Kegety gorge  - Hiking to Kol-Tor lake
Kegety gorge

Hiking to Kol-Tor lake

Kegety gorge
(Hiking to Kol-Tor lake)

We will pass Tokmok town and then after several turns, we will go towards the mountains. You are welcome to enjoy driving by picturesque meadows, where you can see peacefully grazing domestic animals and yurts. The gorge is becoming more and more picturesque.(удалить можно) The Kegety River with many tributaries flows along its bottom. The largest of them is the right tributary - Kol-Tor, which forms an independent very picturesque gorge. In the upper reaches of it, there is a lake located at an altitude of 2,725 meters with changing colors water depending on the weather and lighting, from pale turquoise to steel gray.

In the main Kegety Gorge you can admire the beautiful 20-meter waterfall, which is only 100 meters from the road. Its cold sparkling streams will refresh the most heated traveler. If you drive further along the road, then you will see the second major tributary of the Kegety River - At-Jailoo, located 11 kilometers from the forest district. The gorge of At-Jailoo forms a wonderful area, known for its now abandoned mines. There are many mammals, various species of birds, among which are predators such as falcons, golden eagles, gyrfalcons in the Kegety Gorge.

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  • Trip details

    Intensity Level 2
    Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
    Begins in Bishkek
    Ends in Bishkek
    Airport Аэропорт Манас (FRU)
    Airport out Airport Manas (FRU)
    Wildlife Mountain goats, Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents, Foxes


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    The mountain Kol-Tor lake is located 86 kilometers away from Bishkek on the northern slopes of the Kyrgyz Range at an altitude of 2,725 meters above sea level. Here you can enjoy walks in the fir forest and continuous thickets of mountain ash, honeysuckle, dog rose, raspberry and barberry which are later replaced by juniper shrubs and alpine meadows. The lake itself was formed as a result of an earthquake, and the lake is of a damming type. The water in the lake has a beautiful turquoise color. The water temperature is not suitable for swimming, as it is rather cool. In summer it warms up to 5 degrees. Walking route to the lake is about 8 kilometers one way. The path will take about 3-5 hours.

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    • Transfer
    • Guide

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    • Personal expenses
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Any changes to the program
    • Other excursions not included in the program
    • Insurance

    One day trip. After arriving at the guest house in the Kol-Tor Gorge, we will start hiking to the lake, first along the road and then along the well-marked path through the fir forest. In some places it will be crossed with small streams. Then the ascent will become steeper. We have three steep parts. The last one is onto the lake moraine. Interestingly, the drainage of water from Kol-Tor Lake occurs directly through the moraine, bursting out at the foot. Finally, we will reach its top. In good weather we will see a magnificent panorama of the lake, like a precious stone in the rim of the mountains.

    Three kilometers above the lake are moraines and large Kol-Tor and Anastasia glaciers, clearly visible from the lake. You can get into the neighboring Tuyuk-Shamsinskiy and Kegety gorges over the passes located there. You can walk around the lake, taking beautiful pictures. Today we have overcome almost one kilometer of the drop. So, we will have a good rest, eat and move down.


    8:00 Departure from Bishkek.

    9:30 Arrival at the place.

    9:45 Start of hiking.

    13:45-14:00 Arrival to the lake.

    14:00-15:00 Picnic, walking along the lake.

    17:00-18:00 Descent to the vehicle. Departure.

    In case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the time spent on the route can be reduced.

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