The capital of Kyrgyzstan and the largest city of the country

Bishkek constitutes a special administrative unit and is a city of republican significance. The old names are Pishpek, Frunze. Population - more than 1.3 million inhabitants (according to unofficial data). The city is located in the north of Kyrgyzstan, in the Chui valley, in the foothills of the Tien-Shan, 40 km north of the Kyrgyz ridge and 25 km from the border with Kazakhstan.

Bishkek is located in the center of the Chui valley at the foot of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too ridge at an altitude of 750 - 900 meters above sea level. By climatic conditions, Bishkek occupies the extreme southern position in the continental climate region of temperate latitudes. The monthly duration of sunshine is the largest in July — 322 hours, the shortest in December — 126 hours. The climate in Bishkek is sharply continental, with an average annual air temperature of + 10.2 ° C. The coldest month is January (-4 ° C), the warmest is July (+24.7 ° C). The average monthly relative humidity increases from 44% in June and July to 74% in March, the average annual - 60%. Ala-Archa, Alamedin and the Big Chui Canal (BCHK) rivers flow through the city.

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    Length: 1500+ км
    Season: Winter

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    If you want to combine business with pleasure, then we suggest you visiting the Issyk-Ata Gorge, located 85 kilometers away from Bishkek at an altitude of 1860 meters above sea level. Its name translates as “hot spring”. Here hot mineral waters, rich in calcium, magnesium,…

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