There are representatives of the following countries who are participating in the Kan-i-Gut expedition: France, Italia, USA, Belgium, Germany, UK and Kyrgyzstan. This is an exceptional case in the history of speleology of Kyrgyzstan!

Kan-i-Gut has centuries-old history.  They extracted silver and lead for 3500 years and delivered to the neighboring countries.  During the Soviet period the mining continued and then the place was abandoned.  It keeps many mysteries which are to be uncovered as there were no complex and large studies.  Also modern technic can help a lot in this case as previously.

 For the moment the team is continuing to explore the cave. A reconnaissance and topographic survey of about 500 meters of the main passage was carried out. 3D shooting is entrusted to two professionals from Italy who have a great experience of exploration of the similar cave-mines in Italy. Geologists from the United States are engaged in the large-scale geological survey on the surface in the vicinity of the cave. Archaeologists led by Vasiliy Ploskikh, the head of Issyk-Kul archaeological expedition, explore the ruins of the settlements in the vicinity of the cave.

Historians, archaeologists, geologists and biologists conduct research inside the cave. It is necessary to reconstruct the stages of the ancient mine functioning, geology of the cave’s massif, its geological structure and the conditions of the cave formation. There is still a lot of work ahead. The main goal for today is to get a detailed topography of the cave and a model.

Another expedition of English speleologists went to explore the Kokshaal-Too and Fergana ridges in order to search for new caves and conduct various studies. We are waiting for news from that team.

We remind you that all expeditions are carried out under the active support of the Asia Mountains Company in co-operation with the Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves.