By the northern side of Son-Kul lake - Horse riding trip to Son-Kul lake
By the northern side of Son-Kul lake

Horse riding trip to Son-Kul lake

By the northern side of Son-Kul lake
(Horse riding trip to Son-Kul lake)

Son-Kul is a lake of extraordinary beauty, hidden among the high mountains of the Tien Shan. It is impossible to take your eyes off the blue of the water surface, which reflects the heavenly blue and contrasts with the emerald color of the jailoo, high-altitude pastures painted with a flower carpet surrounding the lake. Glades of edelweiss are scattered under your feet as stars and drops of morning dew resemble crystal beads, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

It will be an amazing and exciting adventure. You will be like a great traveler of the Middle Ages; mountain passes, gorges and valleys are waiting for you where there are no man-made buildings except for the yurts of the shepherds which they erect every summer bringing herds of livestock (horses, cows, sheep and even yaks and camels) to graze in the summer months ... Once upon a time, caravans of merchants passed here and the cavalry of the great khans guarded the borders of immense possessions. To this day, in the local area you can find Chinese, Turgesh, Turkic coins, head adornments, buckles and arrowheads which were forgotten or lost during the existence of the Great Silk Road.

The greatness of the Tien Shan mountains takes your breath away, the space that opens up to the eyes of the traveler fascinates and brings a feeling of complete freedom which we all lack so much in our stuffy big cities. We invite you to forget about the hustle and bustle and leave the noisy streets, breathe in the fresh mountain air and finally plunge into the atmosphere of peace and quiet, beauty and grandeur of nature.

Available Dates

  • Jun 24 - Jul 03, 2024 | 8 places Book
  • Aug 19 - Aug 28, 2024 | 10 places Book
  • Sept 02 - Sept 11, 2024 | 10 places Book
  • Individual dates are also available.

Trip details

Intensity Level 2
Season Summer, Spring, Autumn
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek
Airport Airport Manas (FRU)
Airport out Airport Manas (FRU)
Wildlife Mountain goats, Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents, Yaks, Hares

Price: $ 1,100 (≥ 10 people)
≥ 8 people in the group: $ 1,250 per person
≥ 6 people in the group: $ 1,350 per person
≥ 4 people in the group: $ 1,500 per person

Great for Couples Individuals Families

The route of this trip passes on the northern shores of the high-mountainous Son-Kul lake. You have to conquer mountain passes on horseback, cross emerald-green jailoo, pass through gorges and walk along the very edge of the lake. Yurts of nomads, herds of horses, lambs and cows, vast expanses and flower carpets are waiting for you. In the summer months the high-mountainous harsh land turns into a fairy tale worthy the pages of the great writers of antiquity, and you have to read this book of the greatness and eternity of mighty nature.

What's Included:

  • All transfers in private car/bus
  • Entrance fees according to program
  • Accommodation in guest houses, hotels, yurts during the trek (4 people in one yurt)
  • Horses
  • Horse guides (1 horseman for 4 horses)
  • Full-board during the complete tour
  • English speaking guide
  • Shyrdak Show in Kochkorka village
  • Water – 1l per day per person

What's not included:

  • International airfares
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Personal insurance (obligatory)
  • Changes in the program
  • Excursions not included in the program
  • Tips for driver / guide and hotel personnel
  • Single supplement

Bishkek. Arrival at Bishkek airport is expected in the early morning. Reception at the airport by the local tour guide and drive to the hotel. In the afternoon city tour with a visit to the National Museum, the central square of the city "Ala-Too" with the changing of the guards, the Osh market and the historical complex Manas with Alley of Youth and Philharmonic Hall. Overnight at the hotel 3*.


Bishkek - Kyzart village (270 km / 5 h). After a delicious breakfast, drive to the village of Kyzart. This trip takes about 5 hours and takes you towards the Tien Shan Mountains at an altitude of 2200 m.

On the way we will visit the historical-architectural complex of Burana Tower. Burana tower (minaret) is located on the territory of an ancient settlement 90km far from Bishkek. The historians and archeologists proved that the settlement was once the capital of Karakhanid Khanate and was called Balasagun founded in 10th century AC. Burana tower is the central monument of this complex.

Drive to Kochkorka village where you will be able to visit the Altyn-Kol felt-products cooperative shop, see the shyrdak show (process of making Kyrgyz national shyrdak felt carpets for yurts) and have lunch. Another 80 km and we will be at the place of our stay. Overnight at the guest house.


From Kyzart village to Kilemche Jailoo . Today we begin our horse tour from the village of Kyzart. The path passes along a country road along the large full-flowing river Bazar-Turuk.

Further, a moderate ascent to the Boordu pass will be waiting for us. The pass offers a beautiful view of the jailoo (summer pasture) Kilemche and the surrounding mountains. After riding for a little more we will find ourselves in the pasture itself. Overnight at the local yurt camp.

Horse ride - 20 km, 6 hours, elevation + 300 / - 100 m


Along the Kilemche Jailoo . After breakfast, we have to cross the entire Kilemche pasture and stop for the night at the foot of the Tolok Pass.The name of the pasture is translated as “carpet”, and this “carpet” covers the hills with flower patterns, as if it was a shyrdak (colorful Kyrgyz carpet).

There are many nomad yurts scattered along the path. Hospitable people are glad to greet you with lepyoshka (round Kyrgyz bread) and koumiss (national drink). Overnight in yurts.

Horse ride - 15 km, 5-6 hours, elevation + 500 m


Going to Jaman-Echki. Moving up to the Tolok pass and just a little further another pass Chon-Konush awaits us.

An amazing view of the Kilemche pasture opens from the pass, and the pass itself is rocky and breathtaking, which can only be crossed on horseback. From the pass, Son-Kul is still far away, but going down lower and lower the lake is getting bigger and bigger, the mountains on the other hand are getting higher and higher behind us until the lake fills your entire field of vision and the southern mountains rise above the lake. Our night stay (yurts) is going to be at a place called Jaman-Echki. Dinner and overnight.

Horse ride - 15 km, 6-7 hours, + 500 /- 500 m


Along the shore of Son-Kul lake . From the place of Zhaman-Echki we will pass along the shore of the lake and further along the Tuz-Ashuu gorge. Finally we will reach the path that goes up to the Tuz-Ashuu pass (3220m). Here we will overnight in yurts. Translated from Kyrgyz, the name means "Direct Pass."

In summer, it is a real paradise for nomads and livestock. In addition to the traditional countless flocks of sheep, goats, cows and horses, yaks can often be seen here.

Horse ride - 18 km, 5 hours, + 300 /- 200 m


Tulpar-Tash pasture . Today we will ride along the lake to the Tulpar-Tash pasture which is located in the northwestern part of Son-Kul Lake. This is one of the most beautiful places of Son Kul.

The luster of the surface of the lake can be seen from afar. On the shores of the lake there are burial mounds of noble leaders of nomadic tribes and stone statues of the Kyr-Jol Turks (VI-VIII centuries). In this place you can find stone figures that have been preserved since the heyday of the Turkic Khanates - these are real monuments to outstanding ancestors that were established in the places of their burial. We will ride horses along the lake. Local people live and graze cattle in the meadows (jailoo) around the lake from June to September.

Here you can feel the freedom of a nomadic life. You may see many yurts on the shore of the lake and you can also try the traditional Kyrgyz drink - koumiss (mare’s milk). Dinner and overnight in yurts.

Horse ride - 20 km, 6 hours, + 100 /- 100 m


Return to Kyzart village. Today, will be our last day of horse riding. The horses are tired and for sure you will be a little tired too. Last hurdle we have to overcome today is the Uzbek pass.

We will get to the point of 3400 m above the sea level and take a last look at the Son-Kul Lake with its astonishing panorama. Having done so, we will return back to the village of Kyzart. Overnight at the guest house.

Horse ride - 18 km, 6-7 hours, + 100 / -1200 m


Kyzart village - Bishkek (280 km / 5 h). Unfortunately, the time at this beautiful place is over and you drive back to Bishkek. You will again be captivated by the beautiful landscape.

We will enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful rivers in Kyrgyzstan - river Kekemeren continuing going to Suusamyr and soon will dive to the main Kyrgyz road going from Bishkek to Osh and come into the green wide valley (steppe). The mountains surrounding it gave the valley so much space that for a moment one may forget being in the harsh mountain country.

Here you may see many nomads who brought their yurts for the summer time.

Going through the picturesque Suusamyr valley we will rise the Tuya-Ashu pass, and go down to Bishkek. Coming to the capital in the evening. Farewell dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Departure. Transfer to the airport in the morning

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