Climbing Belukha 4506 m - Adventures in Altai Mountains
Climbing Belukha 4506 m

Adventures in Altai Mountains

Climbing Belukha 4506 m
(Adventures in Altai Mountains)

Belukha (4509 m) is a sacred mountain for many Altai people. It is the highest point of Altai and Siberia. If you have the desire to climb this summit then you will have to overcome many kilometers of mountain trails, high passes and ice slopes.

The beauty of this place is impossible to describe in words. It must be seen and felt. Imagine yourself on the shore of a blue lake in a mountain valley, snow-rock giants rise around you, their slopes are covered with tall spruce trees. The air is so clear that you can hear the eagle soaring in the depths of the sky, and it's lonely call echoes in your heart.

At the foot of the great "Three-headed" as the locals call it there is an amazingly beautiful Akkem glacier which amazes with its scale, ice blocks and deep cracks.

According to the program we will make trekking to Lake Akkem from the "Glade of Three Birches" and further to the famous Tomskie Stoyanki. This will be acclimatization before climbing the mountain. Ice classes are waiting for you: detailed instructions on working in a group, on ice movement, on working with an ice tool.

As a bonus Altai will give you the most powerful energy. If you wish you can make radial hikes to the Yarlu gorge, to the valley of 7 lakes or to the lake of mountain spirits; feel the energy of the sacred places where according to many esotericists and according to Buddhist legends there is the entrance to the legendary kingdom of Shambhala.

Available Dates

  • summer 2024 | Book
  • Individual dates are available. Please contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 4
Season Summer


Great for Couples Individuals

The bright blue sky and snow-white peak - one of the highest peaks in Russia and the highest point of Altai and Siberia is waiting for you. It attracts climbers, because despite the fact that the Belukha Mountains is lower than Elbrus, the ascent to this peak is more difficult from a technical point of view. The conquest of a mountain peak is overcoming oneself, overcoming difficulties, fears; and also, an opportunity to see the amazing beauty of lakes, rivers, forests and waterfalls at the foot of the sacred mountain.

What's Included:

  • Meeting and seeing off at the airport in Moscow,
  • Meeting and seeing off at the airport in Barnaul,
  • Car drive Barnaul-Tungur-Barnaul,
  • All passes and permissions,
  • Hot meals 3 times a day in Tungur, BC "Akkem", during trekking and food on the ascent,
  • Russian bath – 2 times (in Tungur and Akkem base camp),
  • Double room accommodation in Tungur (days 1 and 12) and Barnaul (last night)
  • Accommodation in BC Akkem and on active trekking days - 1 tent for 2 people
  • Accommodation in Tomskie Stoyanki - mountain hut
  • Camping and kitchen equipment,
  • Guides for the trekking program,
  • Guides for climbing part (1 climbing guide for 3-4 people)
  • Registration in the rescued squad
  • All fees, border permits and registration

What's not included:

  • Excursions in Moscow are paid additionally depending on the option chosen
  • Air ticket from Moscow to Barnaul and back is paid separately depending on the tariff on the day of ticket purchase
  • Accommodation in Moscow hotels if needed
  • Personal equipment (some can be rented at the base in Tungur)
  • Meals not included in the program (days: 1, 13, 14)
  • Horses and horsemen for the goods carriage
  • Insurance ($30000 coverage)

Arrival. You can arrive in Moscow or Barnaul. Arrival option 1. Arrival in Moscow. Meeting at the airport. If the time allows, we suggest you to take a fascinating tour of the capital of the Russian Federation. Here are several options we may offer:

Option 1: Walking tour of Moscow city center: Red Square, followed by a short introduction to Moscow metro (1,5-2 hrs). You will see St.Basil’s cathedral (exterior), GUM mall , Kazan church, State History Museum and the Moscow metro (Revolution Square station).

Option 2: Guided tour of the most iconic streets and architecture with a private vehicle (3-3,5 hrs). Highlights: Red Square and St.Basil's Cathedral, Bolshoi Theatre and the Alexander Garden, the State Duma and Russian Govt buildings, Lubyanka Square with KGB HQ, the Russian State Library, Sparrow Hills, Moscow-City business district, Poklonnaya Hill, Victory Park, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Option 3: Moscow River Cruise on the amazing Radisson yacht (2,5 hrs). We will also be happy to provide you with an individual program of your choice. Evening flight from Moscow to Barnaul. Meals are on your own.

Arrival option 2. Arrival in Barnaul and transfer to Tungur. Arrival in Barnaul in the early morning. You will be met at the airport and transferred by a comfortable bus to the village of Tungur (altitude 850 m above sea level / 12 hour drive). Dinner will be at a local cafe. On request, we may organize a real Russian bath for you.

Meeting with a guide, briefing on the route, checking equipment (if you don’t have some of the things necessary for trekking, you can rent them here, you should inform us of it in advance). Accommodation on the tourist base.


Tungur - Polyana "Three Birches"- Base camp " Akkem". After breakfast, we will get into a cross-country vehicle (UAZ, GAZ-66) and begin our journey. First, we will climb the Kuzuyak pass (dirt road, 1513 m), and then we will go down to the Akkem gorge to a place called "Glade of three birches". This will be the starting point of our trekking. We will move towards Lake Akkem along a forest path. Today we have to reach the base camp which is located just below Lake Akkem. The camp is located in the forest and therefore there are no cold winds blowing from the glaciers. This will allow you to take a break from the trekking and gain strength for the next day. The instructors will give a short lecture on glacier safety. Accommodation in stationary tents or in a house (on request).

Trekking part - 22 km /7-10 hrs hike.


Tomskie Stoyanki. Today we have to climb 900 m. It won't be easy but the views will definitely give you strength. To begin with, we will approach the lake itself and cross the Akkem River along a shaky bridge. We will visit the chapel of St. Michael the Archangel and go to the glacier grotto. You will see a huge icefall; ice cracks and bulging blocks are amazing in their grandeur. We will climb the Akkem glacier and slowly walk to the famous Tomskie Stoyanki (3000 m). Overnight in the mountain hut.

Trekking part - 17 km.


Ice classes. This day will be devoted to preparation for the ascent. You will take ice classes on the "Arbuz" glacier, learn the rules for using the equipment, learn techniques for moving in crampons, and learn how to use an ice ax correctly. You can make an acclimatization hike to the Delone pass (3400 m). In the evening there is going to be dinner and rest; you must definitely gain strength for the next day.


Delone pass. After an early breakfast we will climb the Delone pass; it is necessary to overcome the ice-firn slopes with a steepness of 35-45 ° (length - 320 m) and descend back to Tomskie Stoyanki. Overnight in the mountain hut.


Rest day. This will be the day of rest and an additional day in case of bad weather.


Climbing the Delone pass. This day we have to climb the Delone Pass and further up to Delone Peak. Start will be at 3:00 am. We will have to install an assault camp. Overnight in tents.


Climbing the summit (4506 m). Under favorable weather conditions you will have a night trek (Start at 4:00 am.) to the top of the Main (East) Belukha (4506 m) on the top of which you should already be by dawn. An amazing panorama will open in front of you at the highest point of the Altai Mountains. You did it! You can be proud of yourself. We'll have a little rest at the top, will take a group photo and start our descent. Return to the assault camp on Delone Peak spur.

Trekking part - 8 km.


Tomsk Camp. The main thing is not to climb the mountain but to return safely. This is what we have to do today. We are going to descend to Tomsk Camp - Tomskie Stoyanki. Overnight in the mountain hut.


Base camp Akkem. We will go down to the Akkemskoye lake over the Delone pass, from which the camp is in a stone's throw. Praise yourself because you have become a little stronger, overcome your fears and made another dream come true. A hearty dinner and a sauna are waiting for you. We will wash off our fatigue and have a good rest.

Trekking part - 20 km.


Reserve day. We have this reserve day in case of bad weather. However, if everything goes well, and we make the ascent to the summit on the day planned, this day will remain in order to make radial hikes. And here are several options we have:

The hike to the Yarlu gorge, The hike to the Valley of 7 Lakes, The hike to the Lake of Mountain Spirits

The gorges and valleys of Lake Ak-Kem are considered to be the “places of power”; they have an increased energy which has been proven by experts more than once. And you will surely feel it. It is said that UFOs have been observed many times in the Yarlu gorge. And esotericists all over the world claim that the entrances to the mysterious land of Shambhala or as the Old Believers of Altai call it - Belovodye is located here. And people feeling cosmic energy come to the foot of the sacred mountain Belukha from all over the world to reunite with the universe and meditate. This radial hike of 6 km will take us about 3-4 h, height difference +/- 284 m.

The valley of 7 lakes ( Ak-Oyuk Valley), is situated on the left side of the Akkem valley. It is interesting for its lakes and "hanging" glaciers. The attractive thing is that each of the 7 lakes has different colors of water. Trekking part - 12 km / 4-5 h, height difference +/- 679 m.

Finally, the last radial hike that you can choose is a hike to the Lake of Mountain Spirits. On the right side of the upper part of the valley there is a very steep ascent to this famous lake, which served as a prototype for one of the most famous paintings of the same name of the famous Altai artist Choros-Gurkin. Trekking part - 14 km / 5-6 h, height difference +/- 518 m.


Leaving the Ak-Kem. On this day we will go down along the valley of the Ak-Kem river to the Polyana "Three Birches". We will cross numerous (as many as 16) side streams on the left slope of the valley. Upon arrival at the clearing, an army tent truck Gaz-66 will be waiting for us, which will take us back to the base over the Kuzuyak pass. We will stay at the hotel, have dinner in a cafe and even go to the Russian bath (optional).

Trekking part - 15 km


Tungur - Barnaul. After breakfast we will leave for Barnaul and check into a hotel. Evening will be free. Meals are on your own.


Flight to Moscow. Today the car will take you to the airport for a flight to Moscow, from where you can fly home. Meals are on your own.

*** If you wish, you can add days in Moscow. If you are interested, please contact the program manager.

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