TURQUOISE DOMES OF UZBEKISTAN - Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva

Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva

(Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva)

The Great Silk Road left a great variety of architectural monuments, ancient cities in Central Asia; a culture that played a big role in shaping the image of modern Uzbekistan - its blue domes, magnificent mosques, madrasahs, streets of the old parts of the cities - all this carries a rich history and the culture of the peoples of Asia.

Legends and stories of elders, tart taste and aroma of oriental spices, noise and colors of city bazaars, workshops of hereditary artisans who not only preserved but also increased the cultural heritage of their country are waiting for you.

You will visit a factory for the production of world-famous silk carpets, a center for the production of silk paper, an atelier for the production of puppet dolls and even visit an ordinary small Uzbek village where you can get to know and see the life of local residents, their way of life and a leisurely rhythm that allows them enjoy every day without stress and rush with which the life of urban dwellers is filled.

Forget about the problems, take a week off your job and visit with us a unique, hospitable, colorful Uzbekistan which will open its doors and let you into an interesting world filled with vivid impressions, incredible memories, “delicious” photographs and a unique oriental flavor.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season All season
Begins in Tashkent
Ends in Tashkent


Great for Couples Individuals Families

On this tour you will find the splendor of centuries-old architectural monuments, majestic madrasahs, austere squares, amazingly beautiful mosques, workshops where jewelry, pottery, carpentry and many other products are made by hand. You can take part in culinary and craft master classes, taste delicious dishes of national cuisine, plunge into the oriental flavor of noisy bazaars and take colorful photos of amazing and extraordinary Uzbekistan.

What's Included:

  • hotel accommodation in double/ twin standard rooms;
  • meals: breakfasts in hotels (including the day of arrival) and lunches according to the program;
  • comfortable transport for all transfers according to the program;
  • accompanying guide along the entire route;
  • entrance tickets to attractions indicated in the program;
  • mineral water - 1l per person per day;
  • memorable souvenirs;

What's not included:

  • meals: dinners (from 15$ per dinner per person);
  • expenses for photography and video in museums and other places where fees are charged;
  • personal insurance;
  • international fligths;
  • single supplement - $ 300
  • early arrival on day 1 – 90$ per person
  • Tashkent – Urgench flight from 80$ per person
  • price may be changed.

Tashkent. Arrival at Tashkent airport in the morning. Meeting with the guide, transfer to the hotel. Check-in to the rooms no earlier than 14:00. You can leave your luggage and go on an excursion. On this day you can visit and see:

“Khast-Imam (Khazrati Imam)” square - a Muslim religious center in the old part of the city; "Independence" Square and "Theater Square"; Monumental "Courage" complex dedicated to the strongest earthquake in 1966; Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan which was built at the end of the 19th century by local artisans and is located in the former residence of the Russian diplomat Polovtsev; See the most beautiful stations of the Tashkent metro; Visit the ceramic workshop of Akbar Rakhimov - a hereditary ceramist who continued family traditions and works either in the style of polished ceramics of the Kushan era or in the style of blue Temurid ceramics, experimenting in the recreation of Tashkent carved ceramics of the 5th century, creating a series of works based on the Kashgari style.

We will have lunch at a city restaurant where the main dish of our dostarkhan will be shashlik - one of the most popular meat dishes in Uzbekistan. Overnight at the hotel.


Tashkent - Samarkand . Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to Samarkand (~ 300km / 4-5h.). Upon arrival, we will check in at the hotel and have lunch. Excursion in Samarkand will include:

First, you will visit Registan Square - the most famous and beautiful square in Central Asia. The square is surrounded by three madrasahs: Ulugbek madrasah (XVI century), Sher-Dor madrasah (XVII century) and Tilla-Kari (XVII century). Then you will see the Bibi-Khanym mosque (15th century) named after Timur's eldest wife where you will hear one of the most beautiful legends of the East.

You will walk along the main pedestrian street of the old city - along the Tashkent Street and will come to one of the busiest places in Samarkand - to the Siab bazaar. At the end of the tour you will visit a silk carpet factory. Overnight at the hotel.


Samarkand. Breakfast at the hotel and continuation of the excursion around Samarkand:

Visit the tombs of the Timurid dynasty - the Gur-Emir mausoleum (15th century); Explore one of the most beautiful monuments of the city - the Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis (XI-XIX centuries); Explore the ruins of Ulugbek's observatory. Ulugbek is a great astronomer who back in the 15th century calculated the length of the year with such accuracy that his error was only 1.25 seconds; Then visit the Museum “Foundations of the City” - Afrosiab settlement and the center for the production of silk paper - “Meros”

Today for lunch you will taste a traditional, festive dish called "Jiz-byz" - this is a soft, roasted lamb meat. Overnight at the hotel.


Samarkand – Gijduvan – Naiman village – Bukhara (~300km/5-6h). Breakfast at the hotel.

Today we have to move to Bukhara through the small town of Gijduvan, which is famous for its pottery masters. You will have the opportunity to see and take part in the process of making various ceramics. The famous Nazrullaev family is famous all over the world for their skill which is passed down from generation to generation. By lunchtime, you will be expected in the village of Naiman. There you will have an opportunity to observe rural life and how the local people work on a daily basis. See how they till the soil, prepare livestock feed, make sour milk, and craft various traditional items by hand.

In one of the private houses together with a hospitable hostess you can cook the most popular Uzbek dishes such as pilaf, samsa (baked puff pastries with a unique aroma and taste of the East), chuchvara (local dumplings).

Upon arrival in Bukhara, accommodation at the hotel and rest.


Bukhara. Breakfast at the hotel.

The beginning of the city tour. Bukhara is the “Pearl of the East”, an oasis city located on the Great Silk Road in the valley of the Zarafshan River. The city has been a fertile oasis for many centuries as well as the largest center for trade and crafts. The unique products of the masters - jewelry, artistic embroidery, carpets and embossed products were sold all over the world with caravans of merchants.

You will start the excursion with a tour of the Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble which includes the Nodir Divan Begi madrasah, the Kukeldash madrasah and the Magoki Attori mosque (XII-XVI centuries); Take a walk under the trading domes of Toki Saraffon, Toki Telpak Furushon, Toki Zargaron where artisans - jewelers, miniaturists and others sell their products; Walk to the tea house which is located in the center of the old town, and where you will taste aromatic tea with various spices and traditional sweets; Visit Madrasah of Ulugbek (XV-XVI centuries); Madrasah of Abdulazizkhan (XVII century) and see the Poi-Kalyan complex (XII-XVI centuries) - the central architectural complex of Bukhara which is located at the Kalyan minaret and includes three structures of the XII-XVI centuries - the Kalyan mosque, the Kalyan minaret and the Miri madrasah Arab; You will pass to the Ark Fortress - a majestic citadel and the habitat of the rulers of Bukhara, a stronghold of power and might; Finally, visit a puppet shop.

Lunch will be at a family restaurant. This time you will have an original dish of meat and vegetables called "Navruz". The dish is baked in portioned dishes in the oven. Overnight at the hotel.


Bukhara. Breakfast at the hotel and continuation of the excursion around Bukhara. Today you will visit:

Mausoleum of the Samanids (X century) - the pearl of the architecture of Central Asia, the family tomb of the Samanid dynasty; See the Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub (X - XII centuries), inside which there is a source of healing water of St. Job (Ayub); Visit the Chor-Minor Mausoleum; Then you will visit the suburban monument of Bukhara - the summer residence of Emir Said Alimkhan "Sitorai Mokhi Khossa" which was the suburban residence of the Bukhara emirs.

For lunch, the first dish of today's dostarkhan will be the traditional Bukhara soup - Balaz. It is prepared with a special kind of peas. The second dish will be manti. The filling is minced meat. The main point of this dish is the thinnest dough with juicy filling hidden inside. Overnight at the hotel.


Bukhara - Khiva (480 km). Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will have a long drive to Khiva through the Kyzyl Kum desert. Upon arrival, accommodation at the hotel. Lunch on the way (or lunch boxes). Upon arrival in Khiva, accommodation at the hotel and rest.


Khiva. After breakfast, the city tour will start from Ichan Kale - an inner city surrounded by a fortress wall. You will visit and see:

Kunya Ark; Kalta Minor Minaret (XIX century); Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud (XIX-XX centuries); Madrasah and minaret of Islam Khoja (XX century); Madrasah of Muhammad Amin Khan (XX century); Juma Mosque; Harem Tash-Khauli; Underground baths; Covered bazaar

During the tour you will also visit wood carving workshops. You will taste hot Uzbek flatbread baked in a tandoor.

Lunch will be at a private home with a local family. The hostess of the house will give a master class on making traditional tukhum-barak pies which will be offered to you during lunch. The main dish today will be shivit oshi (Khorezm “spaghetti”). This is a traditional dish of the Khorezm region.

At 19:00 you will be transferred to Urgench airport for the flight to Tashkent, flight HY-58, at 21:10, arrival at 23:45. Meeting and transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


Tashkent. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight home. End of the program.

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