Travelling by car!

There is nothing better than traveling by car. Traveling by car is not only a pleasure, but also the acquisition of personal experience, as you are driving yourself.
Why is it better to travel by car? You can go as you like: slowly or quickly, stop when and where you want, go wherever you want.
You can park the car on the roadside, go out and go where you want. Especially it's good if you travel with children, because you never know where and when they need to stop. You can adjust the air conditioner, open or close the windows without fear, that someone won't like it.

Undoubtedly, riding a car has some drawbacks. If you are in an unknown city, you will have a lot of trouble with "traffic jams", ignorance of streets, sections of the road with a circular motion, detours, one-way traffic and so on. It's also not very pleasant if you have to drive on a bumpy road or if you have a flat tire, and even worse, if the car gets stuck in the mud.
But what could be better than driving a car with family or friends to a country where you have never been? You have so many opportunities! Especially in Kyrgyzstan! As soon as you leave the crowded city, here opens a long wide road and beautiful views.

Going to the east, towards the beautiful Issyk-Kul lake, you will see green fields, a road stretching to the mountains with steep gray cliffs on one side and a break with the winding ribbon of the river on the other side, and further the shining blue expanses of the lake itself.

Going to the north you can visit a huge number of historical places, the beautiful Son-Kul lake with numerous nomadic yurts, see places where there are no people at all, leave the car at the local people and go for a foot adventure or ride a horse.

Another way lies in the direction of the city of Osh, on the way to which you can stop at Lake Sary-Chelek, visit one of the largest walnut groves on the planet and go to the most beautiful waterfalls. And after another 300 km you will enter the camp under the famous seven-thousand-meter "Lenin peak" - the mountaineering base camp Achik-Tash.

Traveling by car, you have the opportunity to see much more than traveling by plane or train, which means that you will certainly have unforgettable impressions and a lot of positive emotions.

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