Silk Snow Expedition -2015, Part 4 or frozen waterfalls

expedition, kyrgyzstan, asia mountains
Alpine valley Arabel and Kumtor valley were our next destination. Kumtor is known as not only valley but also as a third world mining company. It’s impossible for tourists to visit mining company, but thanks to some connection we were able to visit mining field. 
We were sent to hospital in Karakol to get medical certificate. Usually you can get stamps on paper without physical presence, but doctors in hospital required personal presence. Medical examination took us about an hour and a half. Then we visited gorge Dguku, where our leaf spring was lost.
Since Kyrgyzstan is a country of Sprinters, after a few hours we already had two brand new original lesf springs, sent to us from Bishkek.
Arabel visit was postponed. While car was on reparation, we stopped in nice guest house in Tossor, close to lake. Guest house had bania (sauna) , so we enjoyed sauna  before getting up to the mountains.
expedition, kyrgyzstan, asia mountains
Next morning, we  were already conquering the picturesque streamers in Barskaun. Barskaun Gorge is located 90 km from Karakol town and 12 km from Tossor is the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. The canyon stretches a great road that leads through the pass Barskau. The height of 3754 meters according to map, but on the pass written 3819 meters. The road connects the Issyk-Kul basin Inner and Central Tien Shan. And thanks to Kumtor gold mining company, for keeping this area clean and in good condition. 
expedition, kyrgyzstan, asia mountains
Exciting spectacle is grandiose waterfalls, located in a picturesque forest area near the road in the gorge Barskaun. One of them is "Barskaun" waterfall – which is a public monument of nature. Now its frozen cascade of blue ice. Since I started, tell legends I would like to share with another one about Barskaun waterfall. 
"Tears of Snowleopard» legend about a mother snowleopard. Once mother Leopard lived in the area on Barskaun. One day she left her cubs in the den and went hunting. But she came back to den and found out that den was empty. Since calf were too young and still had no skills on climbing on rocks they fall out from rocks. Three kittens were dead.  Mother leopard was heartbroken, and tears flowed from her eyes. And she wept so much that her tears formed a mighty waterfall of three stages, and nature is still mourning the loss of the Queen of snowy mountains.
There are other waterfalls, and all of them have unusual names.
expedition, kyrgyzstan, asia mountains
Another remarkable waterfall is a "Bowl of Manas." According to Kyrgyz folk legend, hero Manas, who defended Kyrgyz people used to come here to satisfy their thirst. A little further down the river, you can see another two waterfalls, one of which is called "Champagne", and in fact resembles foamy drink, and the second, more peaceful waterfall is called - "Beard of aksakal".
Now this is a real fairy tale and a frozen paradise for ice climbers. But this is not our destination. Immediately after the pass, spectacular view opened  of the Arabel valley.
Photos by: Iceberg-Film