Yaks games festival

Every country has its own traditions. Kygryzstan is reach of its culture and traditions. One tradition that attracts especially many tourists – is national games.  Kyrgyz people have so many of them! Yong girls are so brave and fast on horses. Young gentlemen are strong and accurate! Can you imagine when a small child starts his first steps he tries horse riding! Children evem have their small special saddles! So, kyrgyz people are perfect horse rides. 

You have a great chance to see Kyrgyz National Games on 22.07 and 29.07 if you arrive to our Base Camp under Lenin Peak you should visit it!

22/07 Festival of National Games in Sary Mogol (about 60 km).

29/07 Festival of National Games in Sary Mogol near Tulpar Kol lake (about 75 km).

You will see wrestling on horses, Kok Boru, Kyz Kuumai, Folklore show and many other interesting traditions and games.

*Full day program. It is possible to order a car at the Base Camp. Have a great day and don't forget to take camera (landscape is picturesque there).

sary mogol

Конный дворик. Статьи о лошадях. Консультации по конному спорту.