They say that the Era of great discoveries on Earth is over.  Well, probably this concerns really the great ones but not others.  Especially when we speak about undeground and underwater worlds.  
How many misteries are hidden underground? It's unknown. That's why they organize expeditions.  
The latest allowed to evaluate perspectives of the karst regions of the south-west Kyrgyzstan for future expeditions including the area in the spurs of the Turkestan Range. The limestone plateaus, impressing canyons and gorges have specific karst formations which will be first time explored during the Speliozistan-2017 project to be initiated this summer under the support of the European Speleo Federation.
Surprisingly but during this reconnaissance expedition in May two previously unknown caves were discovered. The beauty of the caves and variety of sticky shapes are impressive. Studying of the caves is ahead as future expeditions' plans already include the concrete perspective karst areas.
The preservation of the caves was ensured by their remoteness and secrecy from the settlements despite easy accessibility.
In the future, these caves will be investigated by biologists, topographers, geologists, archaeologists. Based on the research the State Agency of Environmental Protection will be invited to include these caves into the state register of specially protected areas.
In Kyrgyzstan, several caves have already been included in the list of state geological and archaeological reserves: Chil-Ustun, Kan-i-Gut, Kochkor Mazar, Sugan-Tash, Barit and others.
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