Dear Friends the spring has come!

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, a time when everything blossoms in a wild, flowering kaleidoscope of flora. Due to its unique microclimate, the month of May is an especially good time to visit the canyons of Komorchek and witness the fullness of the season as everything returns to life.

The Komorchek canyons take up the eastern part of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too and stretch out across a large area. The canyons, covered in drought-withered vegetation and colored red from mineral oxidation, almost seem to resemble the ruins of ancient castles, churches, skyscrapers, pillars and towering spires.

The unusual forms which these masterpieces of nature have taken on also have fitting names, such as “Cliff Palace” for an impressive, serrated pewter-crowned 300 m peak, or others such as Bobsled Canyon, Grand Canyon, Fairytale Canyon and many others.  

Bringing in spring in Komorchek                  

Dates: 05/21/2017 - 05/29/2017

Price: 1100 USD per person 

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