Nooruz holiday that unites people of different nationalities.

 Nooruz is a Kyrgyz New Year. This holiday is celebrated not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in other countries as Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, India, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, and in some regions of Russia (North Caucasus, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan) .

On Nooruz people try to start new life. Kyrgyz people clean houses get new clothes and people forgive for offences and distribute debts.

In Kyrgyzstan Nooruz is considered a family holiday. Families get together and cook, eat and usually families bring animal for sacrifice. Any kind of animal can be sacrificed, depends on the budget of the family. Rich once have cow or horse; some have sheep, just chicken or duck. After meat is cooked, family members, with close friends and neighbors start feasting siting around "dastorkon" on "toshoks". The feast always begins with prayer. The oldest of the family read verses from Koran or says prayers for the spirit of relatives who passed away.

Special meal is cooked at this day is called "Sumalyak". Sumalyak - is a traditional meal, that  takes one day to be cooked. The recipe of the Sumalayk can vary, depending on region or internal family traditions. This dish is prepared from flour and wheat. Usually, meals are prepared in large Kyrgyz cauldrons on the rocks in the fire. Another interesting thing about this dish is that there are stones can be found. If in café or restaurant after finding something like stick or stone in your food you directly look for manager to complain, stone in sumalyak brings luck in to life. Another reason stones are put there so the dish is not burned since it takes whole day to be cooked.

Nooruz is a holiday that unites people of different nations. We Invite you to celebrate traditional, colorful holiday-Nooruz, 2015 with us.

Nooruz holiday program from Asia Mountains:

  • The Historical National museum, the Arts museum and the museum of M.V. Frunze.
  • The Opera and Ballet Theater,
  • Russian and Kyrgyz theaters,
  • Theater of Drama and Ballet 
  • National Philharmonic of T.Satylganov.
  • Historical Petroglyphs
  • Burana Tower
  • Boom Gorge
  • Karakol-city of history and skiing.


Join us to celebratate Nooruz!

More detailed program:


*dastorkon- tablecloth or table with different, traditional dishes

*toshok- is a mattress that is put on the floor for sitting.