Ala-Archa - gorge in the Kyrgyz ridge, National park

Ala-Archa - gorge in the Kyrgyz ridge, National park. Ala-Archa gorge is one of the most famous sights of Kyrgyzstan. The Ala-Archa gorge is located in the Chui region and is a national park. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists both local and foreign visit this alpine gorge. There are several reasons for such a popularity. Firstly, the Ala-Archa gorge is only 40 kilometers far from Bishkek and therefore it is very easy to get here and there is all the necessary tourist infrastructure: a good asphalt road, shops, hotels, cafes, and places for recreation.

Secondly, the Ala-Archa gorge has its own geographical features - it is located on the central and highest part of the Kyrgyz Range - the second longest range in Tien-Shan. Numerous paths to the highest peaks of the Kyrgyz Range begin here.

Ala-Archa is famous for its unspoiled nature: extensive spruce forests, birch groves, numerous springs with clear glacial water and mighty rocks.

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