Art tour in colorful Uzbekistan - Let’s draw Samarkand and Bukhara
Art tour in colorful Uzbekistan

Let’s draw Samarkand and Bukhara

Art tour in colorful Uzbekistan
(Let’s draw Samarkand and Bukhara)

Everyone who has ever visited Uzbekistan have pleasant memories of this country, which seems to come out of a fairy tale. Its amazing narrow streets, its oriental flavor, noisy colorful bazaars, incomparable architecture and extremely hospitable people make the trip of every guest unforgettable.

On this tour, we offer you to combine art with travelling and capture the beauty of such cities as Samarkand and Bukhara not only in a photo or in your memory, but also on paper.

If you have never drawn and do not know the technique of painting, this is not a problem. Our artist guide will not only show you the basics of painting technique but also reveal your hidden talents. You will feel like a real magician when you will see how a miracle is born from under your paintbrush (Pencil). If you are already an advanced artist then you will have a unique opportunity to improve your skills by transferring the magnificence of the Uzbekistan architecture onto the canvas.

Your artistic mentor, the magnificent Zhanna Bhasker will breathe life into your paintings, teach you how to enjoy writing, reveal many secrets and show you the author's techniques.

Available Dates

  • 21 – 28.10.2023 | 6 places Book
  • Individual dates are available. Please contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Spring, Autumn, Summer

Price: $ 2,265 (≥ 6 people)

Great for Couples Families Individuals

If you do not want to be an ordinary tourist, if you expect something more from your trip, then this tour is for you. Discover unusual and exotic Uzbekistan, its inner beauty, unique, unforgettable monuments of history - mausoleums, madrasahs, mosques, fortresses, necropolises and palaces; visit its noisy oriental bazaars, craft workshops, its squares, parks, and most importantly become a person of art with the opportunity to transfer all this on paper and take the pictures you painted with you as a piece of memory of a wonderful trip to Uzbekistan.

What's Included:

  • Accommodation in hotels in double rooms; Most likely Hotel Asia Samarkand 4* and Hotel Minorai Kalon 4*;
  • Full board (3 meals a day);
  • Transport according to the program;
  • Railway tickets for high-speed train - 766 «Afrosiab» Samarkand - Bukhara;
  • Entrance tickets to the main monuments according to the program;
  • Master classes: miniature painting, pottery, ceramic painting, paper making;
  • Local guides in cities according to the program;
  • Folk show with dinne;
  • Art materials and an easel, all related tools and equipment;
  • You will write 2 oil paintings that will be packed in convenient mobile cases;
  • You will make a lot of sketches and save them in the sketchbook that you will have for this trip;
  • You can also use a set of brushes and graphic materials in your work since all this will remain with you;
  • An easel and a camping chair that you can keep for yourself so that you can continue to create in nature

What's not included:

  • Single accommodation in hotels - 220 USD per person;
  • International air tickets;
  • Expenses for photo / video shooting in museums;
  • Medical insurance;
  • All services not mentioned above.

Samarkand. Arrival in Samarkand early in the morning and check-in at the hotel. Some rest and acquaintance with the group. Sightseeing tour of Samarkand will take the whole day. Today we are going to visit: Registan Square, which has been the center of Samarkand for many centuries. The word «Registan» means «sandy place» and comes from the sand left by the river that once flew through the region and dried up.

We will see three beautiful madrasahs: Ulug-Bek Madrassah built in the 15th century; Tilla-Kori madrasah of the 17th century and Sher-Dor madrasah also built in the seventeenth century. Later we will see the greatest building of the time of Amir Temur - the main Friday mosque called Bibi-Khanum and the nearby Silk Road bazaar - the exotic Siab bazaar. Here you can find a great variety of oriental sweets, seasonal fruits, fragrant spices and much more.

After lunch, we will choose a suitable time and give a drawing instruction.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Asia Samarkand)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Samarkand (Plein Air). The whole day today will be devoted to art, we will choose a location for our plein air, most likely it will be the Gur Emir mausoleum. In the morning we will see it from the inside, get acquainted with its history and beauty. Then we will visit the artisans and see how they create things. We will have a unique opportunity to communicate with "creators" of miniatures, jewelers, fashion designers and other art people. After lunch, we will return to the magnificent Gur Emir to paint. In the afternoon sun, this building is especially beautiful.

We will spend our evening in a cozy restaurant of the city, enjoy oriental cuisine and fine Samarkand wine.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Asia Samarkand)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Samarkand. Today morning we will visit the Shakhi Zinda necropolis of the rulers and nobles of Samarkand consisting of many magnificently decorated mausoleums. Right there in a peaceful atmosphere, we will make a sketches. Later we will visit the observatory of Ulugbek located at the entrance to the city of Samarkand. Ulugbek was the grandson of Tamerlane, a famous ruler and astronomer. Among the historical monuments of Samarkand, the observatory built by Ulugbek (Great son of the Great Amir Temur) in 1428-1429 rightfully occupies a special place. A leisurely tour will allow us to make some more architectural sketches.

Lunch. Free time. Not far from our hotel there are many different boutiques with souvenirs and fine designer clothes. (if you wish, you can visit a textile factory on your own or take a walk through the Siab bazaar)

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Asia Samarkand)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Samarkand - Bukhara. In the morning we will go to the Konigul ethno-village. We will see the process of making paper from mulberry and silk. We can also participate in this process. Then we will walk around the village and drink coffee in one of the shops where you can buy ceramic products of incredible beauty. At the end of the village we will reach a pottery workshop, where we will have a master class in pottery and ceramic painting.

Lunch will be in the ethnic village. And after lunch we will draw a little in the style of sketching on the bank of a cool and picturesque canal. We will get to the station for a high-speed train `Afrosiab` which departs at 21.05. Arrival in Bukhara at 22.35. Another 40 minutes and we will be able to rest at the hotel.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Minorai Kalon)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Bukhara. Even the previous day, when we would just get to Bukhara, we would understand that we are in a fairy tale, and this is true. A magical city will appear around us, everywhere you look the decorations are in oriental style, it seems that the genie is about to appear. But we do not need a genie, our desires will come true even without any magic. We will wake up in a unique hotel, from the windows of which you will be able to see the whole ancient Bukhara. Well, don’t you feel like an oriental princess yet?

After breakfast we will explore the city. We will start it with a visit to Sitora-i-Mohi Khosa (XIX century) - a summer country residence of the last emir of Bukhara. The interior of the palace rooms is richly decorated with magnificent paintings, stucco, wood carving and ganch. Freely walking peacocks in the inner shady courtyards will be an additional proof that we are in a fairy tale. We will take a leisurely stroll through the country residence, sit by the pool in the women's part of the palace, where the whole Emir's harem once bathed, and the Emir admired his wives from the balkhana. We will walk along the trade rows where they sell jewelry and miniatures and will draw in the style of sketching.

After lunch we will visit the Mausoleum of the Samanids (IX - X centuries) - the pearl of ancient architecture, the family tomb of the rulers of Bukhara and one of the first monuments in Central Asia built of baked bricks.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Minorai Kalon)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Bukhara. Today, right in the morning, we will continue to get acquainted with the ancient city of Bukhara. Our tour for today includes Poi-Kalyan complex (XII-XVI centuries) a Hallmark of the city of Bukhara. Here are the Miri-Arab madrasah (XVI century), the mosque of Aziz Khan and Ulugbek Madrasah, as well as the Kalyan mosque (XV century) with the original multi-domed gallery and the Kalyan minaret (XII century) - one of the oldest structures of 47 meters high, miraculously survived during wars, invasions and earthquakes.

We will visit Ark fortress (VII - XIX centuries) - the oldest building of the city - the residence of the Bukhara emirs with a mint, a jewelry workshop, the office of the vizier, a prison, the emir's harem.

Of course, it is worth visiting the Trade Domes (XVI century) where local craftsmen have been selling their products from ancient times. And today, tourists can buy magnificent souvenirs and products of folk craftsmen here: gold embroidery, carpets, suzani, ceramics, chasing and much more. Right here we will participate in a master class on miniature painting, and after the master class we will visit the puppet workshop.
Closer to the evening we will visit the Lyabi-Khauz ensemble; its teahouse and the oldest artificial pool in Central Asia surrounded by centuries-old shady plane trees which is the modern center of traditional Uzbekistan.

We will stay here for dinner at one of the restaurants located by the pool. After dinner, those who wish can go to the bathhouse, which is located right there in the old town.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Minorai Kalon)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Bukhara (Plain Air). This day will be dedicated to painting. We will climb onto the roof of our hotel, from where a stunning view of the Poi-Kalyan complex opens up and will start painting.

At the end, we will organize a small exhibition of all our works that we have created during the tour. Festive buffet!

But that's not all. In the evening we will have a great show with dinner in a former madrasah. This bright, colorful show consists of Uzbek dances, a fashion show, playing musical instruments and great vocals.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel. (Minorai Kalon)

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Departure. Today we have our flight home. The car will take you to the airport. End of the program. Meals – Breakfast

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