Kel-Suu - high-mountain lake in the southern part of Ak-Sai valley

Kel-Suu - high-mountain lake in the southern part of Ak-Sai valley. Alpine lake Kel-Suu is located in the southern part of the Ak-Sai Valley at an altitude of 3,514 meters above sea level. The lake attracts tourists from all over the world by its unspoiled beauty, surrounded by sheer cliffs and having emerald green waters. Since the lake is located near the Kyrgyz-Chinese border, you need to have a border pass.

The name of the lake is translated as “incoming water” and for a reason, because the lake tends to disappear and then be filled again. The way to the lake is rather swamped and the lake can only be reached by a well-prepared off-road vehicle.

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