ Patriot cars, join the movement and enjoy driving, freedom and speed.

Amazing and beautiful, hospitable and welcoming Russia is waiting for you!

Available Dates

  • 2024 | 8 places Book
  • Individual dates are available. Please contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Winter
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek


Great for Couples Families Individuals

An amazing, colorful and interesting route awaits you on this tour. You will be able to visit Russian towns and villages, monuments of history and culture, get acquainted with ethnography and the most beautiful nature of Russia. All this awaits you in this program; all this will give you a wonderful mood and a huge amount of positive energy. You will have excursions, ski trips, master classes, evening tea drinking with a samovar, songs and dances by the fire, acquaintance with the Snow Maiden, stories and legends ... Join an exciting journey into the Russian fairy tale!

What's Included:

  • Cars specially prepared for road travel. One car for 3-4 people
  • Guide-instructor
  • Accommodation in 3-4 * hotels along the route (the list of hotels is sent at the time of booking)
  • Meals - full board (three times a day)
  • Development and preparation of the route
  • Excursions according to the program
  • Active programs in Terem Astashovo (ski tour with a guide, master classes, a show program with an accordion player)

What's not included:

  • Supplement for single occupancy
  • Additional service
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Additional activities such as snowmobiling, rental of skates, ski equipment and other
  • Russian bath in Terem Astashovo
  • Fuel, for those who drive their own cars

Moscow - D.Cocks - Suzdal (220 km). On this day, we need to leave Moscow early in the morning because we have a long way to Suzdal ahead of us - 220 km. Having overcome 120 km, we will stop at the tourist agrarian complex "Bogdarnya" where we will be given a tour of the farm and master classes (optional). After that, we will have a delicious lunch and a tea ceremony, which will be held in English traditions (why exactly in English traditions - you will find out on the spot). After lunch, our way will lead to medieval Suzdal. Upon arrival, we will check into the hotel, have hot tea or coffee and go on an evening city tour. Dinner will take place in one of the cozy restaurants in the city. Hotel accommodation. (-/L/D)


Suzdal - Kostroma (185 km). The first half of the day we will devote to the study of the historical and architectural monuments of Suzdal. We will visit the Kremlin and the Museum of Wooden Architecture, see ancient monasteries and only then move on. The next city where we have to make a stop is the city of Ivanovo where we will first have lunch and then begin our sightseeing tour. For many years Ivanovo has been called the “city of brides” - we have to find out why it gained such fame and whether it really is the city of brides.

After that we will continue our way to Kostroma. We have to drive a little more than 100 km. Upon arrival, we will check into the hotel and then go on an evening tour of the city of Kostroma, which is considered the birthplace of the Snow Maiden. If we get to the city by 17:00, we can pay a visit to her. After meeting the granddaughter of Father Frost, we will have dinner at one of the city's restaurants. Hotel accommodation. (B/L/D)


Kostroma - Astashova forest terem (200 km). After a hearty breakfast, we will continue our excursion around Kostroma: we will visit the Ipatiev Monastery and explore the Kostroma Sloboda. After the excursion, our way lies to the most important point of our destination - the Astashovo Forest Terem. It was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries by a millionaire peasant Martyan Sazonov. Currentowners will tell you the amazing and romantic story of this place.

We will be accommodated in cozy rooms that have preserved the historical interior without losing comfort. Tonight we will have interesting conversations and tea from a samovar. Accommodation in the Terem. (B/L/D)


Skiing to Pogorelovo terem (20 km). In the morning we will have a real farm breakfast. After that, we suggest you go on a ski trip to the Pogorelovo Terem which is located 20 km from Astashovo. In Pogorelovo lunch and hot tea will be served for us by the fire. We will return back by car. Those who do not want to go skiing can rent snowmobiles or go to the Terem by car. In the evening we will return to Astashovo where we will spend the rest of the day in a cozy atmosphere. If you wish, a Russian bath can be organized for you this evening. Accommodation in the Terem. (B/L/D)


Day in Astashovo. Master classes and active programs. Today we will spend time in Astashovo. A guided hike or ski trip along the 8 km eco-trail is waiting for you. The owners of the Terem say that they live in the "bear's corner” which means there are more animals than people around, and during today’s walk you can meet representatives of the animal world. On the same day, we offer you two interesting master classes: "Cook'' and "Stoker". You will learn how to heat a real Russian oven and cook delicious treats in it. In the evening, a real holiday awaits us - an accordion player will come to us and we will arrange songs and dances right on the street by the fire. At the end of the day you can visit the Russian bath. Accommodation in the Terem. (B/L/D)


Terem Astashovo - Vyatsky - Yaroslavl (300 km). Today we have to leave this fabulous place and drive to the village of Vyatskoye which was recognized to be the most beautiful village in Russia in 2015. There are many private museums which we will definitely visit such as the "House of Angels", "Museum of Russian Entrepreneurship" and "Children's World". We will also have lunch in the village and taste the world famous Vyatka cucumbers - people say that these are the most delicious cucumbers in the vastness of Russia. We invite you to stroll along the streets, see colorful buildings, and plunge into history. In the evening we will drive to Yaroslavl. Hotel accommodation. (B/L/D)


Yaroslavl - Moscow (265 km). The first half of the day we will devote to exploring the beautiful Yaroslavl: we will see the "Music and Time" Museum, walk along the famous Volga embankment, climb the belfry of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery from where you can see the city center. Children will be happy to see the "My Favorite Bear" Museum which contains a large collection of teddy bears. Lunch and transfer to Moscow. Our journey has come to an end, but we will be very glad to see you again! (B/L/-)

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