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Putorana Plateau
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The Putorana Plateau is a country of thousands of lakes and waterfalls, their concentration on the plateau is the largest in the country, and here on the Kyida River one may see the highest waterfall in Russia (108 meters). The landscapes of the reserve are unique in their diversity, there is a luxurious variety of flora and fauna. From the base in good weather using binoculars you can observe the unique Putorana bighorn sheep listed in the Book of endangered species.

The plateau is also famous among ufologists: unusual celestial phenomena are regularly observed here in the form of the appearance of bright fireballs flying along zigzag trajectories. And it is apparently not without reason that since ancient times Lake Lama was considered among the Evenks who once lived here a shamanic place, a place of power, a place of rituals and communication with the spirits of nature and the spirits of ancestors. This is a place of great power, the concentration of which is in the legendary Shaitan Mountain, opposite which the Bunisyak base is located.

Another amazing place to visit will be the area of the Khoisi River where according to legend there is an ancient burial mound - the burial place of one of the commanders of Alexander the Great, who died from an arrow wound. His detachment climbed up the river in order to reach the remains of the ancient city which was located somewhere at the top of the river. In the descriptions of the campaigns of Alexander the Great made by Arab historians the journey of his army to the Land of Gloom far to the north is described. As the historian Novgorodov convincingly proved, Alexander's army reached the lower reaches of the Yenisei and Ob rivers, and his troops went to Putorana.

In the evenings at the Bunisyak base, at the request of the guests and if there is free time, excursions are conducted to the unique ethnographic museum located in the halls of the guest house. The museum contains unique life and household items related to the indigenous people of Taimyr. There are products made of mammoth bone, traditional clothes, in the center of the hall on the second floor there is a real two floors high shaman's tent.

Those who wish can listen to lectures on geology, archeology, history, shamanism, culture and ethnography of Taimyr. The most unique exhibits of the museum are Nganasan cult objects, shaman's helper spirits, shaman's crowns.

The owner of the base - Oleg Krashevsky is recognized by the Nganasans and part of the Dolgans of Taimyr as a Russian White shaman and he has the Nganasan name Syrai Kou Nyaya which means White spirit man. Thanks to this recognition he managed to collect objects of the shamanic cult, which have no analogues.

In all routes, tourists are accompanied by experienced huntsmen who know the area well and have experience working with tourists. The number of huntsmen accompanying the group depending on the size of the group is from 1 to 5. If the group is very different in terms of physical form it is divided into two or more smaller groups each of which is accompanied by a huntsman. All rangers have walkie-talkies and are in constant contact both with each other and with the base.

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The Putorana Plateau remains in the hearts of those who have visited this place at least once. It is an indescribable feeling to visit the shores of the purest deep lakes, see glaciers on mountain ridges, inhale the aroma of the taiga and catch splashes of waterfalls of incredible beauty and height. It is here within the Putorana State Nature Reserve that priceless fragments of the natural world of Central Siberia have been preserved.

What's Included:

  • booking and accommodation in the hotel "Norilsk", in double rooms
  • meeting and seeing off at Norilsk airport
  • transfers according to the program
  • accommodation at the base "Bunisyak" in 3-5-bed rooms
  • work of accompanying rangers and instructors, 8 hours a day
  • meals according to the program, except meals in cafes and restaurants in the city of Norilsk
  • all listed excursion routes
  • sauna - twice per trip for 2 hours.

What's not included:

  • air flight to the city of Norilsk and back
  • meals in cafes and restaurants of the city of Norilsk and Alykel airport
  • alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks (for the entire duration of the tour)
  • use of satellite communications for personal purposes
  • voluntary medical insurance (including those providing for medical and transport services)
  • overtime hours of the guides
  • tips for guides and base staff
  • sauna, more than 4 hours provided by the program
  • other services not accepted by prior agreement
  • clients wishing to stay in the Norilsk Hotel in single rooms pay an additional 7000 rubles
  • clients wishing to stay at the base Bunisyak in double rooms, pay extra 6000 rubles
  • clients wishing to stay at the Bunisyak base alone in double rooms pay extra 21000 rubles
  • The tourist must comply:
  • The main provisions of the safety briefing.
  • Follow the order of the huntsman - the leader of the group on the entire route.
  • People in a state of intoxication are not allowed to routes, trips on motor boats and boats.
  • Jaegers - group leaders, have the right to remove the tourist from the route and from the tour, in case of gross or repeated violation of safety regulations.
  • Recommended Gear:
  • 1. Backpack or travel bag
  • 2. Thermal underwear or its equivalent
  • 3. Several pairs of simple gloves for rock climbing
  • 4. Socks 2-3 pairs
  • 5. Tracksuit
  • 6. Storm Suit
  • 7. Warm jacket
  • 8. Polartec jacket
  • 9. Rain cape
  • 10. Wader boots are a must
  • 11. Replaceable shoes (sneakers, sandals)
  • 12. T-shirts (shirt)
  • 13. Baseball cap
  • 14. Sports hat
  • 15. Sunglasses
  • 16. Mosquito net
  • 17. Mosquito repellants
  • 18. Knife
  • 19. Trekking boots
  • 20. Photo and video equipment with chargers (optional)
  • 21. Fishing tackle (optional)
  • 22. Personal care

(Saturday) Norilsk – Lama lake. Meeting at Alykel airport and transfer to Norilsk. In Norilsk, we will first stop by a cafe for breakfast and a store if necessary. Next, we will go to the pier. Delivery to Lake Lama is carried out on KS-100 boats. The ships have spacious cabins with a capacity of 10-12 seats and on the deck one can take a closer look at the surrounding landscape.

The length of the water route is 165 km (6-7 hours sail depending on the weather). The boat trip is very entertaining and educational. You will see the entire transition from the valley, lowland forest-tundra to the northern taiga in the heart of the Putorana plateau. At the beginning of the route, in the floodplain of the calm Norilka river there are light forests along the banks, interspersed with a large number of small lakes with swamped spots. Then follows the entrance to the winding Talaya River with a fast current and steep banks - this is one of the favorite rest place of Norilsk people. We have to go through three picturesque riffles and we will find ourselves in Melkoe Lake, which lives up to its name. There are many picturesque islands on it and it is very difficult to approach its coast because of the shallows. Its shores overgrown with forest-tundra interspersed with northern taiga are unusually picturesque. Mountains, spurs of the Putorana Plateau are visible from all sides. Mountain valleys formed by lakes Glubokoe and Lama are visible.

Then we will enter the Lama River which flows from the lake of the same name. In fact it’s not a river but a spill between two lakes in which there is almost no current, where there are many islands, shoals and channels. Maneuvering between all of them we will finally reach Lama Lake. The lake in its western part goes into a valley with gentle, swampy, shallow shores, overgrown with forest tundra. According to legend somewhere here once in ancient times there was one of the capitals of Atlantis.

After a few kilometers the landscape changes. The lake is surrounded on all sides by mountains with terraces typical of the Putorana Plateau. At first they are relatively low, sprawling and waterfalls are rare but the farther we go along the lake the higher, steeper and more impregnable they become. Waterfalls begin to appear breaking down from the mountain terraces. The shores are covered with northern taiga consisting of larch, spruce, birch, with a dense undergrowth of alder. Due to the remoteness these places are rarely visited by anyone except us and our guests. The mountains here are 1000-1200 meters high. They tightly surround the lake from all sides with impregnable walls, indented with small canyons and steep stream valleys, each of which carries a cascade of waterfalls. There are hundreds of them, and their roar especially after the rains constantly rises above the lake valley. Only a few river valleys break through the continuous wall of mountains in the eastern part of Lake Lama. Spruces and birches almost disappear along the banks. This is a typical landscape of the central part of the Putorana Plateau.

Arrival at the Bunisyak base located at the most remote, eastern end of Lama Lake. The base is located in a dense larch forest not far from the mouth of the Vekhikai River. Accommodation will be in a comfortable guest house. Dinner and free time.

Those who wish can go fishing from the shore, or rent a motor boat for fishing. You can also take a walk in the nearby forest.


(Sunday) Excursion route "Weeping rocks". Breakfast and departure by motorboat to the Weeping Rocks (2.5 km from the base). This is a unique place, the only one on all Norilsk lakes. Here, steep 12-15 meters high cliffs vertically go into the lake to a depth of 20-25 meters. Several streams run down the rocks, the biggest of which form beautiful waterfalls falling right into the lake. In the morning hours, in sunny weather, in the scattering spray of one of the waterfalls there is a bright rainbow and we can get very close to it.

Smaller streams flow along the rocky cliffs, dripping from the ledges. It seems that the rocks are "weeping". This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on all Putorana. We will land on the shore and accompanied by rangers we will start climbing along the stream flowing into the lake next to the Weeping Rocks above which there is a flat platform secluded from prying eyes. This is one of the places where shamanic mysteries once took place. However, little has survived since then...

Soon we will see the first 25-meter high waterfall located 800 meters from the shore of the lake to which we will climb along a wide stone channel. Among the stones, sometimes there are huge fragments of slabs one side of which is perfectly evenly polished by unknown, ancient peoples who lived here long time ago.

We will climb above the waterfall to the observation deck from where a magnificent, panoramic view of Lama Lake opens. Above, 300 meters away, in a magnificent canyon there are two more waterfalls about 10 and 30 meters high.

We will climb along the canyon along its eastern edge and come to a fork in the stream. Both of its channels are amazingly beautiful cascades of waterfalls descending from a magnificent circus the rocks of which break off a plateau at an altitude of about 800 meters. In small ravines on the slope of the cirque there are several glaciers from which streams originate. Once this circus was a colossal energy reflector similar to those in Tibet. On both sides, the circus is limited by two pyramidal structures 600-700 meters high. Sometimes, when the fog covers the mountains they mysteriously appear in it in their entire splendor.

We will climb along the eastern channel to reach the plateau. The ascent here is quite difficult and is available only to physically prepared people. Those who cannot afford it can stay and inspect the waterfalls, admire the scenery or if desired begin the descent back to the lake.

An unforgettable view of the eastern tip of Lake Lama, the valleys of the Bunisyak and Talaya rivers opens up from the edge of the plateau. We will have a walk along the edge of the plateau above the circus (3-4 km). Camping snack, tea from thermoses, sandwiches, sweets.

Return back. We will go out to the shore of the lake and walking along it we will finally reach the base. We will have a full dinner with national Dolgan and Nganasan dishes. Rest, bath (optional).

The total length of the route is about 15 km. Travel time is from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the preparedness of the group, accompanied by rangers.


(Monday) Excursion route "Along the valley of the Vekhtkay river". Breakfast and hike to the picturesque canyon cut by Vekhikay river (1.5 km from the base). We will need to climb along the channel to the mouth of the first right tributary where we will start climbing up along it. From here you can see a magnificent view of the cascades of the waterfalls of the left tributaries of the Vekhikay. Camping snack, tea from thermoses, sandwiches, sweets.

We will hike to the cascade of waterfalls. We will rise higher and go to the observation deck from where a picturesque view of the surroundings opens. Return to base. Dinner with national Dolgan and Nganasan dishes. Rest, bath (optional).

The total length of the route is about 15 km. Travel time is from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the preparedness of the group, accompanied by rangers.


(Tuesday) Excursion route "Ascent to the plateau above the Idol". Today we will climb the mountain. We will take a motorboat to the edge of a high terrace at the base of the mountain. Then we will go up to the terrace and go deep into it.

It is here that the unique Evenk idol is located which gave the route its name. The idol was carved from wood at least 200 years ago. It was installed at the place of shamanism. There are wooden signs next to it. It is possible that there was something else nearby but a fire that occurred about a hundred years ago destroyed it. The idol itself was burned but withstood the fight with fire. We will ask the idol for good weather and a good route, and will begin a smooth ascent along the forested terraces from where beautiful views of Lama Lake open up.

Then the climb becomes more difficult. It is necessary to go along the big sharp stones. But the climb is worth all your efforts. Finally the Putorana Plateau will appear! Unearthly, space landscapes. Plateau extending to infinity. The perception of the environment is completely different here. From below it seems that the Lama lake is surrounded by separate mountains. And from above it becomes clear that the lake valley is a colossal tectonic fault at the bottom of which there is Lake Lama which no longer seems so big from here.

Camping snack, tea from thermoses, sandwiches, sweets. Next we will have a walk along the plateau edge. Return back. Full dinner, rest, sauna (optional).

The total length of the route is about 17 km. Travel time is from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the preparedness of the group, accompanied by rangers.


(Wednesday) Excursion route "Pioneer". The Pioneer route got its name because of its simplicity and accessibility. Usually we plan it after a difficult climb on a plateau. Its total length is about 10 kilometers. Travel time is from 5 to 7 hours, depending on the preparedness of the group.

On a motor boat we will go ashore opposite the mouth of the Bucharama River (about 7 km from the base). Here we will visit a local landmark - the house of the geologist Urvantsev - the discoverer of the Norilsk deposit of polymetallic ores. He built it in the 1930s intending to stay on Lama lake for the winter.

Further, along a vast, slightly swampy plain, we will go to the edge of the terraces, where a smooth ascent begins. The higher you go the more majestic view opens in front of you. We will exit to the valley of a small stream and then move along it. On the way we will examine a very rare and unusual highly twisted tree. Higher along the stream we will get to the cascades of waterfalls. They are not very tall but very beautiful. Since the waterfalls are not high our guests like to bathe under them.

We will climb higher along the stream, pass some more spectacular waterfalls and come up along a large gorge to the middle of the slope. Here the stream cuts through a very nice, narrow canyon with waterfalls in its upper part. Even in the middle of summer, there are remains of a huge winter ice that floods the canyon in winter. The ice melts only in August. Camping snack, fire, tea, sandwiches, sweets.

We return to the shore of the lake by a different route and reach the base on the boats. A full dinner with the first course will be waiting for us. Rest, sauna (optional).


(Thursday) Excursion route "Up the Khoisi River". The total length of this route is from 15 to 25 km, at the request of the group. Travel time is 6-8 hours, depending on the preparedness of the group, accompanied by rangers. The first part of the route passes along the terraces of the Hoisi River. We will go to the great canyon of Hoisi, which stretches for several kilometers. The height of the rock walls here reaches 15-20 meters. Camping snack, fire, tea, sandwiches, sweets.

Walk through the canyon and back along your own trail. A full dinner with the first course. Rest, sauna (optional). Those who wish can go fishing from the shore, or rent a motor boat for fishing. You can take a walk in the nearby forest.


(Friday) Excursion route "Lama Lake". The trip is carried out on a high-speed motor boat Kazanka-2M. The total length of the water route is about 95 km, about 11 km on foot. We have to drive along the picturesque southern shore of the lake to the mouth of the Neralakh River (38 km from the base).

1.5 km from the lake along the river there is a very beautiful canyon. There is a large, very spectacular waterfall and you can get very close to it. This place is famous for a large number of mushrooms. Camping snack, fire, tea, sandwiches, sweets.

We will cross the lake and reach the isthmus between lakes Lama and Kapchug. Lake Kapchug is smaller than Lake Lama, its length is 12 km, width is from 1 to 3 km. The isthmus between the lakes is only 400 meters wide. It offers a picturesque view of both lakes.

Return to the base and a full dinner. Rest, bath (optional). In the evening it is possible to visit the sacred 12-turn labyrinth, located 500 meters from the base. It was built by visiting Magi - friends of the owner of the base. The labyrinth was built in compliance with ancient traditions dating back to the traditions of Hyperborea - Oriadne. Interestingly, at the time of construction, no such labyrinths were found. But a year later, exactly the same labyrinth was discovered on one of the islands of the Solovetsky archipelago. A meaningful passage of the labyrinth helps to get rid of various life and health problems.

Further along the coast, there is a traditional Slavic temple and a sacred grove. We may see it and have a conversation about old Slavic traditions, Slavic magicians and shamans.


(Saturday) Departure to Norilsk. Breakfast and loading on the boat KS - 100D. In the middle of the road we will have a snack (hot tea from a thermos, sandwiches, sweets). Upon arrival, accommodation at the Norilsk hotel and dinner at the Norilsk restaurant. Accommodation in double rooms. Rest.


(Sunday) Excursion program around the city of Norilsk.. This is our reserve day in case of bad weather, but if everything goes well, we will have an excursion at the end of our trip. On this day, an excursion program around Norilsk is planned for the group:

9:00-10:00 – Breakfast.
10:00 - Gathering on the porch of the Norilsk hotel.
10:00-14:00 - Sightseeing tour of the city of Norilsk and the Norilsk Industrial District.

After 14:00 - Free time, purchase of souvenirs, fish and self-acquaintance with the city. Accommodation –" Norilsk" hotel. Meals – cafes or restaurants of the city. One guide for the group.


(Monday) Departure. Breakfast. Transfer to Alykel airport. Flight to Moscow.

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