Trip to Tien-Shan mountains - Family tour in Kyrgyzstan
Trip to Tien-Shan mountains

Family tour in Kyrgyzstan

Trip to Tien-Shan mountains
(Family tour in Kyrgyzstan)

During this tour you will be able to do simple everyday things that seem to be almost forgotten in modern life: riding a chaise, handmade archery; you can watch and play national games and see the life of nomads.

In this adventure you have a great opportunity to spend time with your family: you will enjoy exciting horseback riding with experienced guides, hiking, there’s going to be an opportunity to see waterfalls, sand canyons, one of the largest mountain lakes in the world - Issyk-Kul and much more. You can enjoy the beauty and pacification of pristine mountain landscapes and at this time your children will be able to learn about the world, culture and life of the Kyrgyz people.

This tour will be especially interesting for your kids because they will see a completely different side of life where children play soccer, alchiki (national children's fun), and catch up instead of playing games on a smartphone. They go fishing, search for mushroom, pick berries, spend the whole day outside and they are happy! Let your children get in touch with nature and gain valuable experience in intercultural relationships.

Available Dates

  • July 13 - July 19, 2024 | 8 places Book
  • July 22 - July 28, 2024 | 8 places Book
  • Sept 09 - Sept 15, 2024 | 8 places Book

Trip details

Intensity Level 2
Season Summer, Spring, Autumn
Begins in Bishkek
Ends in Bishkek
Wildlife Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents, Hares, Foxes

Price: $ 850
≥ 8 people in the group: $ 850 per person
≥ 6 people in the group: $ 965 per person
≥ 4 people in the group: $ 1,070 per person
≥ 2 people in the group: $ 1,300 per person

Great for Couples Individuals Families

This family tour is suitable for families with children from six years old. If your child does not have riding skills then an experienced guide will certainly accompany him. You will visit a real farm where race horses are bred, you will see distant Kyrgyz villages with many children playing in the streets, you will visit mountain gorges, you will see waterfalls, swim in Lake Issyk-Kul and you can live in yurts. Horse riding will give you and your children an unforgettable experience. On the tour there is an opportunity to contact with pets, fish, play with other children, try national cuisine and much more!

What's Included:

  • Transportation according the program
  • Accommodation according to the program
  • Meals - full board, except for dinner on the last day
  • Entrance tickets and excursions according to the program
  • Horse riding in the Jergalan valley

What's not included:

  • Any changes to the program
  • Alcohol
  • Horse riding in Jeti-Oguz and Tamga
  • Guide
  • Meals on the last day
  • Accommodation in Bishkek

Bishkek – Cholpon-Ata – Reina-Kench farm (450 km / 7h). Gathering at the Hotel Asia Mountains and transfer to the city of Cholpon-Ata. On the way we will visit the historical-archaeological complex of Burana Tower. Further we will continue our way through the Boom gorge to the Issyk-Kul valley. Upon arrival in Cholpon Ata we will have lunch and visit the historical museum of the city (optional). We can go to an open-air museum and look at the petroglyphs that have been at this place for more than three thousand years. You will have a great opportunity to stay on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul and swim. After relaxing on the lake we will go to the Reina-Kench farm, where we will stay overnight at the guest house.


Reina-Kench farm – Jergalan valley (50 km / 1h). This morning we will have time to ride horses, go fishing, try archery and just take a walk around the farm, but most importantly we will see race horses that are bred here. After lunch, we will go to the village of Jergalan where we will stay overnight in the guest house.


Jergalan valley . mingle with local shepherds and enjoy the tranquility of this alpine place. On horseback we will go to the Kok-Bel waterfall. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 2600 m above sea level and flows into the Kok-Bel river. The Kok-Bel River is vital as a source of water for grazing animals in the Jergalan Valley. On the way to the waterfall you will be able to take a breathtaking view of the Jergalan Valley. In the evening we will return to the guest house and have a delicious dinner.
Jergalan has a very friendly and homely atmosphere. There are a lot of children on the streets, they are happy to play football with other kids, catch-up and other games. On this day in the evening you can take a break from riding and devote it to rest: you can drink hot tea with herbs, read a book or take a walk.


Jergalan valley – Djety-Oguz gorge – Tamga village (150 km / 3h). . After breakfast, we will be transferred to the Djeti-Oguz gorge along the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. The Djeti -Oguz gorge is located 60 km west of the city of Karakol on the northern slopes of the Terskey Ala-Too ridge. This is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. If desired you can have a hike to a low mountain from where a magnificent view of the Djeti-Oguz gorge opens. Djeti-Oguz means “Seven Bulls” in Kyrgyz. The gorge got such a name for a reason. “Seven Bulls” is an ensemble consisting of red rocks towering above the resort area. There is also a “Broken Heart” rock ensemble - a symbol of love which gave rise to many beautiful legends. Legends in turn attract not only tourists but also loving couples living in nearby villages. Children can have a photo shoot with this beautiful natural monument on te background and you may tell them a beautiful legend. You can also take a horse ride to the waterfall called “Girl’s Braids.” Later we will go to the village of Tamga - to the place of our overnight stay. Accommodation in a guest house.


Tamga village. Today we will have a whole day to walk around the village, swim in the blue waters of Issyk-Kul and just relax. If you wish you can take a horse ride or walk to the sacred stone of Tamga-Tash. This place attracts the great attention of Buddhist pilgrims. This historical monument is literally called "Stone with a label." One of the most famous Buddhist mantras is carved on the stone - “Om Mani Padme Hum” which has many interpretations, but in the most famous interpretation says that God or the Universal mind burns in our hearts like a lotus flower. People come to this place in order to recharge with positive energy and enjoy the silence of this amazing place. Accommodation in a guest house.


One more day in Tamga village. Another free day. Children always want as many days on the beach as possible so they will be delighted with another carefree day when there’s no need to go anywhere, but to swim all day, splashing and sunbathing. Parents can follow the example of their kids and spend time on the beach, organize a picnic and swim in the refreshing water of the high mountain lake Issyk-Kul.


Tamga village – Bishkek (300 km / 5h). Today we are returning to the capital. Our path runs along the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. You will see a stunning difference between the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul and the southern shore. The southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul is more diverse in landscape and less populated. The shore is open and you can drive up to it almost everywhere. We will visit the Skazka gorge with beautiful statues resembling fairytale heroes which are built of red sand by nature. We will as well stop in Bokonbaevo village to visit the hunter's house with falcons and a felt factory. After that we will go back to Bishkek. In the evening we will return to the capital. Along the way you can stop for dinner in the Hawaii countryside leisure center where there is a zoo, where one can feed fish and ride catamarans on the lake (dinner is not included in the tour price). Arrival in the capital. The end of our program.

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