Yurt tour in Kyzyl-Tuu - One day trip to Issyk-Kul lake
Yurt tour in Kyzyl-Tuu

One day trip to Issyk-Kul lake

Yurt tour in Kyzyl-Tuu
(One day trip to Issyk-Kul lake)

Yurt is an indispensable, unique and the best solution for nomad housing. It is easy to transport, it is quickly assembled and disassembled, there is no metal in it, everything is made from improvised means and most importantly it is one of the most environmentally friendly homes to date. Yes, now yurts are installed only for the summer season, but in fact they are comfortable to live in not only in the summer, but also in the winter, when the stove is noisy inside and it is snowing outside. The yurt as well can stand strong earthquakes and hurricanes.

Yurt is a national treasure of Kyrgyz people. Everything in the yurt was established according to ancient traditions and customs. The door of the yurt was always facing the East. The yurt was divided into male and female parts, and if guests came there was a special way people sat around the hearth.

In this tour you will learn what the yurt is made of, how it is assembled, how its elements are called, and such words as bosogo, uuk, zhabyk bash, kanat chiy and others will no longer be unfamiliar to you. You will find out how many years a yurt can serve in nomadic conditions, how many days it takes to make a yurt and how many sheep need to be sheared in order to make felt to cover it. You will see how decorations for a yurt are manually created and you can take part in their manufacture.

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    Intensity Level 1
    Season Summer
    Begins in Bishkek
    Ends in Bishkek
    Wildlife Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents, Snakes


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    This tour is dedicated to the manufacture of yurts. You will get acquainted with all its parts, their names and get to know what each part of it is made of. You will be able to participate in the process of making decorations for a yurt, you will learn a lot about the interior decoration of the Kyrgyz dwelling, about the nomad way of life and Kyrgyz traditions. You can try to install a yurt yourself and you will also have the opportunity to stop at the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul and swim on the return trip to the capital.

    What's Included:

    • Transport according to the program
    • Lunch at the house of local residents
    • Local guide in the village

    What's not included:

    • Any changes in the program
    • Alcohol beverages
    • Excursions not included in the program

    Bishkek - Kyzyl-Tuu village (250 km / 3 h). Gathering at the hotel of Asia Mountains. Departure from the city at 8 am. Today we will go to the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul and our day will be devoted to the Kyrgyz National House - a yurt. Just a 3-hour drive from the capital there is a village where almost all residents are engaged in the manufacture of yurts and decorative ornaments for them.

    You will be able to see the whole process of making yurts from beginning to end and also try to erect the yurt yourself. Usually skilled people set up a yurt in just 1 hour and in 2014 at the World Nomad Games Kyrgyz team set a record and put a yurt together in just 17 minutes. If time permits, you can also drive to the lake and swim in the blue waters of Issyk-Kul. By evening the car will take you back to Bishkek.

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