Second capital of Kyrgyzstan celebrates it's birthday!

Osh is the second biggest town of Kyrgyzstan after Bishkek with the population about 250 thousand people. It was one of the religious Muslim centers in Central Asia. It is known by its ancient mosques in the center of the town and also by Suleiman-Too (Sulaiman-Takhty, The throne of Solomon), which is one of the places of pilgrimage of central Asian Muslims.


The town is located in the foothill oasis which was settled by people even before the Kyrgyz nation people came there from Yenisei (about 800 years ago). In 1950s archeologist Yurii Aleksandrovich Zadneprovski on the southern slope of Suleiman-Too found the ruins of Bronze epoch ancient farmers which has proven that the history of Osh counts over 3000 years. Though by the history science the age of the town should be counted from the first mention in the chronicles and this is only in IX c. AC, but even after that it is the oldest town in Kyrgyzstan. In 2000 by the Askar Akaev’s presidential decree the 3000 years of Osh town were celebrated and from that point there appeared a tradition to celebrate town’s birthday every year. 


And today Osh city celebrates its anniversary - 3015 years!

Citizens celebrate this day traditionally on the main square, where there is going to be a pageant. Today a "Golden Autumn"  fair is going to be organized as well as the festival "Boorsok." In the end of the event the central stadium will host a gala concert with the performance of local stars.