Adventures lead to Armenia - Extreme tourism in Armenia
Adventures lead to Armenia

Extreme tourism in Armenia

Adventures lead to Armenia
(Extreme tourism in Armenia)

Wherever you go in Armenia, you will see lush forests, green landscapes, waterfalls, crystal clear streams, valleys, mountains and landscapes of amazing beauty. Here you can break away from reality and enjoy your vacation 100%. The view of Mount Ararat is one of the favorites for Armenians. Although the mountain is no longer on the territory of the country, it is considered one of the symbols of Armenia. In clear weather, Ararat is clearly visible from Yerevan and other regions around it.

Lake Sevan, which you will definitely visit, is one of the most stunning natural wonders of Armenia, and it is one of the main reasons to visit Armenia. The mountain lake of amazing beauty is located at an altitude of 1905 meters above sea level. This amazing fresh water reservoir is one of the world's largest alpine lakes. This is the perfect place to take a dip on a hot summer day. But swimming is not the only thing to do on the lake. For example, we will definitely take a boat ride, and also visit the Sevanavank Monastery, from where there is a breathtaking view of the crystal clear blue lake.

Other activities you will be able to do on this tour are: zip-lining, rock climbing, visiting the ropes park, river rafting, raft sliding and jumping into the fast river water and off-road driving on hilly roads.

It's a sin not to mention Armenian cuisine. The dishes here are varied and tasty due to the use of a large number of spices and herbs that give the food a special taste and aroma. Here you can find delicious dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, meat, fruits and other ingredients. Armenians love delicious food. And we are sure you too :) Therefore, when traveling around this wonderful country, be sure to try such dishes as: khorovats (barbecue), dolma, harissa, spas, gapama, kyufta and others.

Armenia has a unique culture, unique natural landscapes and we are always happy to show you the very essence of the country. Come with us, you won't regret it!

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Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Summer, Autumn, Spring
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek


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Armenia is undoubtedly rich in historical sights, amazing architectural monuments and unique works of medieval architecture. But this time we invite you to diversify your cultural tour by hiking, ziplining, climbing cliffs, river rafting, driving an off-road vehicle on hilly roads and doing other amazing activities.

What's Included:

  • Accommodation in 3* hotels (7 nights)
  • Transport services, including transfer from and to the airport
  • Meals - breakfasts
  • Excursions according to the program
  • Services of a professional guide
  • Bottled water and buns during excursions
  • Entrance fees to cultural and historical centers
  • All entertainment
  • Wi-Fi in transport
  • Master classes and tastings

What's not included:

  • Air tickets
  • Meals (lunches and dinners)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Single occupancy
  • Additional services and excursions
  • Personal expenses

Arrival. Meeting at the airport and transferring to the hotel. Free evening in Yerevan.


Yerevan - Khor Virap - Noravank - Jermuk - Jeep tour - Goris. After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to the majestic Khor Virap Monastery. Our adventures take us to the Areni winery for a tasting of wines that are famous not only in Armenia but far beyond its borders. Along the hilly roads we will drive further to reach the Noravank Monastery towering among the rocks where we can see the Bezoar goats listed in the book of endangered species.

Our next stop will be in the city of Jermuk - the source of health and youth. Here we will visit the drinking gallery with different sources of mineral water and the Jermuk waterfall. Our final point for today will be Goris or as people call it Armenian Copenhagen. A city with red tiled houses, old streets and colorful people. Overnight at the hotel.

The duration of the tour is 10-11 hours.


Goris - Cableway "Wings of Tatev" - Tatev Monastery - Devil's Bridge - Dilijan. After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we will continue to explore the beauties of the north of Armenia. Today we are in for a real adventure. On the cable car "Wings of Tatev'' we will rise above the gorge to the monastery of Tatev, which is the hallmark of Armenia. The medieval monastery proudly standing over the abyss keeps many secrets. Looking down, it seems that you are floating; hence its name comes from this feeling, and literally the name is translated as "Give Wings."

In the Arsnadzor gorge, right above the mountain ridge, a sentinel post has been preserved - the third in a chain of signal towers that were once created in case of an enemy attack. From here there is a stunning view of the gorge and mountains. After that we will get to the Devil's Bridge where with the help of special equipment we will get down exploring this unique place along the way where for thousands of years water and wind have created a miracle of nature, grinding and cutting through the frozen lava. The ultimate goal of our day today is the city of Dilijan. Arrival in the city and overnight at the hotel.

The duration of the tour is 10-11 hours.


Dilijan - Lake Sevan - Haghartsin Monastery - Goshavank Monastery - Dilijan. Our tour today will start at 10:00. Today we are driving to the blue miracle of Armenia - the largest of the lakes of the Caucasus - Lake Sevan hidden among the high mountains. We will have the opportunity to enjoy its beauty during a boat tour. Sevanavank - a monastery built in the 10th century, which has seen many wars, will offer you a wonderful view of the lake. Next we have to look at:

Haghartsin Monastery - a unique white stone monastery in the middle of a wooded valley.

Goshavank Monastery - a spiritual and educational temple hidden in the forests bearing the name of the outstanding thinker Mkhitar Gosh. His collection of the feudal law of Armenia was used later not only in Armenia but also in Russia, Poland, Georgia and India.

The beauty of Dilijan is indescribable, you just have to come here and see these mountain forests for yourself. Return to Yerevan. Overnight at the hotel.


Dilijan - Yenokavan - Zipline - Off-road tour - Rock climbing - Rope park - Haghpat village. Today we will head to Yenokavan village, where we will have a day full of adventures. The first thing we will take part in is riding a zip-line. After that, under the guidance of an instructor we will try to overcome the rocks that rise above the gorge. Then things get even more complicated. We have to deal with the traps of the rope park, after which rock climbing will seem like a mere trifle. The next goal is an off-road tour on hilly roads in a specially designed truck. Such a journey will allow you to enjoy the fresh air and wonderful nature that will accompany you all the way. The final adventure for today will be a horse ride through the park.

The duration of the tour is 7-8 hours.


Haghpat village - Haghpat Monastery - Sanahin Monastery - Mendz Er Cave - Odzun. The Lori region is rich in history and many of its sights are located in the most obscure places. Odzun is the largest village in Lori, located almost on the edge of the Debed gorge. The pearl of the village is the Odzun Church - one of the earliest Christian churches in Armenia. Sanahin Monastery and Haghpat Monastery are attractions not only in the Lori region but throughout Armenia due to their architectural and spiritual values ​​and heritage.

They are both located on a plateau and are about 15 km apart. The monasteries are a mixture of Byzantine ecclesiastical and Caucasian traditional architecture from the 10th-13th centuries. Both monasteries are charming and are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After that, we will reach the MendzEr cave which was once the habitat of a prehistoric man, and later turned into a shelter. Now goats live in it.

The duration of the tour is 8-9 hours.


Haghpat village - Dsegh - Rafting - Jumping - Sliding - Yerevan. Today we will have a water day. Such a last day in Armenia will definitely remain in your memory and make you visit it again. Rafting will be held on the Debet River. After the briefing, we will put on special equipment and begin our adventure - we will go on an exciting journey along the Debet River. After rafting, you will have fun raft sliding and jumping, which involves jumping into the river from a small bridge. A full day of activities will give you many impressions and become one of the best memories of your life. In the evening we will return to the capital. Overnight at the hotel.


Departure. Today the car will take you to the airport for your flight home.

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