Trip to Manjyly-Ata sacred springs  - Yoga tour to Issyk-Kul lake
Trip to Manjyly-Ata sacred springs

Yoga tour to Issyk-Kul lake

Trip to Manjyly-Ata sacred springs
(Yoga tour to Issyk-Kul lake)

On the southern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul in the Ton Gulf, there is a valley of Manjyly-Ata sacred springs. Its name is associated with the nickname of the seer who spread and preached Islam. The tomb of the great seer is still preserved in the valley and you can also find Buddhist inscriptions, the ruins of medieval buildings and ancient cave paintings here.

Each spring here has its own name (Manjyly-Ata, Bugu-Ene, Ilim, Aziz-Bulagy, Bala, Family spring and others) and each of them has its own healing properties, which according to people helped them get rid of family problems, infertility, nervous disorders and after visiting which some have improved vision and general condition.

Pilgrimages here are made by healers, explorers of anomalous zones of the earth, Buddhist followers and people who are eager for get relief from health problems.

Our guide will conduct a yoga course for you which will also help you feel spiritual unity with the world, with nature and with yourself. You will receive a boost of positive energy, take a break from the noise and stuffiness of the capital and also get the opportunity to come to terms with yourself and be healed. Locals say the Manjyly Valley is a place where dreams come true.

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    Intensity Level 1
    Season Summer
    Begins in Bishkek
    Ends in Bishkek
    Wildlife Birds, Predator birds, Rodents


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    On this tour you can make a pilgrimage to the sacred springs of Manjyly-Ata which are famous for their properties and where people go to recover from illnesses - liver and vision diseases, infertility, nervous disorders and cardiovascular diseases. You can get a boost of positive energy, drink healing water and conduct a yoga course that will help you free yourself from unpleasant thoughts and relax.

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    • Transport according to the program
    • Entry tickets
    • Guide

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    • Any changes in the program
    • Alcohol beverages
    • Excursions not included in the program
    • Meals - lunch

    Bishkek - Manjyly-Ata (270 km / 3.5 h). Gathering at the Asia Mountains hotel and departure from the city at 8 in the morning. Our path will lie to the East to the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Today we will visit the valley of the sacred springs of Manjyly-Ata.

    The valley is a maze of shallow gorges between clay steppe hills and many springs could be found here. Each spring is considered to be healing. In the Manjyly gorge there are 8 sacred willows at the roots of which there are 12 main and 5 additional healing springs. Water comes out of the ground and seeps into it again. Each spring has its own name, specific taste and cure for various diseases.

    Here we will spend most of the day enjoying the silence of this place and saying prayers. Your guide will also conduct a yoga course with you which will make you relax and clean your mind.

    Closer to the evening the car will take you back to the Bishkek.

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