Art trip to Uzbekistan  - Spring colors - Novruz holiday
Art trip to Uzbekistan

Spring colors - Novruz holiday

Art trip to Uzbekistan
(Spring colors - Novruz holiday)

Here we offer you a fascinating cultural, educational and extraordinarily beautiful tour interspersed with an artistic bit. It will introduce you to the ancient history and culture of Uzbekistan, the world-famous ancient monuments of Samarkand, decorated with all the colors of nature waking up from winter.

Tall and elegant minarets, grandiose madrasahs and mosques, medieval palaces and mausoleums decorated with amazing ceramic ornaments, pleasant bustle and color of oriental bazaars, fabulous legends, warm hospitality and ancient traditions of the local population will leave an indelible impression in your memory.

You will visit families where from ancient times grandfathers passed on to their grandchildren unique techniques of modeling, firing, painting, carving, embroidery, forging and dozens of different types of art that turn Uzbekistan into a storehouse of inexhaustible inspiration. After all the splendor of handicrafts, souvenirs, jewelry, you will definitely gain a great desire to create, and for us this will be a kind of charge, an impetus to the manifestation of our own creative abilities.

History and architecture will be enriched with a trip to the mountains, where you will be able to breathe easily and freely, where nature rules, delighting the eye with spring colors. We will create on the shores of a mountain lake surrounded by green herbs and the bright sun, reflected in the blue of the water will play with sunbeams on our faces, warming our nature with its warmth, filling the soul with a sense of a new beginning, giving birth to new ideas and new plans.

Your artistic mentor, the magnificent Zhanna Bhasker will breathe life into your paintings, teach you how to enjoy painting, reveal many secrets and show you the author's techniques.

Available Dates

  • 18.03 – 25.03.2024 | 6 places Book

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Summer, Spring
Begins in Tashkent
Ends in Tashkent

Price: $ 2,200 (≥ 6 people)

Great for Couples Families Individuals

Have you already been to Uzbekistan, have you seen its luxurious architectural monuments that please the eye with their splendor? On this unique tour, we invite you not only to enjoy the views of the most beautiful country on the Silk Road, but to capture this beauty on canvas under the guidance of an amazing master of painting - Zhanna Bhasker.

What's Included:

  • Accommodation in hotels in double rooms.
  • Meals - full board (3 times a day)
  • Transport for transfers according to the program
  • Railway tickets for high-speed train - "Afrosiab" Tashkent-Samarkand
  • Entrance tickets to the main monuments according to the program
  • Master classes: miniature painting, pottery, pottery painting, paper making
  • Local guides in cities according to the program
  • Folk show
  • Use of art materials and easel, all related tools and equipment
  • You will paint 2 oil pictures, which will be packed in convenient mobile cases
  • Make a lot of sketches and save them in your sketchbook given on this trip
  • A set of brushes and graphic materials, you can also use in your work, since all of them will remain with you
  • An easel and a camping chair that you will take with you to be able to create in nature in the future

What's not included:

  • Single accommodation in hotels - 240 USD per person
  • International air tickets
  • Expenses for photo / video shooting in museums
  • Medical insurance
  • All services not mentioned above

Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent by morning flight. Hotel accommodation. Our tour through the streets of this glorious city will begin with a tour to the Old part of the city: the Khasta Imam Complex, which contains the Barak-Khan Madrasah, the Mausoleum of Kafal-Al-Shashi Mazar, the Mausoleum of Yunus-Khan, dated by 15-16 centuries. The complex contains a rich library of oriental manuscripts, including the world-famous Osman Koran, written in the middle of the 7th century.

After this excursion, we will proceed to the Kukeldash Madrasah of 16th century located near the Chorsu Bazaar. We will visit the madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh dedicated to the great thinker of that time.

After lunch, we will proceed to the New part of the city with a visit to Independence Square - the central square in Uzbekistan. If we have time, we will take a walk to the building of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre and walk along Amir Temur Square - the main place of recreation of local residents. Memorial monument "Courage" dedicated to the 1966 earthquake is also very interesting to visit.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel (Ichan Qala 4* or same standard)

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Excursion around Tashkent and miniature master class. This morning will be slow. We will enjoy breakfast and, having regained strength, will go on an exciting journey to the kingdom of pottery.

On this day, we will visit the ceramic workshop of Akbar and Alisher Rakhimov - a unique place, a paradise in the old part of Tashkent. They have a completely different approach to the process, to products and to aesthetic design. There are no cliches and typical ceramics here, each bowl and plate is a work of art, and the house with a beautiful garden adds a special oriental flavor and charm to the workshop.

After the tour, we will have lunch in one of the local cafes and then we will go to the Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan, which has been known since 1927, when the first exhibition of Uzbek masters’ works was organized here. The museum stores more than 7,000 samples of folk applied art: handmade embroidery, skullcaps, jewelry, carpets and other examples of craftsmanship from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day.

In the evening we will have a master class of miniature.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel (Ichan Qala 4* or same standard)

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Chimgan mountains. Today we will be transferred to the mountains of Tien Shan. Chimgan is a popular recreation area 80 km from Tashkent, nicknamed "Uzbek Switzerland" for the picturesque beauty of nature and its healing properties, such as crystal clear mountain air, mineral water sources, and healing herbs. Chimgan is a great place for both relaxation and active recreation. Here, people go hiking, paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding and much more.

The Amirsoy ski resort is located on the spurs of the Chatkal Range in the western part of the Tien Shan Mountains. This is a modern all-season mountain resort in Uzbekistan, built in accordance with world standards, located on an area of 900 hectares.

But before we find ourselves in the resort, we will definitely visit the solar complex and the vineyard in Parkent. Overnight at the Avenue Park Hotel on the shore of the Charvak reservoir

Accommodation at the 3* hotel (Avenue Park 3*).

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Chimgan – Tashkent – Samarkand (Plein air - mountain view with a lake. This day will be free for art. We will also be able to walk along the lake. Beautiful mountain landscapes and blue water surface, a piercing blue sky, white caps of clouds quietly floating across it, reflected in the mirror dish of the lake and silence, broken only by the breaths of a cool mountain breeze, this all awaits us.

All this contributes to a special perception of natural beauty and creative spirit. In the evening we will return to Tashkent to catch the evening train to Samarkand.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel (Asia Samarkand 4*)

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Samarkand. Samarkand is one of the famous pearls of Central Asia and one of the main cities of the Great Silk Road. Today we will begin a fascinating acquaintance with the real "Eden of the East" - as Samarkand was once called by philosophers and poets.

You will visit the tomb of Amir Temur - Gur-Emir and the central square "Registan", which means "sandy place". The Registan complex is an ensemble of three majestic buildings that served as educational institutions: Ulugbek Madrassah, Sher-Dor Madrassah and Tillya-Kari Madrassah, the facades of which overlook the central square and surprisingly harmoniously complement each other, although they were created at different times and eras.

Later, the tour will take us to the Bibi-Khanum mosque built in 1399-1404 by order of Timur after his triumphant return from the Indian campaign. Like any eastern city, Samarkand is simply obliged to have its famous bazaar! And in Samarkand Siab bazaar is unique and amazing with its abundance of goods, the fervor of bargaining, the talent of street craftsmen and the warm atmosphere of teahouses located around it.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel (Asia Samarkand 4*)

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Samarkand. Today we will have a trip to the Konigul ethno-village. Here you can see the whole process of making paper from mulberry and silk, and even take part in this process yourself.

We will definitely walk around the village. We will drink coffee in one of the shops, where we will also have the opportunity to purchase ceramic products of amazing beauty. After lunch, we will have some time for sketching.

This evening we will continue our evening tour of Samarkand. We will visit the Shakhi-Zinda complex - the only monument of Samarkand, which reflects the 25th century history of the ancient city and is an ensemble of a string of tombs of the Samarkand nobility, gradually attached to each other over time, like turquoise beads of an expensive necklace, strung one on top of the other. The logical conclusion of the tour of Samarkand will be a visit to the Ulugbek Observatory, which is the most significant astronomical structure of the Middle Ages.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel (Asia Samarkand 4*)

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Samarkand (Plein air). This day will be a penultimate day of our art journey and in order to keep a piece of this amazing city for ourselves, we have to capture it on canvas. We will choose a good location in the heart of the ancient city for our plein air and will create the magic of art.

After painting commemorative pictures, we will visit the artisans and their creativity. You will have a unique opportunity to communicate with people of art: jewelers, fashion designers and other. For dinner, we will visit one of the local restaurants, where we will enjoy oriental cuisine, fine Samarkand wine and Uzbek dances.

Accommodation at the 4* hotel (Asia Samarkand 4*)

Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner


Departure. Today you have your flight home. The car will take you to the airport. End of the program. Meals - breakfast

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