Art tour in Kyrgyzstan - Paints, paintbrushes and a lot of inspiration
Art tour in Kyrgyzstan

Paints, paintbrushes and a lot of inspiration

Art tour in Kyrgyzstan
(Paints, paintbrushes and a lot of inspiration)

Traveling with the SENSE is when you do not just travel, but also learn something useful and get the most out of the chosen route. An art tour is a journey with a deep meaning in which you will not only see all the beauty of the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan but also let it through your feelings and emotions and ultimately get the result in the form of paintings that will stay with you forever. If you have never drawn and do not know the technique of painting, this is not a problem. Our artist guide will not only show you the basics of painting technique but also reveal your hidden talents. You will feel like a real magician when you will see how a miracle is born from under your paintbrush (Pencil). If you are already an advanced artist then you will have a unique opportunity to improve your skills by transferring the magnificence of the Kyrgyz nature onto the canvas.

Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful, hospitable mountainous country! It will show you its magnificent landscapes, amazing sunrises and impressive sunsets. A piercing blue sky, crystal clear mountain rivers, bright green meadows, mountain valleys covered with colorful fragrant herbs and the cleanest air. Kyrgyzstan has delicious Asian cuisine and very welcoming local people - it is a paradise on earth, a piece of which you can take with you on canvas, in colorful pencil sketches, in oil paints and in light sketching.

Your artistic mentor, the magnificent Zhanna Bhasker will breathe life into your paintings, teach you how to enjoy writing, reveal many secrets and show you the author's techniques.

Zhanna about herself:

«My parents realized that I would be an artist when I was 3 years old. Having painted all the parental gift albums-books, they decided that it would be better to let me draw on paper than on the wallpapers ... 7 years of art school ... art school (design) ... family ... studying at a university and fully understanding that it is already impossible to live without creativity...

IT IS THAT what fills my life with meaning and develops what is given by nature or higher powers; this is dope without which life has no meaning. Regalia and the number of exhibitions lose their meaning when it becomes an obsession and a big check in your resume decides to be or not to be.

Should there be pure creativity, something that intrigues and enables the artist to show his feelings and thoughts, express emotions? Should there be a name? Should there be a title? Should there be a special impulse to understand the picture ... I would like everyone to decide for themselves whether it is necessary or not ... if the picture hooked you with its chemistry, then it is yours.

The artist - me, a multifaceted personality, several authors in one with completely different concepts and individual techniques one of which is masculine, the other is feminine, one is a graphic artist to the marrow of his bones, the other is an abstract painter.

Choose one thing and move along one path is not mine ... I have several parallels - not intersecting.

Now there is such a thing as art therapy, this type of activity is designed to involve people in the creative process and reveal their inner world through art, specifically in my case, through painting.”

If you want to find, develop or strengthen your creativity, we are waiting for you on our art tour. Join us and discover something new in the inner you; we are all destined to turn into butterflies from chrysalis, we just have to find something of our own - something without which life no longer makes sense.

Available Dates

  • 2023| 3 places Book
  • Individual dates are available. Please contact the program manager.

Trip details

Intensity Level 1
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer
Begins in Тамчи
Ends in Bishkek
Wildlife Marmots, Birds, Predator birds, Rodents, Hares


Great for Individuals Couples Families

We invite you to an amazingly beautiful, bright, delicious and unique art tour led by Zhanna Bhasker - an artist with 25 years of experience, who is actively engaged in painting, graphics, portrait, design, photography, teaches art disciplines for different categories and ages, gives master classes, conducts lectures, seminars, participates in conferences on the problems of teaching and developing contemporary art, holds plein-air events in Russia, Portugal, Montenegro, Georgia, Italy, and this time in a wonderful mountainous country - Kyrgyzstan!

What's Included:

  • Accommodation according to the program (3* hotel in Bishkek and Cholpon-Ata, art hotel in Kaji-Sai, guest house in Jergalan) (Double accommodation),
  • Transport (4 people - Mitsubishi Delica / more than 4 people - Mercedes Sprinter),
  • Meals - full board,
  • Entrance tickets for all excursions according to the program,
  • Art materials and an easel, all related tools and equipment,
  • You will write 3 oil paintings that will be packed in convenient mobile cases,
  • You will make a lot of sketches and save them in the sketchbook that you will have for this trip,
  • You can also use a set of brushes and graphic materials in your work since all this will remain with you,

What's not included:

  • International flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips for staff
  • Any changes in the program
  • The cost of visa and consular services
  • Single occupancy
  • Extra day in Bishkek

(Saturday). Arrival in Tamchi and transfer to Cholpon-Ata. Arrival at Tamchi airport at 17:10. Meeting and transfer to one of the hotels located near the city of Cholpon-Ata. We will spend the evening on the lake, resting after the road. Accommodation in a 3* hotel.


(Sunday). Issyk-Kul lake. This day will be dedicated to the amazing, beautiful mountain lake Issyk-Kul.Today's plein air on the shore of the blue pearl of Kyrgyzstan we will arrange with oil paints. It will be near the open-air museum of petroglyphs. This will be the first painting in our exciting art adventure. You will have a great opportunity to capture amazing rock paintings against the background of the southern slopes of the Kungei Ala-Too ridge from where a magical view of the lake opens in the dawn sunrays. At sunset, we will arrange evening sketches in the format of sketching in a special traveller album, where we can also write down our impressions of what we see.

Issyk-Kul is the second largest mountain lake after Lake Titicaca in South America. It is included in the 25 largest lakes in the world and is in seventh place in the list of the deepest lakes on our planet. The local population calls Lake Issyk-Kul the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan”. Like a small bead strung on a chain of mountain ranges it really lives up to its name. The lake is located at an altitude of 1606 m above sea level and is surrounded on both sides by ridges with the poetic names Terskey Ala-Too (Turned from the sun) and Kungei Ala-Too (Turned to the sun).


(Monday) Moving to the Jergalan mountain valley (180 km / 3h). After breakfast, we will go to the Reina-Kench farm where we will stop for lunch at the guest house. After lunch we will take a walk around the farm but most importantly we will see the racehorses that are bred here. We can make some sketches (charcoal, markers, pencils). Next, we will move to the colorful Kyrgyz village of Jergalan. You can mingle with the locals and enjoy the tranquility of this place. There will be only beautiful mountains around us.

Jergalan has a very friendly and homely atmosphere. There are a lot of kids on the streets. If you wish, you can go to the observation point from where the whole valley is visible, or you can comfortably settle in the vicinity of the village and allow yourself to create - we will make various sketches of landscape, of people and animals.

In the evening, you should definitely taste hot tea with herbs and the most delicious honey and relax.


(Tuesday) Day in Jergalan valley. We will devote this whole day to creativity. We will choose a cozy point where we will have the most beautiful view. In the afternoon we will have a picnic in nature. In the afternoon, after the completion of the painting if desired we can go for a walk to Turnaluu-Köl Lake (Cranes Lake).

On the way to the lake there are herds of horses and sheep, beautiful mountain landscapes, forests and cold mountain streams. An amazing blue sky, white clouds floating quietly across it reflected in the blue waters of the lake and silence broken only by the breaths of a cool mountain breeze. All this contributes to a special perception of nature beauty and a creative mood. We will continue to fill our sketchbooks with impressions from the trip.


(Wednesday) Jergalan valley – Jeti-Oguz gorge - Kaji-Say (150 km / 3h). After breakfast we will move to the Jeti-Oguz gorge. This is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. The gorge got its name for a reason. "Seven Bulls" is the ensemble consisting of red rocks towering over the resort area. There is another rock ensemble “Broken Heart” - a symbol of love which gave rise to many beautiful legends attracting not only tourists but also loving couples living in nearby villages.

On the way to Jeti-Oguz, we will also stop at the city of Karakol which once was a real Russian town - fort post. Even in the present time you can see the echoes of Russian architecture. The wooden church of the late 19th century looks especially beautiful. We can also stop at the antique shop if you wish. We will buy delicious seasonal fruits at the local bazaar.We will have lunch in Kyrgyz yurts. Optionally, you can walk to a beautiful waterfall called “Girl’s braids”. Later we will drive to the village of Kaji-Sai - the place of our overnight stay.

Accommodation at Al-Khayat Art hotel. This place was chosen by a reason. This is a place dedicated to artists. One of the terraces offers a wonderful view. We will make sketches and write down our impressions.


(Thursday). Kaji-Say. Today we will have a whole day to paint fantastic landscapes of the southern coast of Issyk-Kul. The southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul is more diverse in landscape and less populated. The coast is open. From our hotel we can make a trip to the Fairy Tale gorge with beautiful sculptures similar to fairy-tale heroes created by nature from red sand, or visit the most beautiful waterfalls of the Barskoon gorge. We can as well sit on the hotel terrace and draw the blue waters of Issyk-Kul.


(Friday). Kaji-Say – Bishkek (290 km). Before breakfast, we will visit the foothills near the hotel in order to have time to capture the rising sun. Closer to lunch we will drive back to Bishkek - the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Our path will run along the southern shore of the lake. Further we will drive through the Boom gorge to the Chui valley. On the way we will visit the historical and archaeological complex - the Burana Tower. Upon arrival Bishkek, we will settle into a cozy Asia Mountains hotel and make our final exhibition of the works created during the tour. Evening will be by the pool with champagne.


(Saturday). Departure. (We advise you to take a day flight). Today the car will take you to the airport for your flight home. End of program. If any of the participants have a desire to spend another wonderful day in Bishkek, then we offer the following program:

On this day you can visit the Osh Bazaar, the main squares of the capital - Ala-Too Square, Old Square and Victory Square; you can stroll through the oak park with an open air art gallery from modern young artists, but most importantly you must definitely visit the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after Gapar Aitiev. This is the main artistic treasury of Kyrgyzstan. The art gallery later renamed the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Arts was opened on January 1, 1935.

The basis of the museum's collection made 72 works of Russian artists received from the State Tretyakov Gallery personally selected by the founder of the museum and the founder of Kyrgyz painting Chuikov S. A. Since the first Republican exhibition in 1934 the museum's funds have been systematically replenished with the works of Kyrgyz artists. To date, the museum collection has about 18 thousand items in its storage. The structural division of the collection is carried out according to the types of fine arts - painting funds (about 4 thousand exhibits), graphics (about 9600), sculpture (about 1 thousand), arts and crafts (more than 3 thousand).

The museum collection of works by artists of Kyrgyzstan makes it possible to judge the development of culture, the formation of a national school; it covers all stages of the development of professional fine arts. The golden fund of the museum is the works of the classics of the Kyrgyz fine arts, artists of different generations, different artistic styles and trends.


(Sunday). Departure. Today the car will take you to the airport for your flight home. End of program.

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