Konorchek Canyons  - One day trip in Kyrgyzstan
Konorchek Canyons

One day trip in Kyrgyzstan

Konorchek Canyons
(One day trip in Kyrgyzstan)

We want to offer you a wonderful active tour very close to Bishkek. On this tour you will not only take a walk along the famous canyons of Konorchek, but also have rafting on the mountain Chon-Kemin river.

Konorchek canyons occupy a vast territory and look like a collection of castles, spiers, skyscrapers and high red walls. Some branches even have their own names here: Rock Castle which is 300 meters high with high battlements at the top, Grand Canyon, Bobsleigh Canyon and others. Created in millions of years by the erosion these canyon threads resemble the ruins of an ancient city.

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Available Dates

  • April 2024 | 10 places Book
  • May 2024 | 10 places Book
  • June 2024 | 10 places Book
  • July 2024 | 10 places Book
  • Individual dates also available
  • Trip details

    Intensity Level 1
    Season Summer
    Begins in Bishkek
    Ends in Bishkek
    Wildlife Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents, Snakes


    Great for Individuals Families Couples

    On this tour, you will be able to raise your physical shape by taking a walk through the red canyons. In general the walk takes 4-5 hours. You will see the amazing structure of red labyrinths that nature has formed for millions of years with water, wind and the sun.

    What's Included:

    • Transport according to the program

    What's not included:

    • Any changes to the program
    • Alcohol beverages
    • Meal - lunch box
    • Excursions not included in the program
    • Trip Guide

    Bishkek - Konorchek Canyons (150 km / 2.5 h). Gathering at the hotel of Asia Mountains. Today you will go for a trip to the famous canyons of Konorchek. If you have not been to these canyons you should definitely visit them! This is a unique place where after a 3-hour walk you will find yourself in amazing narrow cliffs of red clay that go up high; here you can climb up and admire the panorama of canyons and you can stroll along the winding paths between the red walls.

    After the hike the car will take you back to the city.

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