Have you ever heard about Nooruz holiday?

It is celebrated on the 21 of March in Kyrgyzstan and other countries.  This day is considered as the day of the vernal equinox. It is like a New Year of nature. A new life begins, flowers and leaves blossom, insects and animals awake.

It is customary to prepare a national dish Sumolok on this festive day. This tradition is more than 1000 years.  Women cook this dish all night long. Women cook in the cauldron sprouted wheat, adding flour, nuts, cottonseed oil. People should sing and dance all night long. According to ancient tradition it is necessary to add small stones in to the dish.  

The legend tells a story about a woman that had many children. They didn’t have enough food and they were very hungry. When children fall asleep she put handful of wheat into the pot with water and added some stones and then it seemed like there much food there. Poor woman cooked it all night. When her children woke up in the morning there was a full pot of porridge. People say if you want your wishes to come true you should eat somolok exactly at Nooruz day.

People like this holiday and celebrate every year in Kyrgyzstan. If you arrive to Bishkek or to Osh (from here alpinists start their way to Lenin Peak) you will see a big holiday at the main square. People sing and dance cook national dishes in the street. And there’s a lot of fun!

We would like to wish you good luck and let the spring bring you all the best!