Kumys Therapy in Kyrgyzstan!

Nowadays there is so much advertising on TV. Large amount of different kinds of pills checker at the windows of pharmacies by their colorful packages with people’s happy faces. More and more new pills are coming to the world that promise us eternal youthfulness and good health, they promise us to live 100 years without even a cough.

Some people though, try to cure themselves with the help of different kinds of grasses and vegetables which sometimes turns out to be even worse and the person finally finds himself in a hospital.

We wish to be healthier and in order to get better we drink vitamins, listen to our neighbor who said that a fresh cucumber put in an unspecified place could cure hemorrhoids and drink water which was left in a crystal jar for three days. We do it to get better as we all get lots of stress at work, our life is too intense and fast, we come home to rest, but we have to do stuff at home too, and it leads to a full disorder in our body and soul.

And then you have this question – What can I do with it? We offer you to forget about your work, about the stuff that you have to do at home and plunge into a great world of beautiful nature, high mountains, fresh air and absolute peace. We also suggest you to improve your health by drinking Kymyz – national drink of Kyrgyz people made of mare’s milk (the closest to the human milk) which was tested by centuries and gives a favorable effect to the human body.

In 5, 7 or 10 days you will not only find peace of mind and rejuvenate, but also get a lot of pleasure from the contact with the nature of our wonderful country, learn about the life of local people and gain a lot of good memories!

Please see our web-site and choose a healthy rest – Ethnographic tours - Kymyz therapy.

And if you decide to travel with us we are waiting for you at the address: Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Lineinaya str. 1a, 720021

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