Top 11 of food you should try in Kyrgyzstan

When you arrive to a new country it is always interesting to try national food. Follow our guide to know what is the most popular food in Kyrgyzstan. Feel spirit of nomadic life.

1. Manty. Dish  from dough with meat and onion.  You can try Manty with jussae, potatoes and fried manty.



2. Plov. Dish with meat and rise with carrot, onion and garlic. Will be good with fresh salad.


3. Besh Barmak.  Dish with meat and dough. The name of this dish is translated like 5 fingers. And people prefer to eat it by hands.



4. Lagman. Long noodles with meat and vegetables. 



5. Soup Shorpo. Boiled broth, meat, vegetables.



6. Samsa. Dough with meat (beef or chicken), cheese, potatoes.   



7. KazySausage from horse meat.



8. Marsym drink (alcohol free). Ingredients: artesian water, barley, corn, wheat, melted butter, wheat flour, salt, yeast. 100% natural product.

You can buy it outside during the summer season. 



9. Kumys. Low alcohol drink from mare's milk. 

You can try Kumyz therapy in Kyrgyzstan.



10. Kurut. Fermented milk product. A little salty. Will be nice with beer.


11. Fruits and vegetable. There's an abundance of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts in Kyrgyzstan.